49ers sign Jordan Matthews

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The 49ers have signed Jordan Matthews, the team announced Thursday.

The receiver spent four of his five NFL seasons in Philadelphia. He was with the Bills in 2017.

Matthews, 26, has 270 catches for 3,255 yards and 22 touchdowns in his career.

In 2018, he made 20 receptions for 300 yards and two touchdowns in 14 games with three starts for the Eagles.

The 49ers had an obvious need at the position.

8 responses to “49ers sign Jordan Matthews

  1. Great signing. He’s got size and he’s been really productive when he’s got the targets in the past. Still hope they go Pass rush in round 1 and WR in round 2 and then they’ll really be rounding into shape.

  2. Matthews, Verrett, Alexander, Ford, Ward, Nelson. Which name doesn’t fit the rest of these signings?

    Kyle Nelson, their long snapper. The rest all have very questionable injury histories.

    The ghost of Trent Baalke clearly roaming the halls at Levi Stadium.

    Great news, we have a healthy long snapper, oh wait, he’s suspended for 6 games for PED abuse

    Tough being a Niner fan these days 🤦‍♂️

  3. good signing solid receiver catches tough throws and has a nose for the end zone only reason eagles let him fly was because they signed desean jackson and have hollis coming back of injury lots of slot receivers they have again 49ers will benefit from this for sure

  4. Nice signing. I made fun of him in the past because he had hands made of concrete. But, he has gotten a lot better. Good luck Jordan.

  5. I’d hold out on hoping for anything from him, 9ers fans. This dude doesn’t really seem to have anything left.

  6. when a player goes from team to team in the last few years it really says a lot about the quality of the player or in the this case the lack of it.

  7. Matthews is a great slot receiver, very good blocker and relentless hard worker, the 49ers fans should take a wait and see approach, this could pay off. He had drop issues in the past but seems to have overcome those. Holds on to the ball after contact, runs better routes today than previous 1st stint with Eagles, you should see him open more often. not a burner, but solid overall.

  8. The 49ers have signed a bunch of really good players who are under the radar. Awesome job by Lynch! Jordy Nelson will have a positive impact on the young guys. Matthews is a stud. Ward is a stud. Verrett is a stud. And Tevin Coleman is one of the best RBs in the league. Those guys are 1st and second round talents. Very young, but still veterans. They’ve learned the league on other teams’ dime. This is how you build a team. It’s the same as having 5 first round draft picks, and hitting on all of them. Ford and Alexander get most of the hype, but I’m not even expecting them to be any better than average players. If Garoppolo stays healthy, which nobody is guaranteed to do, this team will be very exciting. Shanahan can coach with the best of them. The only real weakness is at backup QB. They literally don’t have one, but I’m sure they’re well aware of that and will fix it before the season. You can pick up decent players at final cut downs. The 49ers are having a great off-season, and we haven’t even had the draft. Kudos to their pro-personnel guys.

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