Antonio Brown thanks Pittsburgh fans with billboards

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Antonio Brown might not have wanted to be a Steeler, but still has warm feelings for Pittsburgh.

Via ESPN, the now-Raiders wide receiver is thanking his former home fans with billboards in downtown Pittsburgh.

The message was a simple one, with “Thank you Pittsburgh, AB84” alongside a picture of a smiling Brown.

After angling his way out of town, Brown got a raise out of the deal and the Steelers got a couple of draft picks (a third and a fifth).

During his press conference Wednesday, he was asked if had any regrets about the way the deal went down.

“To any kid out there from Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh will always be my family,” he said. “Those guys gave me a chance when I was a 21-year-old kid. Obviously, people are listening to the things that are being said and written. At the end of the day, it’s all about how you make people feel. I think I made people feel good and great, really inspired, the way they watched me work, the way they watched me play. I know Steeler Nation is having a bad day today, but it’s always love. I encourage every kid who watched me work and was inspired by everything I’ve done. I hope I continue to be a good example, continue to be a good role model and continue to inspire people.”

With time, that feeling may return, but it’s hard to imagine many Steelers fans taking his side in this.

35 responses to “Antonio Brown thanks Pittsburgh fans with billboards

  1. This narcissistic sociopath will always have Pittsburgh in his heart, so he says. Too bad he’ll never win a championship. At least he got paid. The Raiders will find out what kind of “team player” he is soon enough.

  2. Look at me! Look at me!

    Had he just demanded a trade, for whatever reason, who would care. But, that clown show he put on after the season was beyond ridiculous. The ONLY thing I care about is that fact that he’s costing the Steelers 20+ million against the cap. He was enabled by Tomlin/management to blossom into a giant diva, and his act had become tiresome. No one is disputing the fact that AB is a great player, but he seems to think that he is the end all, be all of a TEAM sport. Any guy that comes to the facility and utters the words “Don’t touch me. I’m the franchise” is destined to become a problem at some point. IMO

  3. I loved when he said he was bringing accountability to the Raiders. A more absurd statement has never been uttered at an introductory press conference.

  4. Can they even read them? I imagine the scene looks a lot like the monkeys staring at the obelisk in 2001.

  5. Billboards??? That’s laughable. Steelers fans know he couldn’t give a rat’s butt about them. Brown cares about two things — Antonio Brown and money.
    I watched the press conference with Brown, Gruden, and Mayock and that was laughable, too. It’s an act we’ve seen too many times before with too many players and too many teams. Everybody is smiling and all lovey dovey now, but just give it time.
    Here’s the deal, Raiduh’s fans — if Derek Carr doesn’t get Brown enough passes so he can get his stats and TD’s, the honeymoon will be over before it starts.
    I like Mike Mayock. I think he’s a solid football guy. Gruden on the other hand, is as phony as a four dollar bill. He is the twin of Mike Tomlin — more bark than bite and because he’s a little guy he puts on this tough guy act that is totally laughable.
    Everybody knows Tomlin blew it by kissing Brown’s backside. Well, we aint seen nothin’ yet. Gruden will have to wear Chapstick by the gallon, his lips will be so raw from kissing up to Brown to try to get him to buy into his program.
    I cannot wait for all this stuff the Raiders are doing to collapse like a deck of cards. They are still a team with big question marks, starting with their head coach and QB. They can act like they have won the Lottery all they want, but they haven’t won anything yet. And with Brown, all they’ve done is set themselves up for more catastrophe.

  6. Shoving women & throwing furniture off a balcony. Yup, you’re a role model. Good riddance.

  7. the guy bailed on his team, demanded to be dealt, and purposely made it as difficult as possible for Pittsburgh to the get the maximum value for him that they deserved. And then he has the nerve to thank the city and the fans? Nah bro, we good.

  8. Just move your ass to Oakland ,Stay out of Pittsburgh enjoy your time playing with Carr you’ll never have a great quarterback like Ben ,You’re a quitter Mr. big mouth you gave up on your team,It’s all about you You you ,We don’t need you we have JuJu

  9. u4iadman says:
    March 14, 2019 at 2:50 pm

    Love the pick up.

    I love this fantasy notion that the raiders are somehow masterminds for tricking the steelers into a bad deal. Nobody else was biting. Between AB wanting a massive new contract and acting like an idiot, there were very few teams willing to give up anything close to what oakland did. AB will not thrive on a mediocre team that is worse in every category compared to pittsburgh. OAK gave a massive amount of money to a player that has already peaked and will only decline from here on out.

  10. Big Ben is still at the top of his game right? Steelers should be fine. With AB and LB they couldn’t win a super bowl so they might as well not win a super bowl with a cheaper pay roll.

  11. After blowing his huge signing bonus like the kid on the first day of his allowance, Brown knew the well was dry with the Steelers and he created the turmoil that got him out of town for a last bite of the apple, courtesy of the Raiders. Pittsburgh got the billboard and the $21M cap hit for unexpectedly eating the unamortized part of the signing bonus…..which was most of it. This was plan all along, of course.

    Pitttdid get two picks and maybe they can replace Brown’s output with the free agents, the draft and the development of second year James Washington.

    I haven’t talked to a soul in Pittsburgh who regrets Brown or Bell leaving.

  12. No one in Pittsburgh cares about acting as if you cared we all saw your actions the last two years and we say about time you left

  13. Pittsburg didn’t deserve him or Bell. And what did Rothburger win with AB or Bell? Nothing. Rothburger’s ego and drama hurt the team. He’s no leader of men. But with Ben’s background of not telling the truth, what player respects Ben? No wonder he’s been the true cancer on that team.

  14. “I, I, I. Me, me, me”. Everyone knows who it is really about. Himself. It’s pathetic to even read his quote.

  15. I hate to say it but this was a classy thing for him to do. Long after the money stuff is figured out he will be an all-star.

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