Teddy Bridgewater’s visit with the Dolphins ends

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He came, he saw. He didn’t sign a contract, yet.

The Dolphins have announced that quarterback Teddy Bridgewater‘s visit with the team has ended. As noted by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the visit ended without a contract.

Bridgewater reportedly had expressed an intention to re-sign with the Saints, but Bridgewater hasn’t signed a contract. The Saints reportedly have offered Bridgewater $7 million for 2019.

He’s regarded as a potential successor to Drew Brees. If, however, coach Sean Payton were to exit New Orleans after the coming season, someone else would be picking the post-Brees quarterback.

A first-round pick in 2014, Bridgewater saw his career derailed by a devastating knee injury during a late August practice in 2016. He signed with the Jets last year as a free agent. Eventually, the Jets traded him to the Saints for a third-round draft pick.

The Dolphins are exploring quarterback options in light of the looming release of Ryan Tannehill, a top-10 pick in the 2012 draft whose time in Miami has almost certainly come to an end.

16 responses to “Teddy Bridgewater’s visit with the Dolphins ends

  1. The dude has committed and then backed out of a deal with New Orleans…is this really the “leader” Miami wants under center?

    Regardless of the outcome this upcoming Dolphins team looks absolutely putrid.

  2. Sign him for two or three years and stock up draft picks for 2021 then draft Trevor Lawrence.

  3. I think any team needing a long term QB, such as NYG, Miami, Washington, or Denver, heck maybe even Pitt or Chargers should consider trading a second round pick for Rosen.

  4. Teddy is a decent guy with smarts. I can see him helping a team out. He just needs a chance. Sadly he was coming into his own when he had his injury.

  5. Pretty sure deal with the Saints is still on the table. But if you’re given the opportunity to get the keys to any franchise you at least take a tour. Saints know that. Only 32 jobs available.

  6. Teddy is not the answer in Miami, go back to NO and take the cool 7 million, Tannehill is still the guy for now, draft some impactful players and get your franchise QB in,2020, same scenario as the Giants.

  7. Give him 10 million for 2 yrs as a stopgap. Dump RT and collect the $$ on his contract. Draft a QB in 2020 and let Bridgewater mentor him in for a yr. NE fins south are gonna be terrible for some years, so it’s worth a shot… maybe.

  8. One thing Grier has done different is that he’s made sure the Dolphins have not won the off season. Some exciting football will be played this coming year… it just won’t be in Miami.

  9. As a vikings fan, I always thought he was over rated. Good kid though. Best of luck TB.

  10. Bridge Gap Waters is looking to get north of 15 million per year. Fins then have something like 7 million in dead money from the Thill contract. Not sure how anything close to that fits for a rebuild. Big money for a guy that hasn’t played 2 games in a row in 4 years.

  11. beachsidejames says:
    March 14, 2019 at 8:04 am
    Bridge Gap Waters is looking to get north of 15 million per year.


    15 million per year? Where did you hear this?

  12. Bridge Gap’s agent spoke openly requesting 15 million for a one year contract before he signed with the Jets just last August. Today there is not a starting QB making less than that that I know of.

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