Chargers sign Tyrod Taylor

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Philip Rivers has a new backup.

The Chargers have agreed to a two-year contract with quarterback Tyrod Taylor, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

Taylor started the first three games of last season for the Browns, but when he was injured and Baker Mayfield played well in his absence, he never got the job back. Taylor previously spent three years as the Bills’ starter, and was a backup in Baltimore for four years before that.

Backup quarterbacks haven’t had much work to do with the Chargers during Rivers’ long tenure as their starter, so Taylor may not see the field much. But if Rivers does go down, the Chargers now have a backup who has proven he can win games.

24 responses to “Chargers sign Tyrod Taylor

  1. Wow! Did not see that coming. Must’ve had no market for his services as a starting QB. So he did the next best thing and agreed to back up a 38 year old veteran.

    Although Rivers is remarkably durable and free of injury in his career.

  2. Taylor doesn’t “win games”. The running game and defense win games in which Taylor starts, but he almost *never* leads a comeback once his team falls behind, even if it’s in the first quarter.

  3. Back-up or third string quarterback behind rivers is good work if you can get it. Won’t be seeing the field much and a sweet paycheck. I still can’t believe incompetent baby huey went with this guy instead of Baker.

  4. Goodbye Geno Smith… If (historically improbable) Rivers gets hurt and Tyrod comes in will they switch the offense so TT can read/panic/run, like Lamar Jackson? He can’t play pocket QB which is what the Bolts offense is designed to do. Not sure this makes sense at all…

  5. As a Bills fan who watched him those 3 years, he’s a great game manager, but he’s unable to put the team on his shoulders and win the game or make a comeback. He is super careful with the ball and doesn’t turn the ball over, but he takes no chances and routinely misses wide open receivers. Not a bad pickup as a backup though.

  6. nfl4dummies says:
    March 13, 2019 at 1:05 pm
    Goodbye Geno Smith… If (historically improbable) Rivers gets hurt and Tyrod comes in will they switch the offense so TT can read/panic/run, like Lamar Jackson?

    Can’t figure out if your name is apt or a joke because you clearly do not watch the game. While I do not think Jackson has a long career ahead of him, he doesn’t panic. He is a natural runner and last I checked did pretty well at it last season. Russell Wilson used to do the same thing and I think he won a SB if I am not mistaken.

  7. Dear Bills fans… please stop. You replaced him with Nathan Peterman…Tyrod Taylor is not Tom Brady but your team literally did the equivalent or replacing your not flashy but reliable Ford Escape with a Power Wheels toy jeep with a missing battery yet constantly complain that the Escape wasn’t a Porsche even though your power wheel jeep never even got out the driveway.

  8. It isn’t all Bills fans.. it is the small minded Bills fans that can’t wrap their head around it him not being the “prototypical” NFL starter.. for a few reasons. The guy broke the drought we should build him a statue but instead we trade him to Cleveland.. This it the kicker.. they never wanted Josh Allen to start last year so why not keep Taylor and if he fails then go with Allen… instead we got Peterman and AJ McCarron.. or sorry.. we got Peterman and Derek Anderson.. please.

  9. Lynn picking up another former below average QB he coached in the past. Although, this is the best of the 3. He actually might be able to run a quality scout team for our D to go against in practice.

  10. What a waste – fake QB who is really an untalented thrower that can run. He is a gimmick and we’ve seen the best that he’ll ever be – reality set in while at Cleveland. He’s a joke and a pretender.

  11. Tyrod is beloved by Bill’s fans. He restructured his deal to sign other players and led us to the playoffs. Unfortunately, that’s the best he could ever be as was seen in Cleveland. He’ll continue his nice life as a backup QB. Definitely worse jobs in life.

  12. I really don’t know what Miami’s problem is, but they could have had a half decent STARTING QB in Taylor for a decent salary. They could have drafted a QB this year while Taylor played. Not sure whats happening down on South Beach.

  13. joetoronto says:

    March 13, 2019 at 3:09 pm

    He’s better than Josh Allen.
    My guess is that he is better then that 25 million per year bust Carr too.

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