Sean McVay on Todd Gurley arthritis report: There’s wear and tear in the knee

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The Rams formally introduced safety Eric Weddle as a member of the team at a press conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday, but questions veered away from Weddle to another member of the roster.

General Manager Les Snead and head coach Sean McVay were both asked about the recent report that running back Todd Gurley is dealing with arthritis in his knee. Snead said nothing definitive about a diagnosis while adding there are “shades of gray of how fresh you are and what that reason is.”

“I don’t know exactly, medically, when you categorize what arthritis is, but I’ve never seen a guy on the medical report or on the injury report with that,” McVay said, via the Los Angeles Times. “And I think if you just said, ‘Is there a wear and tear? Was there a pounding that that knee took?’ Absolutely. … He’s the only one that can really talk specifically about how his body feels.”

Gurley missed two games at the end of the regular season with knee problems and his limited role in the final two playoff games led to questions about whether it was still an issue. The team and Gurley said it wasn’t and there’s no surgery planned, but there’s been talk of alternative therapies to get him ready for the 2019 season.

All of which adds up to questions about whether the Rams can expect Gurley to be as effective going forward as he was for most of the last two seasons. McVay said the team has “to let it play itself out” and that will keep plenty of attention on Gurley’s knee as the year unfolds.

20 responses to “Sean McVay on Todd Gurley arthritis report: There’s wear and tear in the knee

  1. The rams have been treating this obvious problem like a minor injury and I do not buy it one bit. I don’t mean to be negative but man once the knees start to go then the writing is on the wall for speed positions.

  2. Arthritis? I agree it’s minor enough to not be on the injury report but we all know that’s not the case. Arthritis doesn’t result in sitting out two games or limited touches in one of the biggest games of a player’s career.

  3. I love how he says he’s never seen anyone on the injury report for that before. Ya that’s cause you as the head coach decided not to report his injury for the last 6 weeks. That’s why he’s never seen it on an injury report. Everyone in the world knew something was wrong with his knee, including the NFL itself, yet no one has a problem with the fact that this coach was allowed to not report an injury for almost 2 months. I do believe that is blatantly breaking a rule yet the NFL basically shrugs its shoulders and says whatever

  4. People ask complex medical questions to football coaches that a doctor couldn’t answer definitively. If Sean McVay is a coach and an M.D., he’s even more brilliant than I thought.

  5. If he, in fact, has arthritis in his knee. His performance is about right. Some days, it does not bother you at all, other days, the joint nearly refuses to function. My Mom had it her whole life, initially in her hands. One day she could play the piano flawlessly, the next, not at all. It sounds eerily similar to what Gurley is going through.

  6. All of which adds up to questions about whether the Rams can expect Gurley to be as effective going forward as he was for most of the last two seasons.


    We’ll find out on draft day. If the Rams use one of their 3rd round picks on a RB, there is your tell.

  7. Unfortunate, that such a talented young running back has arthritis in his knee!! It’s like Kryptonite. This is one of those moments where you need the best doctor on the planet.

  8. This is what’s possible when RB’s get overused. Note: to McKay. Running back by committee.

  9. I had arthritis in my knees & hips. That, along with the degeneration of cartilage caused me to have knee & hip replacements.
    I started getting arthritis in my hands and discovered that there were dietary changes I could make to alleviate it. It’s worked. There are a number of foods that are effective in combating arthritis. Do the research.

  10. McVay and the Ram’s have been candy coating this issue since before the Stuper Bowl.
    All this means is that most likely the Rams are going to eat a large portion of Gurley’s contract and they are stuck with an injured RB. There are too many questions unanswered and
    Snead and company are hiding things.

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