Odell Beckham says it is “bittersweet” to leave Giants

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The Browns are set to acquire wide receiver Odell Beckham in a trade with the Giants once the new league year opens on Wednesday afternoon and Beckham has shared some of his first thoughts on the deal.

Beckham told Kimberly Jones of NFL Media on Tuesday night that he had a short conversation with General Manager Dave Gettleman about the decision to trade him to Cleveland. Beckham was not shy about sharing his ambivalence about his long-term future with the Giants over the last year and called it “bittersweet” to be leaving the team less than a year after signing an extension.

“At this point I have no idea what to think,” Beckham said. “I’m trying to process it right now.”

One clear difference between the teams is their perceived trajectory heading into the 2019 season. The Giants have eight wins over the last two seasons while the Browns’ seven wins last year with rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield had people predicting a jump before Beckham was ticketed for Cleveland.

Expectations are going to be even higher now and it’s been a long time since we’ve gone into a season saying that about the Browns.

22 responses to “Odell Beckham says it is “bittersweet” to leave Giants

  1. Browns, barring injuries, should be a contender now. Particuarly if they go ahead and upgrade safety in the manner that is currently rumoured…

  2. We were going to let him walk in free agency last off-season. Would’ve gotten an end of the 3rd round draft pick for it (assuming we signed no other free agents). That being said we signed him and paid him 21m and traded him….which nets us the Browns 1st round pick from 2 years ago (Peppers) an extra 3rd and an extra 1st round pick. Basically we spent 21m to get better draft picks. You saw the transition last season, it’s Barkley’s team now. #brilliant

  3. If Beckham will behave himself and be a team player, he can really help the Browns go a long way. That team is loaded.

  4. He did everything he could to get out of town. Goodbye NY media. Now he’ll need more than orange hair to get publicity.

  5. Landry, Beckham, Mayfield, Chubb and Hunt? Who would’ve thought the Browns would turn into a potentially elite offense…Redskins front office take some notes please.

  6. Lots of pressure now on Mayfield. We’ve seen what happens when you collect a lot of egos on one team, and in Cleveland? I smell a Cuyahoga river fire about to start again…

  7. All these Browns predictions rest on Mayfield continuing in the same trajectory, new coaches coming through, having enough room for bloated egos and declining of Steelers & Ravens. Any of the above can upset the balance.

  8. Rarely does a WR carry a team to a title. OBJ will sell tickets, but I’d say Jabrill Peppers and the two draft picks will likely give the Giants more wins than the Browns will get from one wideout.

    Not a dig on OBJ or the Browns, just based on recent history.

  9. Odell will be fine in Cleveland.
    He gains Freddie Kitchens (tough but fair players coach), Todd Monken (an offensive wunderkind), Adam Henry (his college receiver coach), Jarvis Landry (his best friend), Baker Mayfield (next to replicate Goff and Mahomes) and a young, stable roster that are on their way up.
    He leaves Pat Shurmer (an hc/oc he doesn’t trust), an over the hill Eli Manning and an older, divided team heading for a rebuild.
    The Browns win this trade hands down. But, I think Odell is the biggest winner.

  10. Give it a year before Odell returns to his old ways and demands more money and acts up when Browns return to being the Browns. He and Mayfield will fall apart and it will be fun to watch!

  11. That’s a lot of talent and personalities in CLE for Kitchens to manage.

    First year HC who ascended rather quickly. Bears watching….

  12. @DonRSD says:
    March 13, 2019 at 7:15 am
    it’s Barkley’s team now. #brilliant
    Barkley will be like Barry Sanders and Gayle Sayers and Walter Payton (his first 6 years). Lots of runs, yardage…but little team success.

  13. george1859 says:,

    Don’t tell these fans anything. They’re too busy projecting Super Bowl runs when this team barely beat a terrible Denver team and had two of those five signature wins against the worst defensive team in the history of the league down the stretch last year with Cincinnati, lol. I’m sure this will work out great as their defense, which actually did a lot of the heavy lifting last year with that aggressive pass ruh, has noticeably gotten worse. When they go 5-11 again, I wonder who is going to get blamed. The first year coach who has to coral all of these egos. Dorsey who already got fired for being an abrasive personality? Not to mention the receivers who all are crazy, including the third guy who was a knucklehead at in college but doesn’t make a tenth of what his two teammates at the position do. But maybe Cleveland can be the one exception to the rule that puts their team together like this even though it never works anywhere else ever.

  14. The Browns will compete for AFC North division title, the Giants will compete with the Redskins for 3rd in the NFC East.

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