When will OBJ want a new deal?

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Odell Beckham Jr. didn’t seem to know that a trade to the Browns was coming. Now that it’s only a few hours from becoming official, the question becomes whether the Browns know what Beckham may want.

Less than a week after Antonio Brown scrapped a trade from the Steelers to the Bills either because he didn’t want to play for them or because the Bills didn’t want to pay him more than he was due to make or both, the Giants by all appearances shipped Beckham to the Browns without getting Beckham to provide his blessing to the move. Beckham seemingly will embrace the change, but will he use this as an opportunity to improve a contract that is scheduled to pay out $77 million over the next five years?

In the aftermath of the trade, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media said that it’s his “understanding” that Beckham wants a new deal. Whether he wants a new deal and whether he’ll publicly agitate for one remains to be seen.

Beckham wanted a new deal from the Giants for more than a year before he got one. It prompted him to avoid some offseason workouts in 2017, but never to clamor openly for a contractual adjustment. With a fully-guaranteed salary of $16.75 million this year and more guarantees stretching into 2020, Beckham likely will bide his time, at least for now. If he has a big season in first year as a Brown, that’s when the effort could come to get more.

Regardless of what happens moving forward, Beckham received $21.495 million for 12 games in 2018. That should tide him over, at least for a while.

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  1. When will OBJ want a new deal?

    About the time the Browns are out of the playoff hunt.

  2. I’m kinda excited to see the circus. And by circus I mean this could be really fun to watch or it could be a complete train wreck.

  3. “About the time the Browns are out of the playoff hunt.”

    His contract will be over by the time they’re out of the playoff hunt.

  4. It all depends on where this need to be ‘the highest paid’ comes into it. He and Brown both have wanted that title but only one can have it. If it goes back and forth with each wanting a bump to put them back on top thats going to get ridiculous. At some point somebody is going to have to be happy on signing day but understand that its not realistic to hold the title for the length of their contract.

  5. Is water wet?

    Of course he will want a new deal and as an Eagles fan I am overjoyed to have him out of the NFC East both because it makes the Giants weaker and because OBJ and his circus like antics are out of my team’s conference completely!

  6. His opportunity in Cleveland will be to win championships while building his HOF stats. If he just wants to be paid, it ain’t gonna work – for Browns or him. He just got a huge new meal last year.

  7. All I can say is Browns will be interesting to watch this year. First year coach Kitchens will have his hands full if they aren’t winning bc the egos will run amok. If they are winning, well that cures everything. It would be fun to see the Browns win, I have to say. And AFC north is weaker than it has been in quite some time.

  8. I do have to give the Browns credit…finally they are putting together a team that the fans can get excited about. I just hope that all of these personalities can mesh enough to have success,because when you look at who they have acquired (Kareem Hunt,OBJ, Mayfield,Landry),you have to wonder what that locker room will be like. Already,they are wondering if OBJ will want a new deal. I think that’s a given.

  9. The OBJ trade all but closes the book on Jerry Reese as a thorough failure. With the exception of Evan Engram who is still in his rookie contract, every first round pick by Reese is gone. Only JPP and OBJ were re-signed directly after their rookie contracts, and Aaron Ross returned on a low-dollar deal and played just 4 games after he took big money from the Jags and was cut a year later.

  10. to improve a contract that is scheduled to pay out $77 million over the next five years?….

    Seriously, you wonder why the leauges rating are dropping? Good God.

    Before taxes this year, we made around 90k.
    It would take 855.555555556 years to make 77 million at 90k a year. Just Sayin’!
    I don’t think I have 855.555555556 years left, but this tool will make it and 5 and that still isn’t enough!

  11. Of course he will want a new deal. It’s what divas do and how they think. He thinks he is the greatest football player ever (he isn’t even close). He wants to be the highest paid WR ever and among the highest paid players, too. Answer this question for me — what did he do when he got to a playoff game? I’m waiting. The answer is nothing. And what did he help the Giants do? I’m waiting again. The answer is nothing.
    Here’s the truth about Beckham. He is a nut job who will always be a distraction for any team and he will always get more publicity for those actions than what he does on the field.
    Beckham is so loony that he makes Antonio Brown seem like a Rhodes Scholar.
    I think the Giants made a great deal. They get out from under that huge contract they foolishly gave him and they get rid of an absolute wing nut. Plus, they get draft picks and a safety who might be an All Pro at some point.
    Mark it down, folks. The Browns will regret doing this deal.

  12. Hey Brown you was not worth what you thought look what your man traded for. Second agan

  13. If the Browns underperform compared to their insane expectations at this point, next off-season the rumblings will start. AB and OBJ and Lev Bell are all the same player, they won’t come out and say how they really just want the paycheck, they’ll cloud it in “I’m wanna retire…” or “I just want a ring” but when it comes down to making the decision it’s “What are you paying me?”

  14. if a player signs a contract, why should teh team give them a new deal.
    The player voluntarily signed it.
    Next time go year to year, or sign a 2 or 3 year deal. Without a large signing bonus.

  15. There is MAYBE one person in the entire league more “colorful” than Odell, and that person is also on the Browns (Baker Mayfield.) For better or worse the Browns just became the most entertaining team in the league. They need to be on National TV every week. I say good for them, ’bout time the Browns get to have a little fun in their lives. Im a lowly Bucs fan so I am going to need something fun to watch on Sundays…

  16. Technically these “signing bonuses” aren’t bonuses at all, they are just money pulled forward from each year of the contract and given up front!

    A “bonus” is something that is given in addition to one’s contract, salary or pay!

  17. I can understand people hating on this, but to compare him to AB, who quit on his team and forced his way outta town, or Bell, who completely quit on his team by sitting out the entire year is crazy. He has some diva antics, but when contract talks come up, he’s gonna be on a very short list of must get done contracts. While we’re building an insane defense, nobody else in the division is adding anything offensively to keep up, and all the teams in the North had glaring weaknesses last year. Steelers lose several major players, Ravens gut their defense, Bengals do nothing, who really thinks using actual logic there’s even a chance of anyone else winning the North? Half the team would have to go down for the Browns to have any realistic chance of missing the playoffs. We are stacked on both sides of the ball, and as soon as these young players mesh together, we’re unstoppable. Very few teams on paper right now have more talent on their team than us, so hate away, we’re used to it.

  18. It’s about guaranteed money. The Browns have a pretty good deal. All of 2019 is guaranteed, 17 million cap hit, but only 2.75 million in 2020. Both the Steelers and Giants took a bath in dead cap for the diva players they got rid of. Hopefully, Dorsey doesn’t put the Browns in the same position by drastically changing Beckham’s contract.

  19. Whats the difference between Buffalo and Cleveland,both are in the lower echelons of the nfl but at least Cleveland is loading up for the future,possibly this will be their year while Buffalo looks like it will take another plunge off Niagra Falls without a barrel.Clevelands discontent with OBJ will begin as soon as he demands more money,not a happy future ahead for the Browns or OBJ.

  20. It won’t be long before we have to listen to that I suppose. Enough of all these
    ‘divas”. Lets have a break from it all. I cant wait to see how long it takes for Landry and Beckham to get ridiculous penalties that cost the Browns. Both of them have attitude problems.

  21. I’m so thankful this guy was traded by the Giants…. as talented as he is, he’s just a bad guy… and he’s a loser.

  22. Just to clarify for everyone criticizing OBJ for wanting a new deal, he hasnt actually asked for one yet or even said anything along those lines. This article is only speculating that he might, not reporting that he is. Perhaps we should save the criticism for when it actually happens.

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