Chiefs release Eric Berry

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Tyrann Mathieu is joining the Chiefs, but he won’t be sharing the secondary with Eric Berry.

As we suggested when Mathieu agreed to terms with the team this week, the Chiefs have released Berry. Berry was set to make a salary of $12.4 million this season, but he will be moving on after nine years in the organization.

“I’d like to thank Eric for his contributions to our team and the Kansas City community over the last nine years,” Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said in a statement. “Seeing his passion and watching his love for the game has been truly remarkable. He’s a special person, and we wish him the best as his career moves forward.”

PFT has learned, via a league source, that the Chiefs will designate it as a post-June 1 move, which means that they’ll clear $9.55 million in cap space while being stuck with $6.95 million in dead money.

A torn Achilles in the first game of the 2017 season and a heel injury last season kept Berry off the field for most of the last two years. He’ll now try to show he can stay healthy and remain productive with another team.

46 responses to “Chiefs release Eric Berry

  1. I was all about him being a Chief untill he decided against having surgery to remove the bone spurs that prevented him from playing all of last year. Bone spurs don’t get better on their own and if they kept him from playing last year, they would keep him from playing this year.

  2. Still kind of surprised they didn’t come to some sort of terms. He’s been the heart and soul of their defense, at least to those of us that don’t follow KC all that closely.

  3. Not surprised; after they released Justin Houston, I expected Eric Berry to follow. He didn’t look the same after the Achilles injury. If anything, I’m surprised that KC didn’t do him a favor by releasing him a tad earlier, because the writing has been on the wall for months now.

  4. As a fellow Survivor of Hodgkin’s lymphoma I wish him nothing but the best… someone’s going to walk away with a premier safety

  5. Can’t make the club in the tub. And his tub was filled with money that he couldn’t earn.

  6. Some really good team is probably going to sign him to a 1 year “prove it” deal and get a great safety. Then he’ll probably stay healthy, have a great season, and sign for a huge contract next offseason.

  7. dallasfan76 says:
    March 13, 2019 at 4:29 pm
    Welcome to Dallas!

    Watch them give Berry more than ET. That would be such a Jerry thing to do. I would be good with them bringing Berry in, but it would have to be a “prove it” deal. Dude is a great player, but he can’t stay healthy.

  8. With having to pay Mahomes $40 million or so and Hill and Kelce around $20 million each some other very good veterans and starters will be cut. So hopefully some of their cheap players on rookie contracts get much better because that defense was awful and know they don’t have Houston, Berry or Ford.

  9. I’m a Raider’s fan but Berry was a class act and an inspiration how he came back from cancer. Wish him the best, all time great Chief, too bad he can’t finish his career in KC.

  10. Yup, just like I thought. The arrival of Mathieu signaled the beginning of the end for Berry. This Chiefs fan thanks EB for the last 9 years and wishes him nothing but the best going forward. I really hope he gets healthy and can continue to play in the NFL if that’s what he wants to do.

  11. I would not be against Dallas bringing him in on a low end “prove your healthy” deal with incentives. All I know is we need a safety. Heath is serviceable but not great and is getting long in the tooth. We need help in that secondary! Also whats the deal with Suh?

  12. mlhigh says:
    March 13, 2019 at 4:24 pm
    Chiefs are tanking.

    Chiefs were the 31st ranked defense last year. That defense kept them from going to the super bowl. Getting rid of super expensive injured players should not be a surprise.

  13. The return of the no-name defense. Not a bad thing, with giving up that many points. Take young, hungry, inexpensive players and let ’em attack.

  14. I’d like to see Belichick give him a 1 year, low dollar “prove it” deal with heavy incentive milestones. Let him have a shot at a ring, and earn his next giant contract…all the while performing well for the Patriots.

  15. He was released a year too late. Made 14 million last year on the bench. Great guy but Father Time and injuries are undefeated

  16. mlhigh says:
    March 13, 2019 at 4:24 pm
    Chiefs are tanking.

    Chiefs were the 31st ranked defense last year. That defense kept them from going to the super bowl. Getting rid of super expensive injured players should not be a surprise.
    i feel sorry for that guy; or rather his mom or wife or both.

    of course the Chiefs D gave up a lot of yards….their offense put them so far ahead in games that teams had to completely open up their offenses.

    find me one

  17. Eric Berry quit on the Chiefs. Releasing him is a clear statement that they believe that is the case as well.

    He was medically cleared all season, and refused to take the field and play through the pain in his heel. He made comments like “He wasn’t feeling it in his spirit.” You don’t win football games with guys like that making $14 million a year.

    The Chiefs are doing exactly what they needed to do. All these overpaid, entitled defenders who only showed up when they felt like it lead us to the 31st ranked defense and wasted one of the best performances by a QB and offense in NFL history. This entire defensive culture needed to be nuked, and that is what’s happening.

  18. Universe: Congratulations Kansas City. You’ve finally found the elusive answer at quarterback and are now positioned to dominate in the post-Brady era for years to come.
    Kansas City: I think we should release them.
    Universe: Who?
    Kansas City: Kareem Hunt and all the guys who play defense.
    Universe: —

  19. So many safeties out there. Earl got his money, a few others will get 10 mil plus. Then the bargains will be had and the smart teams will get all pros for peanuts. Looking at you New England.

  20. I’m sorry to hear of it. I believe he will sign with another team. He is too talented to be overlooked. I wonder if the Steelers could use his services?

  21. The Chiefs and the entire Chiefs Nation gave much more to Eric Berry than he gave to his team. Even after he was diagnosed with cancer, the team and community rallied around Berry. They kept a roster spot open for the time when he came back. After he was cleared, John Dorsey signed him to a very ill advised contract for 78 million$. The Chiefs got exactly two games form Berry after that. Injuries are part of the game. But Berry refused give the Chiefs any sort of break on the remaining money owed him. So now he is looking for another team. Had he been as generous to the Chiefs as they were with him, he wouldn’t have to look for another team.At least now we won’t have to the the same ole “he’s day to day” over and over again.

  22. Veach, Andy and Spags are doing exactly what is needed to retool the Chiefs D for the upcoming season. When you’re ranked 31 out of 32, your high priced veterans aren’t making you better. Looking forward to seeing the new D.

  23. Saw this coming a mile away, no way were the Chiefs paying both of their starting safeties 12+ mil a year. Hope he’s finally healthy enough to play next year cause I’d love him on my fav team.

  24. “I’d like to see Belichick give him a 1 year, low dollar “prove it” deal with heavy incentive milestones. ”

    I wouldn’t. He was terrible against the Pats in the AFCC and his heart doesn’t seem in the game any more. If the Pats need safety help there are several other options out there that would be better than Berry.

  25. kenberthiaume says:
    March 13, 2019 at 6:41 pm
    All the Chiefs fans are happy to see him go. Everyone else wants their GM to sign this guy.
    Happy to see him go? Not in the least. Understand that it’s time? Yes. It happens with all great players who make an indelible mark on a fanbase. EB will always be a Chief.

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