Gettleman repeatedly claimed he wasn’t trading Beckham

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Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman’s stunning decision to trade wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns comes after saying repeatedly that that wasn’t his plan.

In January, Gettleman said, “We didn’t sign him to trade him.”

In February, Gettleman said, “We didn’t sign Odell to trade him. That’s all I need to say about that.”

In March, Gettleman traded Beckham.

The decision to sign Beckham to a huge contract, pay him $21.459 million for one season, and then trade him seven months later doesn’t make a lot of sense, and Giants fans are eager to hear Gettleman’s explanation.

Gettleman’s explanation is likely that he had to say he wasn’t trading Beckham to drive up the trade market. The Steelers made it clear that they were trading Antonio Brown and ended up getting only a third-round pick and a fifth-round pick. The Giants got a first-round pick, a third-round pick and Jabrill Peppers for Beckham.

But the question remains why Gettleman wanted to trade Beckham at all. Beckham was by far the best player on the roster Gettleman inherited when he took over the Giants. Draft a franchise quarterback and pair him with Beckham, and the Giants could build a great team for years to come. Instead, Gettleman has done what he said he wouldn’t do, and the Giants are rebuilding from the bottom.

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  1. AB got OBJ traded.

    OBJ signs a massive contract and then talks about how he didn’tbwant to be there. He’s bi-polar at best when it comes to attitude around the team. He didn’t want to play with Eli or for Shurmer.

    Giants saw another AB situation coming and realized they’d get little in return like Pitt did. Flipped him quickly while they could get some value.

  2. He got a good haul for him at the end of the day. There is no guarantee that he would draft a “franchise” qb. For every Mahomes there is Bortles, Leaf etc. I love OBJ but they weren’t ready to win and he’s proven to be a distraction at times esp when they are losing so they got a good deal.

  3. Because in football, one player does not make a Super Bowl run, that is why. Eli Manning without OBJ – 2 rings. Eli with OBJ – 0 rings, and I think 0 playoffs. Now Gettleman has some nice picks and a good player who needs a new home. Which do you think was the better play?

  4. “But the question remains why Gettleman wanted to trade Beckham at all.”


  5. Sounds like he got what he wanted. Draft picks for the future. Looks like they want to take the future seriously. Sucks for Saquon for a year or two.

  6. Gettleman never said he wouldn’t trade Beckham. He indicated that he wouldn’t, but he never said he it was out of the question. Don’t put words in his mouth. If he didn’t feel he could help the Giants by trading Beckham, my guess is that he wouldn’t have done so. I’m not defending Gettleman (because these GMs are, by nature, a pretty conniving bunch), but it’s important to know that he never promised not to trade Beckham. As it is, the Giants have a long, long way to go before they’re contenders again.

  7. We were going to let him walk in free agency last off-season. Would’ve gotten an end of the 3rd round draft pick for it (assuming we signed no other free agents). That being said we signed him and paid him 21m and traded him….which nets us the Browns 1st round pick from 2 years ago (Peppers) an extra 3rd and an extra 1st round pick. Basically we spent 21m to get better draft picks. You saw the transition last season, it’s Barkley’s team now. #brilliant

  8. Gettleman has no credibility.
    He drafted a great running back (Saquon Barkly) and stayed with an aging bad QB (Eli Manning), rather than drfating a highly rated QB (Sam Darnold).

    How are the Giants going to get a QB now? Take a worse prospect in 2019? 2020? Will they have to tank (2-14) to get a high pick? Trade up to get a QB prospect?
    Imaging this:
    they pass on Sam Darnold and draft Saquon Barkly, then the next year trade OBJ for draft picks to get a QB not as good as Darnold.

    Im not a Giants fan but I’d be furious if I was.

    This is on the owner for sticking with Eli.
    And Ben McAdoo did it wrong. He should have given Geno Smith the second half of some games, rather than flat out benching Eli Manning.

  9. “But the question remains why Gettleman wanted to trade Beckham”
    Was it only me that heard OBJ start yapping mid season,
    and then he was out the last six weeks of the season With a
    Thigh Bruise… he was done in NY last season.

  10. It’s funny how we all know pretty much 100% of the time when a GM says someone is not up for trade or he’s ‘the guy’ …. that’s essentially signing his ticket off the team, yet the media pretends like it’s some shocker when it happens.

  11. He understands NEGOTIATION better than the Steelers, obviously.

    As for why they would trade OBJ, he realized the Giants weren’t winning anything with him and their broken-down QB so they are building a better team for when they can win.

  12. You can’t let diva’s control your team. At the same time you dont trade one of the best receivers when your so called “rebuilding” and keep old depleted QB. Really cant wait till Eli is gone.

  13. You cant keep a player just because he’s good if your team has as many needs as the Giants do. I love it when these journalist-GMs mak eit seem so easy to build a team. If it were that easy, there wouldnt be 20 or so smart guys (or groups of smart guys) that basically fail every year. The Giants got a bounty for him. Its a good trade for both teams.

  14. This man is the worst GM in the NFL and will be fired after the 2019 season at the latest. Too bad the damage was already done, passing on Sam Darnold and trading away OBJ for nothing. At least they have Barkley to carry it 400+ times.

    There is no way to spin this as a positive for the Giants. What a disaster.

  15. Doubt it was Gettleman. This sounds like a Mara move. He saw the Antonio Brown circus and knew what was coming. Even after forking over a ton of cash, the guy was a nuisance. Now they got some assets to get their future QB to go with their star running back or just assets to build with.

  16. Drafting Saquon made this a run first/backfield orientated organization.

    $15mm per year for a receiver when there are too many holes to fill, not enough money, and not enough draft picks had to be weighed.

    Peppers is a former #1 with 2 years experience….and they got #1 & a #3…..for a player who is highly paid and now would have been the second option for the most part.

  17. Lots of times we say we are not planning to do something until we are. Last years contract could have beenwith a hope the Giants could still be made into a team that could do something. In stead it showed they need to trade assetts and start over. That would also gave meant the Beckham was not going to make the difference during that contract, he would then have been of more value to trade.

  18. The Giants were 8-24 over the last two years, with Odell Beckham. Maybe Gettleman is tired of losing. He was being 100% honest when he said “we didn’t sign Beckham to trade him”, which I’m sure they didn’t at the time. Perhaps ownership was behind the signing, but the others in the building have chosen winning over selling jerseys, and were able to finally convince the owner that the fans deserve better.

  19. Man imagine being a Giants fan this morning do you even want to get out of bed. Here I really thought with the Giants having an elite WR and RB all they needed was to get a better than serviceable QB, Imagine had they heavily pursue Nick Foles to guide the boat for the next few yrs as they make use of Beckham & Barkley while they are in their PRIME.

    What we saw last season were teams with the Top 4 OFFENSES making the Playoffs.

    The Giants could have really given the other teams in their division something to think about at least when it comes to SCORING. Now those other teams in that division just got let off the HOOK.

  20. “Gettleman’s explanation is likely that he had to say he wasn’t trading Beckham to drive up the trade market. The Steelers made it clear that they were trading Antonio Brown and ended up getting only a third-round pick and a fifth-round pick.”

    Really? It had nothing to do with the fact that Antonio Brown will be 31 when the season starts while OBJ is just entering his prime years of his NFL career at 26? Really?!?

    And if no one knows you’re trading OBJ, how exactly are you going to “drive up the trade market” if there’s no other team making a competing bid??

  21. Isn’t it obvious why he lied? No GM should ever say they are definitely dealing a player. First, it lowers the value drastically. And second, what if said player ends up staying? Can’t put what was said back in the bottle. I think every player in the league is available for a certain price. The Giants came out like bandits in this trade if the picks they use turn into quality players. I am thinking they grab DK Metcalf or AJ Brown with the 17th pick.

  22. Panther fan here. When the Giants announced Gettleman was their new GM and that was around the same time OBJ wanted a mega contract, I knew then, Beckham would be GONE!!!! For the Panthers, he cut Steve Smith, Josh Norman and DeAngelo Williams, all playmakers!! Guy is a piece of work!!

  23. I’m in the minority here, I think it’s a good trade. Gettleman traded near the high end. BUT…the trade means nothing if they don’t package that 1st round pick (number 17) to move up in the draft and get a QB. This signals to me that they are not interested in trading for Josh Rosen.

  24. Take your pick:
    1) Giants aren’t as dysfunctional as the Steelers.
    2) Any team can win a trade with the Browns.
    3) OBJ’s a huge diva and a major distraction.
    4) OBJ’s 5yr, $90M contract was a huge drag on a team needing to rebuild.
    5) All of the above.

  25. Compare what the Giants got for OBJ to what the Steelers got for AB. The Browns made an offer the Giants couldn’t refuse that allows them to rebuild faster and fills the need at safety. And they got rid of what was going to be a migraine level headache in OBJ. No brainer and a win for the Browns and Giants.

  26. The decision to sign Beckham to a huge contract, pay him $21.459 million for one season !..This is where the problem lies….Beckham should never have been afforded such a contract, given his on and off field antics… that spell ” Diva ” and not team player.These athletes who are all “full of themselves”, are not going to help a team win a Championship because it takes all 53 pulling in the same direction and on the same page, to accomplish same !

  27. I can’t be the only one who thinks that the Giants fleeced the Browns here. The Giants weren’t going to go anywhere this season with Beckham on the roster, and they got a player who’s nearly as good on the defensive side of the ball, who makes pennies compared to Beckham, and two great draft picks.

  28. Im a Giants fan, have been since 1979. After what the Giants did this past week with Landon Collins and Odell, Im hoping that they dont spend a dollar in free agency and wind up winning 1 or 2 games in 2019. This season is going to be a disaster regardless so I hope its a SPECTACULAR disaster.

    If Getty can somehow have a great draft this year (he actually had a great one last year) and couple that with the TONS of cap space he’ll have going into 2020, the Giants can actually get rebuilt fairly quickly. For that to happen though, the Giants have to write off the 2019 season and not waste any stupid money this free agency period.

  29. In February, Gettleman said, “We didn’t sign Odell to trade him. That’s all I need to say about that.”


    Yeah, then Gettleman likely saw the crap Antonio Brown pulled on Pittsburgh — forcing a trade out out of nowhere and then purposefully tanking his trade value — and decided to cut bait while ahead. Wise move, Gettleman — wise move.

  30. Gettleman better hit on these picks. He let some good young talent out the door for this rebuild. But it’s Gettleman the picks will work out so – so and the Giants will be in shambles for years to come.

  31. Beckham was by far the best player on the roster Gettleman inherited when he took over the Giants.

    That’s not saying much.

  32. I feel like the Antonio Brown saga loomed large here. I really think they weren’t looking so hard to trade Beckham until they watched this play out. At that point it almost became easy. Beckham did an interview in the middle of the season basically saying how unhappy he was. Now Barkley can be the rightful face of this team for a while and they don’t have to deal with the headache. Really doesn’t seem like a bad move.

  33. 1. Gettelman says he didn’t sign him to trade him
    2. Dorsey says it isn’t time for this team to go for it.
    3. OBJ has said that the Browns were his first choice if traded.

    This deal was being worked on for a while undercover of everyone. It was going to be the Browns or no one.

  34. I think the Giants got a great haul on this trade. A 1st, and 3rd, and Peppers? For a WR me me me diva distraction. I say great job Giants. I think the Browns will regret this trade.

  35. I could care less about OBJ, the Giants or Gettleman but I can’t understand why the trade is considered a negative for Gettkeman. He got rid of a pain in the butt diva receiver who puts himself ahead of the team and turned him into a first rounder, third rounder and very good player in Peppers. I think it was a great move for the Giants. And his long do you think the Browns can keep paying Landry and OBJ these ridiculous salaries. Somethings gotta give. To much money allocated to one position.

  36. For a first, and a third, AND a starter at Safety, I think Gettleman got a pretty good deal. Giants need to get younger. This gives them lots of ammo in one of the deepest defensive drafts in a while. Good play if you ask me.

    Its also nice not to see him against the Eagles twice a year :p

  37. Not a shock that a GM or a Coach lied when making media comments. Nothing to see here.

  38. It looks like the Giants are rebuilding everywhere except at QB. 10 more years of Eli.

    In the 15 years since Eli was drafted, the Giants made the playoffs 6 times, and only have playoff wins in 2 seasons.

    They made the playoffs 1x in the last 7 years and have 0 playoff wins.
    They have not won their division since 2011.

    I know the ultimate goal is Superbowl wins and the Giants have 2 under Eli from a decade ago but other than those 2 Superbowl years the Giants have been absolutely awful with Eli.

  39. I don’t get why OBJ gets so much hate on this site. He is a top 10 player in the league regardless of position and 26 years old. Not to mention probably the most popular player in the league and a fan favorite. You do not give that away for a mid first round pick in a weak draft. The reason the Giants have been bad lately is 100% ELI, not OBJ.

    Unbelievable how people here are still trying to say this was a good move by the Giants. I’d bet any of you that Gettleman is gone after this next season. This move was the nail in his coffin.

  40. Great move by the Giants! That extra first will help them make a push toward Murray.

  41. Trading him was a no brainer when you look at the return and the huge amount of free cap space. The Giants have holes everywhere on their roster. They’re not competing for a SB any time soon, so why keep a guy around who’s presence on your payroll only serves to slow the rebuilding process?

  42. A 1st and a 3rd and an ascending safety talent is worth more than a great WR with a bloated contract. WRs are plentiful.

    Also, since when does gettleman report to you, Florio? He has no reason or obligation to fill you in on his personnel management decision ahead of time. He also has no obligation to report back to you on the reasons for a trade.

  43. Giants won this trade BIG. Who was the last diva WR to earn a Super Bowl Ring? It’s incredibly rare and entirely unnecessary to have that kind of WR on your team if you’re interested in winning championships. Peppers is a good player both on defense and special teams, plus they got draft picks they can use to improve the team overall.

    Also, just as you don’t need a diva WR to win games, you also don’t need a highly drafted QB. Five QBs were picked in the first round last year and the 3rd rounder Mason Rudolph is more likely to win a ring before any of the 1st rounders because he’s on a better team. This is a team sport. It always will be.

  44. “…OBJ signs a massive contract and then talks about how he didn’tbwant to be there. He’s bi-polar at best when it comes to attitude around the team. He didn’t want to play with Eli or for Shurmer. …”
    Pretty rational in my opinion. If I were OBJ I also wouldn’t want to be stuck playing with Eli.

  45. One thing to consider is that OBJ’s $20+ million for one year bought a 1st round pick. Had Gettleman let him walk, the best he could do would have been a end of the 3rd comp pick. By paying OBJ for one year the net gain was a a first round draft pick, Peppers, and moving up half a round in the 3rd. In that light money well spent.

    OBJ is a superstar WR, but he may be causing problems in the locker room and has some questionable off field decisions. The Giants will have their pick of either the 1st or 4th QB on the board at number 6. If the top 3 QBs are gone they’ll have top pick of all but 3 positions and have a shot at a QB in the middle of the draft. It’s not the worst position to be in honestly.

  46. Who’s going to be the mature one on that team. I predict MAJOR drama for the Browns.

  47. Of course he denied it. If he ackowledged trying to trade him, offers would be lower, and if he didn’t close a deal everyone would know he had tried.

    It was fairly obvious all along Beckham could be had.

  48. Gettleman has been a disaster since the beginning of his tenure. They should of started the rebuild last year. They took a running back too high in the draft. His free agency last year was awful. They got nothing for Collins. The bottom line is the organization has no idea how to say goodbye to Eli Manning and it is holding them back.

  49. Sit down at a high stakes poker games and ask the guys next to you what cards they’re holding. See what kind of replay you get. Don’t be shocked if they don’t offer a detailed explanation.

  50. This was easy…OBJ is another malcontent and best to get rid of him now. Good decision by the GM.

  51. Gettleman said what he had to say. Can you imagine what Beckham would act like if he thought the Giants were trying to trade him? The bigger question is what do the snitches get out of it by not letting stuff like this happen in secret? What is it to them?

  52. objectivefbfan says:
    March 13, 2019 at 7:08 am
    Because in football, one player does not make a Super Bowl run, that is why. Eli Manning without OBJ – 2 rings. Eli with OBJ – 0 rings, and I think 0 playoffs. Now Gettleman has some nice picks and a good player who needs a new home. Which do you think was the better play?
    The 2 Giants superbowl Eli played on had their defense as the strength of the team. So why would you make that comparison?
    If we want to do an apples to apples comparison we would be how Eli performed with and without OBJ.

    With OBJ
    Comp-64.0% y/att-7.2 INT%-2.1% sack rate-4.8% TDs to int-2.2 passer rating-91.9

    W/o OBJ
    comp-60.2% y/att-6.3 int%-2.5% sack rate-5.4% TDS to int-1.3 passer rating-78.8

  53. Odell Beckham traded himself. He did not want to be here in NY. If he would have said, 1 time, that he was a Giant and dedicated to the team/city, he never would have been banished to Cleveland. The NFL is a different ecosystem than it was 2 weeks ago; does anyone doubt that he would’ve done the A.Brown thing? So off he goes and we play with Saquon Barkley; a great player who actually wants to be here. Good riddance.

  54. The Giants are doing what the Browns did over the last few years by tanking and amassing draft picks. The Browns are at the stage of being a contender so they are flipping the script and pursuing high profile free agents. The Giants are the Browns couple years ago. Good move.

  55. RobfromAmarillo says:

    “banished to Cleveland”
    Are you kidding me? New York Giants are an awful football team / orginaztion. And have been for so long. If you want to deal with traffic and a bazillion people then maybe New York is your cup of tea. In football terms – Cleveland is a much better career destination…and i am not even a Browns fan.

  56. This trade will haunt the Giants for years to come. I am a huge Giants fan, and it’s clear they “threw in the towel” a year too late. gettleman, Mara, and Shurmur clearly overestimated the talent, and now they’re suffering the consequences. Why, why, why7 did you trade your best player (for a pittance), one other defenses would have to game plan around? That would cause defenses to not put nine in the box to dare Eli to try and throw the ball?

    I am so disgusted; anything any of them say will be outright lies. John Mara is a joke, and he started proving it with the Josh Brown debacle. If it didn’t cost so damn much, I would burn my OBJ Giants jersey!!!

  57. @bam5239, OBJ was liked and respected in the locker room because led by working hard every practice and every game. Don’t dis him because he cared so much that he sometimes lost control.

  58. charliecharger says:
    March 13, 2019 at 9:49 am
    If Beckham was critical to winning, wouldn’t Bill Belichick have tried to trade for him?
    He tried.

  59. Wait a minute….you mean to tell me the GM didn’t tell everyone his true intentions? Oh the humanity?!?

  60. The better question is why would you ever expect a GM to tell the truth about who they are trying to obtain or get rid of?

  61. OBJ was fast becoming the biggest diva in the league and is a known quitter. WRs are dependent on the guy throwing them the ball, but the QB has multiple options other than the super star diva receiver. Remember Gregg Jennings? He thought HE made the QB look good, not the other way around. In Minnesota, instead of receiving balls in his hands in stride, he saw balls sail over his head or bounce on the ground.

    Also, GMs are supposed to mislead and not tip their hand. What they say can and will be used them in the negotiation table.

  62. Gettleman repeatedly claimed he wasn’t trading Beckham


    These GMs lie every offseason, it’s all part of the game, get over it!

  63. Smart business move by the GM and team management, we live in a world of deception, Gettleman did what he had to prevent a Pittsburgh scenario. Giants nation rejoice, you now have a better team with a future. Now, Gettleman has to figure out what to do with Eli! You don’t need 3 more years of marginal play.

  64. Just like in Poker, it’s perfectly okay to lie in that situation. As for the Browns, they are no one’s doormat anymore (well, they weren’t last year even without Kareem Hunt and OBJ, but I must consider they also lost the coach who coached them to that record).

  65. Well,he may have lied,but he pulled off the best kept secret so far. Shocked us all… the question is,was it the right move? The Giants still have a long way to go in the rebuilding process,and suddenly,Cleveland has lots of loose cannons on the team. Let’s see if it works. Lots of bad tempers and Type A personalities in that locker room.

  66. but I must consider they also lost the coach who coached them to that record

    They did? Freddie is still there.

  67. ktimmmtb says:
    March 13, 2019 at 12:46 pm
    Why are the Giants so afraid to offend Eli by asking him to reduce his salary?
    lol his cap hit is like 12 mil this year….

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