Antonio Brown vows to “continue to be a good role model”

Getty Images

Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown has turned off plenty of people with his antics over the last few months, but he said at his introductory press conference in Oakland that he believes kids can look up to him.

Brown was asked what he regrets about his exit from Pittsburgh, and he said he hopes Steelers fans can still think fondly of him.

“To any kid out there from Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh will always be my family. Those guys gave me a chance when I was a 21-year-old kid,” Brown said. “I know Steeler Nation is having a bad day today, but it’s always love. I encourage every kid who watched me work and were inspired by everything I’ve done, I hope I’ll continue to be a good example, continue to be a good role model and continue to inspire people all over.”

Suffice to say, not many Steelers fans are going to buy into the idea that Brown is a role model for the children of Pittsburgh. It may be “always love” from Brown, but that feeling is not mutual.