Agent: Rob Gronkowski loves football, but “opportunities” are there

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It’s now been about month and a half since Rob Gronkowski initially promised a decision about his future in a couple of weeks.

And even those close to him are still in the dark, as agent Drew Rosenhaus said he doesn’t know which way the Patriots tight end is leaning.

But Rosenhaus elaborated on that with NBC’s Peter King on The Peter King Podcast, saying that Gronkowski loves football but is making a more complicated decision.

He loves football,” Rosenhaus said. “He loves playing with [quarterback Tom] Brady and [head coach Bill] Belichick and his teammates. He loves to win championships. But at the same time, the amount of pain and punishment that he’s had to endure, for somebody who can do something outside of football and be a huge success — whether it is broadcasting, or acting, or endorsements — Rob has so many opportunities. It is a tough decision. I am sure he would love to play football, but at the same time he has to consider where he is from a physical standpoint.”

With his history of injuries, taking some time to consider the physical toll is natural. But mentioning those other “opportunities” is interesting if only from a leverage standpoint, as he decides whether to come back for a 10th season.

27 responses to “Agent: Rob Gronkowski loves football, but “opportunities” are there

  1. My vote would be acting. An Animal House remake – Gronk as Bluto (John Belushi’s character).

  2. Maybe he’d stick around if the refs would throw a flag for unnecessary roughness every time Gronk got looked at like they do with Brady.

  3. Why should he put his body through the grind again? If there are other opportunities, I’m guessing they’d put a lot less wear and tear on him physically. He’s filthy rich anyway, so why keep playing football if you don’t need to?

  4. He is over rated, injury prone and his will or won’t I play is getting old and tired.

  5. He should stop with the drama. It’s either yes or no. The draft is approaching and the team needs to know going forward.
    Stop being selfish and make your decision it’s not just about you.

  6. tylawspick6 says:
    March 14, 2019 at 7:15 am
    Just retire. No longer needed. Hockenson and Sweeney will replace you easily.


    They could replace my Dolphins ‘ entire roster

  7. mj323 says:
    March 14, 2019 at 7:18 am
    Maybe he’d stick around if the refs would throw a flag for unnecessary roughness every time Gronk got looked at like they do with Brady.
    You must have not watched the SB when Brady took some big hits and did not ever take a look at the refs. There was one ragdolling that was not called and Brady kept his eyes downfield. Keep crying. It’s amusing to see.

  8. I don’t understand these comments that Gronkowski should stop the drama and make up his mind. I haven’t heard him say one word about this unless pressed. He’s earned the right to take his time and make a decision he’ll be happy with. After all, if he decides to retire, that’s it, there’s no coming back. (Jason Witten is one of the rare exceptions, but frankly I don’t think that’s going to work out too well.)

    He’s smart to wait until the emotions of the Super Bowl have passed before making his final decision. He cares about the team and I’m sure he’ll make a decision within a time frame that doesn’t disadvantage the planning for the 2019 season. Football fans should just leave him to it and mind their own business.

  9. First player I have ever seen who, in his 20’s, makes it a saga every year as to whether he will retire.

  10. People who are telling Gronkowski that he has a future as an actor or broadcaster are telling him what he wants to hear (versus what he needs to hear). He would be to acting or broadcasting what Cyrus Jones was to the Patriots, or what Johnny Manziel was to the Browns.

  11. “Make him sit in a cubicle for a 40 hour week instead of “opportunities” and watch how fast he runs back to football”

    Yeah as if that would happen. Its well known Gronk has saved the bulk of his NFL money and he and the rest of his family are set for life. He’ll never need to do anything he doesn’t want to in order to make a living.

    Most people here have never been faced with giving up something like this and act like its an easy decision. Once you walk away from the field its usually permanent. As long as he lets the team know before the draft that’s all that’s needed.

  12. Retire {wink, wink} so you don’t count against the 53 man roster and the patriots retain your rights, and we will see you in late November for the championship run. Everybody wins!

  13. He’ll be back, but 2 players hanging on your arms every play and then a third guy ramming you in the knees whenever you still catch the ball would wear on anybody. The same folks who feign moral outrage over the Saints’ trumped up “Bountygate” think nothing of watching teams actively target Gronk every play while the refs stare at their shoelaces.

  14. There is a movie roll that he and he alone was born to play.
    With all due respect to Brendan Fraser, Encino Man II would be better than the original, and with Gronk no rehearsals or acting lessons would be necessary. Just roll camera.

  15. gosselnj says:
    March 14, 2019 at 8:06 am

    Stop being selfish and make your decision it’s not just about you.

    The words “selfish” should never be used with Gronkowski’s relationship with the Pats. He has been one of the most unselfish players in the league, has literally left at least 50 million on the table to stay with the Pats, and never complains about what the team wants him to do during a game- decoy, receiver or just stay in and block. He’s earned the benefit of the doubt here- and this is his agent talking,not Rob, and is more about jockying for contract negotiations above all else.

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