John Elway: Joe Flacco a “perfect fit” for what Broncos want to do

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The Broncos trade for Joe Flacco became official Wednesday afternoon, though a blizzard delayed Flacco’s arrival to Denver.

The Broncos decided a trade for Flacco was preferable to another year with Case Keenum. Flacco becomes the fifth starter since Peyton Manning retired after the 2015 season.

“Well, it’s hard,’’ Elway said of picking Flacco over Keenum, via Mike Klis of 9News. “We looked at what we want to do offensively — try to get the ball downfield and the availability of Joe and the success he’s had as a starter and in the playoffs. He won a Super Bowl. He’s been a starter for a long time. He’s only 34 years old, so we think he has a lot of football ahead of him. I thought he would be a perfect fit for us.

“Case played very well for us, too, but we had to make a decision and we decided to go with Joe with what the compensation was.’’

The Broncos gave up the first of their two fourth-round draft picks for Flacco, who hasn’t won a postseason start since 2014 and is only 24-27 over the past four seasons. He has never made the Pro Bowl.

Flacco, though, does have a Super Bowl and five double-digit winning seasons.

“He’s productive, and he’s been a winning quarterback,’’ new coach Vic Fangio told Klis. “I don’t know that you need to say much more than that. He’s always possessed a very strong arm. He’s got good touch on the ball; his ball is very catchable. He’s got good anticipation. He’s got a coolness to him to where the situation isn’t too big for him. He doesn’t get flustered. I just like his overall demeanor, besides his physical qualities.’’

23 responses to “John Elway: Joe Flacco a “perfect fit” for what Broncos want to do

  1. I think that rocket arm will serve him well in the Mile High city, but I’m not sure who’s gonna catch it 40 yards down the field.

  2. Get out of here Elway. You’re just throwing mess on a wall and hoping something sticks. You’re now on your 5th QB and 3rd HC, I believe. You have been atrocious as an executive.

  3. Perfect fit for what? Losing? The Chiefs are set for the future. The Charges will be competitive for the next few years. The Raiders have enough picks to build something. Denver has over the hill Flacco, who outside of the SB year, hasn’t been very good. O-Line is garbage. Lindsey and Freeman should make a decent RB tandem. Sutton is the only WR ready to show something. No TE. Defense isn’t that good outside of Miller and Harris. They are at best a 6-10 team.

  4. Joe won a Suoer Boel in Baltimore. So he is royalty there. ( Yes-Baltimore-Ekway.). That said-he’s done. He hasn’t cared since he got paid.

  5. “Flacco becomes the fifth starter since Peyton Manning retired after the 2015 season.”

    Isn’t this how the post-Namath period began in NY?

    Al Woodall had a strong arm, too…

  6. Diehard Ravens fan here. This is a good signing in my opinion. If you put thd right pieces around Flacco, he can play very well. Once Flacco is in the postseason, he plays lights out. Yes, in the beginning of the career the defense won most of those playoff games. But, look up his stats in his past 6 playoff games. People say he only had one magical run in 2012 but that is not true. Everyone forgets he played lights out in the 2014 playoffs and we likely would have ended up playing in the Super Bowl if our defense doesn’t blow two 14 point leads against the Pats.

  7. Maybe John fired the guy that’s been picking all his QB’s since Peyton Manning left. Nobody should ever doubt Elway when it comes to evaluating QB’s.

  8. Perfect fit, if they are looking for 40 yard PI calls. With the thin air in Denver, they gain 10% for “free” due to the elevation. Smart signing just for that reason!

  9. Flacco, the established starter on one supposedly good team all his career = 84.1 pass rating.
    Case, bounced around four teams of varying quality, half of it as backup = 84.5 pass rating.
    Joe will not be a major upgrade. Sorry.

  10. Ooh, he won a Super Bowl so did Mark Rypien, Trent Dilfer, and Doug Williams. So you would take any one of these over Marino or Kelly. Elways’ gotta go.

  11. John Elway did deliver a SB as an exec. How many others can say that? Last time I checked, great QBs are hard to come by.

  12. Finding a good qb, hell, even a average one, is hard. The jump from college to the NFL is huge. Sometimes it’s just luck.

  13. Joe Flacco has been “invited” to play in 2 pro bowls. He declined both times. For those of you who think that’s a big deal, think again.

  14. @streetyson – 10-5 playoff record, in 6 different seasons? And you say “on one supposedly good team all his career”. Do you pay attention at all?

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