Jon Gruden, Antonio Brown had a pre-trade film session


The Raiders are trying to get better, and strict compliance with the plain language of all rules may take a back seat to that goal.

The evidence first emerged on Monday, when the Raiders somehow negotiated a four-year, $66 million deal with Patriots tackle Trent Brown in a matter of minutes. Unless Brown pounced on an opening offer faster than Kramer negotiating a hot coffee settlement, the Raiders were talking to Brown’s agents before the window for permissible negotiating opened.

On Tuesday came Antonio Brown‘s claim on social media that he would be visiting the facility to meet coaches and work out with Derek Carr (they eventually worked out away from Raiders property), which seemed to violate the narrow permission that the Raiders had received from the Steelers to conduct a pre-trade physical.

During Antonio Brown’s introductory press conference on Wednesday, another curiosity emerged. Brown and Gruden had a pre-trade film session.

“Jon had 400 clips of Antonio in the office,” G.M. Mike Mayock said. “I walked in this morning, the two of them were sitting in there like little kids watching 400 cutups of Antonio. Everything he did. Everything. I mean, they were like little kids in a laboratory.”

While the Steelers continue to have no comment on Brown’s interactions with the Raiders before Brown officially became a member of the Raiders, it continues to be our understanding that the Steelers allowed the Raiders only to conduct a physical of Brown. The NFL also has no comment on whether the Raiders violated any rules by using the hours before the trade became official as an opportunities to do something that Gruden simply couldn’t do before the start of the offseason with any player: Sit in an office and study film.

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  1. All this deadline intrigue aside, you have to give Mayock credit for settling into his GM role quite well.

  2. Can’t wait for the league office to investigate. You know, integrity of the league and all. I couldn’t care less that AB wanted out of Pittsburgh, but if he was purposely driving his price down, in a prearranged deal with the Raiders, that’s another story entirely.

    The two Brown deals are starting to smell fishy.

  3. This isn’t a loophole. This was a violation. Just like when Seahawks got nailed for using pads/contact drills when not allowed, this will be at that level.

  4. The NFL is a business and Jon Gruden and Antonio Brown are great promoters of their product. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Furthermore, Kevin Colbert and Mike Mayock are the two GM’s in charge. Colbert probably gave Mayock whatever he needed to get this deal done. I doubt Colbert is going to attack Mayock for something so petty. If anyone needs clarification, ask Colbert.

  5. What I found surprising was that usually Pittsburgh is one of those franchises that the league goes out of its way to protect, while the Raiders are among those few teams the league singles out whenever they get the chance. So I’m a bit surprised that the league has turned its very selective backs to the obvious tampering the Raiders just perpetrated in both the TBrown and ABrown deals.

    Just another example of the hypocrisy of the League office and its utter contempt of the word integrity.

  6. @patfanken

    That’s the same thing a lot of fans think about the league in regard to the Pats. Protected by the shield. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, or trying to pick a fight about it. But, like most things, it depends on which side of the fence you’re sitting. I do agree though, that for all the talk of integrity, there seems to be a lot of strange things going on within the league.

    I also agree, the league needs to look into these trades.

  7. This is hilarious. Brown is not going to do anything to turn this putrid franchise around because 1. Gruden is ridiculously overrated and not even an average NFL coach, 2. Carr is awful, 3. Raiders have not been relevant since Rich Gannon threw six interceptions in Super bowl 30 or whatever it was. The Raiders stink, no one cares, except their delusional fan base.

  8. Who cares? The Steelers were under the gun to make a trade , he had demands as well before you trade for a player that has been acting weird all off season perhaps you want to sit with him and see where his head is at …..If the the Steelers are not complaining (Probably gave the go ahead anyway) why is this even brought up ….

  9. So Gruden breaks the rules with a former patriots player. Sounds like fines, picks & a suspension, for New England.

    Rules enforcement in this league is a joke. The desperation to topple NE is palpable.

  10. Jon had 400 clips of Antonio in the office,” G.M. Mike Mayock said. “I walked in this morning, the two of them were sitting in there like little kids watching 400 cutups of Antonio. Everything he did.”


    Wow, Antonio Brown sitting around watching videos of…Antonio Brown. Shocking. Complete egomaniac at this point and the Raiders will enable it. Have fun with that.

  11. First, we hear about deals done during the “legal tampering period” (an oxymoron if there ever was one) as if nothing is wrong, and then once the league year officially begins, we start hearing about tampering, as if everything that happened last week was illegal.

    What’s the deal?

  12. One of the biggest compliments you can pay a football team is fear. The unique thing about all this fear for the Raiders is they’re coming off a 4-12 season. There’s obviously a great deal of respect for Jon Gruden’s ability to turn around a football team, and some in the media are trying their hardest to slow down that process. So if those in the media who are fearing the Raiders are as smart as I think they are, that’s great news for Raiders’ fans.

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