Report: Teams calling about trading for Trae Waynes

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Cornerback Trae Waynes‘ $9.069 million salary for the 2019 season became guaranteed at 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday, but the Vikings aren’t guaranteed to be the team paying it.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that teams have called the Vikings about making a trade for Waynes. The deal would take all of Waynes’ salary off of the cap, which would likely be the primary motivation for the Vikings to make any trade.

There was word on Tuesday that re-signing linebacker Anthony Barr might lead the Vikings to release defensive end Everson Griffen if he won’t take a pay cut. A trade would be another way to clear up some room for Barr’s new deal.

Waynes had 44 tackles and an interception in 14 starts for the Vikings last season.

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  1. Waynes is on the rise, Griffen on the backslide.

    If you have to choose between Waynes and Griffen right now, you almost have to go with keeping Waynes and moving Griffen.

    Then again, you can keep Griffen and Waynes if you don’t shell out dumb money for Barr. I like Barr, but not at his new price tag.

  2. Waynes is a good corner but he also draws a ton of Holding and PI infractions. I’d say if they can get a 1st for him. Go for it. Minnesota is pretty deep in the secondary depending on Hughes recovery.

  3. Oh please some team takes this guy! Never liked him to begin with as he is unpredictable when it is to covering wide receivers. Hughes is better than Wayne!

  4. His contract looks good after the first few days of free agency and how much stupid money is getting handed out. Vikings better get a decent haul in return, let’s move him.

  5. Waynes is a good corner. But worth 9 mil? No. On the other hand, if something happens to Rhodes? That leaves Mac Alexander as our #1 CB… Mac is okay, and seems to be getting better, but. That also leaves Hughes, who is coming off an MCL, and Holton Hill. Things to think about.

  6. Waynes is a good corner but he also draws a ton of Holding and PI infractions. I’d say if they can get a 1st for him. Go for it. Minnesota is pretty deep in the secondary depending on Hughes recovery.


    That’s the idealism talking, I like Waynes as much as the next guy, maybe a bit more, I also know draft capital and salary are huge considerations. However, I VERY much doubt you’re getting a 1st for a good even great starting CB; maybe MAYBE a 2nd or a rookie deal young player at a position of need.

  7. Mackenzie Alexander unexpectedly became one of the best nickel corners in the NFL last year, so in hindsight (and in foresight), Mike Hughes was not the best way to spend their first round draft pick. He looked good before his ACL injury so the Vikings now have four or five good cornerbacks, depending on what you think of Holton Hill. It makes perfect sense for them to trade a corner for help at another position. I’d rather they trade Rhodes, who is getting older, seems to have a lot of nagging injuries, and has a big contract. Get Rhodes off the books, sign Waynes to an extension to lower his cap hit, and cut or restructure Griffen, and you have a lot of cap space to work with. Of course, every free agent has been signed by now so what’s the point of creating cap space?

  8. Can’t have enough good corners, but if offered and 2 and 5,that would be hard to turn down…

  9. Waynes is above average, but in a passing league you need DBs, they also need to be able avoid PI penalties and not get burned. He is still young and can improve, I thought a great defensive mind like Zimmer could unlock his true potential, but that seems like something coach has struggled with, when not cherry picking from the best 5 defenders of each draft class.

  10. Get rid of Rhodes? No Brz… Xavier is going to be 29 in a couple months. He is in his prime. He had a bit of a down year last season.. but I think he’s still a top corner, he is able to lock down top WR’s consistently. Leaving Harry to do what he does… wreak havoc.

  11. I think they should keep Rhodes and Waynes. Keep as much depth as possible. Losing either one would hurt. Especially with Hughes coming off the knee injury.

  12. Getting Hughes back and the fact that Holton Hill was rock solid to go along with Xavier Rhodes and Mackensie Alexander would seem to make Waynes expendable for the right price. Especially given the fact that the Vikings aren’t likely to extend him beyond this year with cheaper options currently under contract.

  13. I’m cool with trading Rhodes for a second or Waynes for a third. Could have something in holton hill. Waynes quietly is a solid corner though.

  14. Q: How many corners do you need? A: Just one more. There are other players I’d rather see jettisoned than Waynes. Ok, so he’s maybe not Pro Bowl material, but he’s solid.

  15. Waynes is a good tackler but makes boneheaded penalties & misses coverage sometimes, same with Alexander. But then again, that is a tough position to play. One thing is for sure, you can never have enough quality DB’s.

  16. I noticed more when Waynes was hurt for a game than when Rhodes was hurt. Waynes is better against the speed receivers than Rhodes and a much better tackler. Rhodes size is a plus but Waynes is more consistent.

  17. Last year it was Wayne’s who was more consistent than Rhodes. Wayne’s is younger, cheaper, faster than Rhodes. When he gets beat he doesn’t somehow come up lame with some mysterious injury. Trade Rhodes, he is worth more than a corner on his 5th year. Rams got Peterson last year in the last year of his contract for a low round draft pick. Rhodes is worth more, is getting better every year, and is younger. It’s the smarter move to trade Rhodes.

  18. Corner is where they have some depth. If they can get a decent pick for him this year that would be best. $9M when you have Holton Hill and Hughes on the rise makes Wayne a logical casualty. They won’t be able to extend him since he will likely be seeking a big money long term deal next year as a free agent. They would never franchise him. They need to get something for him, clear some salary and hopefully find OL help out of what’s left.

  19. I’ve been saying since the Barr resigning that our next move will be to trade Waynes or Griffen for a safety or lineman, hopefully lineman. Best situation is bring in a veteran o-lineman for Waynes plus likely some mid to lower round picks traded, like depending on the quality of the lineman we get, maybe also their 5th for one of our 6th or 7th rounders. Initially I figured Griffen would be the one traded because he’s older and had mental health issues last year. But though we’re deep at both DE and CB, I think slightly deeper at CB with Rhodes and then Hughes coming back and Holton Hill and Alexander as improving back ups. So we pick up a quality veteran lineman in FA and another high pick in the draft (and possibly a lower one).

  20. edenprairieballer says:
    March 13, 2019 at 7:02 pm

    My biggest issue with Waynes is that he is constantly hurt or acting like he is hurt. I worry this trend could continue.

    I think you meant to say Rhodes.

  21. After last year I am surprised some Vikings fans want Waynes to be traded. Sherels was playing CB last year after injuries. You can’t have that. Keep Waynes keep the CB’s you have on the team.

  22. At his salary and production Minny would LEAP at a 4th rounder, and will probably end up taking a 4th and sending a 5th and Waynes.

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