Dolphins quarterback options are dwindling

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The Dolphins need a quarterback. Two quarterbacks who had been linked to the Dolphins will be signing elsewhere.

Joining Teddy Bridgewater (who did or didn’t receive an offer from Miami) as a guy who won’t be playing for the Dolphins is Tyrod Taylor. The rumor mill has linked the former Bills and Browns starter to the Dolphins, but he has opted to join the Chargers.

At worst in Miami, Taylor would have been a placeholder at quarterback, with Miami potentially drafting a quarterback who would have eventually taken over, if not sooner. But Taylor played that game last year in Cleveland, and a Week Three injury resulted in Taylor being benched for Baker Mayfield. In L.A., Taylor knows he’s the backup to Philip Rivers.

So now what will the Dolphins do? Ryan Fitzpatrick is available, as is Trevor Siemian. Blake Bortles soon will be on the market. Josh McCown is also on the market, but he has made it clear that he plans to wait before making his next move.

Sorry, Dolphins fans.

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  1. Sucks for Miami fans. There will always be teams that struggle every couple of years . But I think it’s better for the league in general when even the bottom third has the rosters to win at least four or five games a season. Keeps the league as a whole more interesting.

  2. At least their owner lives in the same time zone, so they’ve got that going for them.

  3. If you were paying attention they don’t want a QB from FA. TT offered little to nothing for the money. It’s a ground up rebuild looking to draft their future franchise QB next season. So, just trying to get thru 2019… without messing up the plan .

  4. “Sorry, Dolphins fans.”

    Sorry for what? This is perfect. They need the #1 pick next year. The goal is to not win more than 3 games.

  5. And the Dolphins front offices says, “All the chips on #3” On the roulette wheel, that is one in 38 chances of winning. Draft day trade for Rosen when they *KNOW* you need a QB is not a good thing. Here come the Cardinals thanks to the ‘Phins front office.

  6. Well, they may renegotiate Tannehill down to a backup price and go from there. You never know, just saying or just tank for too pick next year.

  7. Sometimes I forget this franchise exists, and my team plays them twice a season.

  8. Wow. Taylor decided to be a bench warming back up than possibly be a starter for the Miami Patriots. What does that tell you.

  9. Well, they may renegotiate Tannehill down to a backup price and go from there. You never know, just saying or just tank for too pick next year. Do not want Tua as a top pick. The kid out Clemson was much better and would take him or the Ducks Qb over Tua.

  10. As a Dolphins fan… GOOD. Miami is the only team in the past 10 years to have a record anywhere from 6-10 to 10-6 each season. They have been victims of endless mediocrity, which stems from having solid pieces but never having a true franchise QB.

    Build the oline/d-line early in the draft, get a QB in the 3rd or 4th round this year, develop our young players, and set yourselves up to choose from a stronger QB class next year with Tua/Herbert/Fromm and take the one you love the most.

  11. The Patriots were reportedly not impressed with Rosen last year, which is why they never tried moving up in the draft to grab him. For that reason, I doubt Brian Flores would want Rosen to be his QB.

  12. Sad thing is based on dead money vs. contract, with respect to paying another complete bum. RT is seemingly becoming a viable option to keep, at least until they can make a trade in the preseason when injuries start happening. Honestly, if the plan is to tank we might as well spend the season seeing if Faulk or Fakes can become a legit backup for us

  13. “Taylor decided to be a bench warming back up than possibly be a starter for the Miami Patriots. What does that tell you.”

    That the Chargers offered him more money than the Fins did?

  14. “The Miami Patriots”. I like it. You could also say “The Detroit Patriots”.

    Too bad the little brothers don’t play each other in 2019.

  15. After last years season finale, Tannehill was booed out of the stadium with his QB guru HC. And it takes alot to turn such a complacent fanbase like the Fins into your problem.

    If the new regime in Davie brings him back, their days are numbered. Tannehill has wasted 7 long years of our fan lives. Even his defenders can only point to his 10 game run in 2016, beating sub .500 teams. 7 years and that is all Tannehill fans can point to in defense of Tannehill.

    Also, this team is rebuilding. It makes zero sense to trade for another Tannehill like player in Rosen or trading for a 30+ yr old QB out of NYG.

  16. I’m fine with what has transpired. None of those options were clear upgrades over THill anyway.

    I’m willing to bet we work a deal out with THill where he signs a deal for less money and he stays on as a veteran in this gap year with full transparency that he is gone as soon as we find someone better. Or they release him now and simply we find a rookie and start them out of the gates. Either way, this year is not going to be good no matter who is QB.

  17. If the $ the Dolphins offered indicated to Teddy Bridgewater, that they were going to draft a QB in April, then Teddy was right to stay in New Orleans. Teddy got backup $ from the Jets a year ago, they drafted Sam Darnold, Teddy killed it in the preseason and to avoid political divisions was traded away. Why go through that again?

  18. I could play QB for Miami. I wouldn’t command a large signing bonus and I’d be happy to sign a “show me” contract like Parker. I guarantee we go 0-16 and get Tua. I think I’m the team’s best choice.

  19. I don’t follow Miami closely, and I don’t know what the situation areas. But if they needed a quarterback they needed to get busy early. Too much time has gone by and options have dwindled. This list of options is somewhat underwhelming. I’m not sure they have anything to attract a free-agent quarterback anyway. They’re probably going to get people who just need employment because no one else will pick them up. That leaves trading or the draft. They have that offense of tackle that they could throw in, but I don’t know who they would trade for. It could be a rookie thrown into the fire too soon ultimately wasting the pick.

  20. None of the guys named are QBs. They’re just guys. Pass. They’re perfectly capable of going 8-8 with what they have. No need to pay anyone else to come in and do the same.

  21. Not sure why people keep mentioning David Fales. He is NOT on the roster. Right now it’s Tannehill, Jake Rudock and Luke Falk on the roster.

    So my guess is they jettison Tannehill and plug one of the other two into the lineup for a year, get a top 2-3 draft pick next year and snag a QB. And no, I don’t want Tua. He has NFL bust written all over him.

  22. I don’t get the Dolphins are running out of options spin. None of the names mentioned in the comments are any better than Tannehill. The Dolphins have the option to ride him out for another year which is what they will do.

  23. Nobody in their right mind could plan to tank a season. Things never go the way you think or hope when you try to look smart in this kind of way. A whole season of tanking jeezus, it just beggars belief. Professional pride and the football gods would not look at that very well. Who the hell would show up to watch that. On the other side of the fence though going 8 & 8 or 7 & 9 season after season isn’t that great either and probably puts you in a bad place also. But you can’t deliberately try and tank that just shameful.

  24. Can’t stand my team and Owner agreed to tank a season away, I thinks its the dumbest thing in the world to burn down everything when really if the fins made smart moves (trading back in the draft or trading away talented players at their peak value. You wouldn’t need to burn everything down.. Gase and tannenbaum did a horrific job to this roster and constantly trading up,signing horrible free Agents, and restructuring players contracts.. Guy didn’t learn a thing from his time with the jets

    I also am not a fan of tagoviloa as a pro prospect, Reminds me alot of Johnny Manziel on the field.. I’d be happier with Lawrence or Fromm if they are available.

  25. Who needs a QB, just bring back the wildcat full blown !!!
    Win 1 game and pick Tua !!

  26. I would think I new coach basically wants a fresh start from last season. I also think finding a QB from somewhere is a good start. I doubt fans want Tannehill back for another season. If you want tu upgrade your passing attack, Fitzsmagic would be my choice. Yes he has his up and downs. By no means is he the long term answer, but he’s fun to watch in the short term. Personally I don’t care how if Kaepernick took a knee to protest what he felt was social injustice. I only care about his ability to play. If I felt he can still play QB, I’d consider signing him. Although I like Bortles, I think he has too much baggae to play in the state of Florida this soon. McCown simply needs to retire, Other than that, you’re looking to draft your starting QB, or trade for one.

  27. None of these guys are long term options. We don’t need to tank, we can conveniently lose games with a sub-par QB while letting a younger core develop.

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