Ravens bid fond farewell to Joe Flacco

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The Ravens have shipped Joe Flacco out of town, but the town won’t forget him any time soon.

“Joe is the best quarterback in Ravens history,” Ravens G.M. Eric DeCosta said in a statement issued after the trade to the Broncos became official. “Not only is he talented, but he was clutch for us in the most difficult games against excellent defenses in the loudest and most raucous stadiums. The game and the moments were never too big for Joe. Honestly, he’s one of my favorite draft picks ever.”

Coach John Harbaugh offered up a specific prediction for Flacco’s future.

“Joe will be a Ring of Honor member soon after he retires,” Harbaugh said in a statement. “The big arm, the consistency, the toughness — Joe had it all. What separated him was his calm demeanor in the storm. He handled the chaos that comes with playing quarterback and was at his best for us in the fourth quarter.”

In recent years, Flacco’s best wasn’t good enough. That prompted the decision to draft Lamar Jackson in 2018, and it resulted in Flacco’s departure, 11 years after he was drafted and six years after he was named the MVP of the Super Bowl.

10 responses to “Ravens bid fond farewell to Joe Flacco

  1. Honestly, it’s what you hope when you draft a QB, and they drafted him in the middle of the first round, so he was no consensus top pick. They won a Super Bowl with him, and then they stayed competitive with him as they rebuilt the defense, which has always been the heart of the Newsome and now DeCosta Ravens. People forget that they are going to the Super Bowl the year before they won it if Lee Evans can hang onto the ball in the endzone, and then the next year they barely lost to the Patriots too. They drafted his replacement as he turned 34 years old and moved on quickly thereafter. I’d say well-executed plan.

  2. Flacco one of the best QB’s in Ravens history.
    Take a look at the list. Not very impressive.

  3. I can’t wait to watch this fool choke..he is an illusion..he could not play in a light cold rain ZERO QBR FOR 3 ENTIRE QUARTERS! I LOOK AT ELI MANNING AND YOU ALL WANNA BASH JOE.THEN SCREAM FOR HIM IN A PANIC.i hope he excells and carries himself as a true athlete as he is.(i kinda hate to say it but guess what? While kubiak and elway in what they almost realized was getting FLACCO AND HARBOUGH ! so you bunch of fools raven’s fsns? Bring on kyle boller! Your about to hit the skids. You better hope you can run to the superbowl because you sure won’t throw yourselves there

  4. I’ve said it before. I still think Ravens gave up on Joe too soon. Some teams move on from their SB QBs at the right time. Indy moved on from Manning, but had A. Luck. Packers moved on from Favre, but had Rodgers. Ravens? Not so sure who they have now is the same thing.

  5. He had one great playoff season, that was propped up by a great defense. Ray Lewis called out Flacco for not having any heart to play. Good on Ravens moving on from him!

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