Kwon Alexander gets $14.25 million fully guaranteed at signing

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Usually, a player who enters free agency while recovering from a torn ACL gets a one-year deal or a multi-year package that essentially is a one-year deal for modest compensation with a team-held option for the remainder of the contract. New 49ers linebacker Kwon Alexander didn’t get that kind of deal.

While the 49ers have a way out after one season, Alexander will make $14.25 million fully guaranteed in 2019. Here’s the breakdown of the deal, per a source with knowledge of the terms:

1. Signing bonus: $4 million.

2. 2019 roster bonus: $8.5 million, due on the fourth day of the league year.

3. 2019 base salary: $1.75 million, fully guaranteed.

4. 2020 base salary: $11.25 million, guaranteed for injury at signing and fully guaranteed as of April 1, 2020.

5. 2021 base salary: $12.55 million, $2 million of which is guaranteed for injury only at signing.

6. 2022 base salary: $12.65 million.

7. 2019-2022 per-game roster bonuses: $46,875 per game (up to $750,000 per year).

8. 2020-2022 workout bonuses: $300,000.

The total guarantee is $27.5 million, with a maximum payout of $15 million through 2019, $27.1 million through 2020, $40.5 million through 2021, and $54 million through 2022.

9 responses to “Kwon Alexander gets $14.25 million fully guaranteed at signing

  1. The good – he’s young, theoretically still getting better, and has the speed to be a plus coverage defender. The large per-game roster bonuses and no fully guaranteed money after the 1st year are team friendly.

    The bad – the Niners are paying him like a great player, which he has not been to this point. Anything less than upper echelon play will make this contract an overpay. Coming off a torn ACL you’d think the first year payout would be low and then if he “proved it” there would be higher payouts able to be earned after the 1st year, but the Niners are paying him at least $14.25M and as much as $15M in the 1st year and if they keep him will continue to pay him elite money (more than Kuechly) after that too.

    Overall – most likely a deal the Niners will regret in 2 years, like most of the free agents Lynch has signed.

  2. Did you guys not read the contract? The team gets out in one year if they’re not happy with him.

    And almost all of the teams’ contracts are only good for two years before the team can get out with minimal dead money. The 49ers do a great job at minimizing the risk of tying up dead money on a player at the end of their contracts.

  3. kamthechancellor says:

    March 14, 2019 at 9:49 am

    Just curious what you guys want with pick #2 now that you spent big money on DE and LB? What are the faithful thinking?


    Most are in the Nick Bosa vs. Josh Allen camp (I’m in the latter). After the Ford signing some see Allen as redundant since he’s also an EDGE rushing LB, but he’s also versatile and outstanding in coverage. Whereas Bosa is a traditional pass rushing specialist. Either way the position is being addressed.

    But gaining traction is the idea of trading down for picks and grabbing Montez Sweat and a top shelf receiver. Fewer still want Quinnen Williams to pair with Buckner.

  4. Kwon is a great player. I’m happy he got paid despite his injury.

    I hate losing him, but the defense is about to completely change to a 3-4/4-3 hybrid, and I have no idea what kind of talent is required for that. Maybe Kwon wasn’t a fit. I just have to trust that Jason Licht, Todd Bowles, and Bruce Arians know what they are doing.

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