Raiders add another receiver, Tyrell Williams

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Antonio Brown isn’t the only wide receiver who will officially become a Raider today.

The Raiders are also signing wide receiver Tyrell Williams, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

That signing comes as no surprise; Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports reported a week ago that the Raiders were poised to make a serious run at signing Williams, and adding Brown didn’t change that.

Williams signed with the Chargers as an undrafted rookie out of Western Oregon in 2015 and had a breakout season in 2016, catching 69 passes for 1,059 yards and seven touchdowns. He hasn’t been quite as effective the last two years, but he’s certainly a starting-caliber receiver and should be a solid addition to Jon Gruden’s offense.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr now has an impressive array of wide receivers, and this team looks a whole lot better now than it looked last week.

27 responses to “Raiders add another receiver, Tyrell Williams

  1. i love it, every season the Raiders fans love to yap yap yap, but when the season starts, they disappear by week 5

  2. Brown and Williams good job Gruden and Mayock combo cant wait to hear all the negative jealous unauthorized comments now …now draft ALL big Defense picks !!!

    Its looking up now !!!


  3. Doesn’t matter who they sign. Jon Gruden is still coaching the team lmao!!! 8-8 at best. Go Rams!!!

  4. Hate to be cynical, but the Raiders are doing everything they can to ensure Derek Carr has no excuses when they’re watching tape next off-season and building their draft board.

  5. solid WR depth i like it. cant wait to see them draft hard on defense with all these offensive FA signings.

  6. rageviral says:
    March 13, 2019 at 2:17 pm
    Runs fast and can’t catch. Great signing.


    Perhaps you need to read his stats again….go ahead, we’ll wait for you to catch up.

  7. This is actually a very good acquisition. Hopefully the Raiders didn’t have to grossly overpay as they did with Trent Brown.

  8. Make that 3 of the top 36 players on PFT top 100 UFA….no bad….also thinking Giants and Raiders are going to trade spots on draft day….Giants will trade their two first rd picks, to the Raiders for their 4th, and 24th

    Go Raiders…

  9. Brown, Williams, Nelson, Roberts…

    Finally something representing a receiving core.

    Have a feeling William’s, Nelson and Robert’s are all going to be more successful with teams having to focus on Brown more.

  10. “Trent brown based on all sports sites was the best lineman available.. Every team overpays!!”

    Brown did a great job last year in both the run and pass games for the Pats. If he’s plays as well for the Raiders he’ll be worth every penny they’re paying him. If the Pats didn’t have Scarnecchia as Oline coach he would be a big loss.

  11. With every FA signing for the Offense another Carr excuse goes out the window. Gruden isn’t going to put up with almost every pass being a 3-5 yard check-down. Carr is also going to have to move around in the pocket. Extend plays and don’t fold. Carr is officially on notice…

  12. Unless they really fall in love with one specific RB, I would expect them to hold off til the 2nd round, leaving all of their 3 first rounders for D, with the one exception of a TE late.

  13. While Robert’s is a trooper for playing inside, the Raiders sorely need a receiver who can play underneath. The up and out to the sidelines is a D-coordinators favorite coverage. We saw how Brady attacked the middle of the field. When Crabtree left, that was left to Cook and to a degree Nelson and the RB Richard. The OL could not protect Carr long enough to wait for Cooper to get off the LOS and get down field. Hopefully William’s can be more aggressive and play larger.

  14. 36.5M in guarantees for Trent Brown. That’s about a million for every 10 pounds. Hopefully the Nomads will have an OL coach with half of the competency of Scar. Meanwhile, only a self-proclaimed fool would believe that the Raiders won’t take an RB within the first 2 rounds as their current crop is crap and Tevin Coleman isn’t the answer.

  15. Love all the Carr hate, now sit back and watch how he becomes a MVP candidate again ! Hes got the talent, and now has the talent around him as well.

  16. I hope it works out well with Tyrell because he has awesome speed. As I wrote elsewhere, Tyrell put up big numbers when #1 receiver Keenan Allen went down one season – but his signature catches have always been catching long bombs in busted coverage, which doesn’t happen often. His route-running and hands have always been suspect – which is why – despite Tyrell’s height and speed – there was a wide gap in talent when he was on the field with Keenan Allen and Mike Williams.

    Plain and simple, Tyrell Williams became expendable after Mike Williams, the 2017 #1 draft choice from Clemson who spent his rookie year rehabbing a back injury – had a breakout season in 2018 – leaping over defenders and catching balls in tight coverage – or getting chunk yardage on jet sweeps up the middle or running around the edge.

    Tyrell just needs to get better at precision route-running – which is a requirement in the Chargers’ passing game. He also needs to change his technique and learn how to “chase the ball” – instead of waiting for it to arrive.

    For every big play he made, Tyrell Williams frustrated fans with drops and his inability to dominate in tight coverage – compared to Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. There was also a gut feeling that at clutch time, you couldn’t throw reliably to him – and expect him to go up after the ball and reel it down.

    Tyrell is still a work in progress – hence a little surprised the Raiders gave him All-Pro money – which he never was. It would have been nice from a depth standpoint for the Chargers to keep him – but not for the money he wanted.

    Tyrell will keep defenses honest, however, playing opposite Antonio Brown. He’ll run “go” routes and hope to catch defenses sleeping when Brown draws double coverage. Teach him to cut properly and to catch the ball – which he failed to do outside of practice – and he’ll be a great investment.

  17. 49erfan44 says:
    March 13, 2019 at 2:52 pm
    Looks like another season of pretending we have a red zone threat.

    Marcell ateman. Look him up. Let’s not pretend the 9ers arnt going into the season pretending that marquise Goodman Is a #1 wr

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