Browns trying to surround Baker Mayfield with playmakers

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The Browns added Jarvis Landry, Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb and Antonio Callaway to their offense last offseason. They have added Odell Beckham, Kareem Hunt, Demetrius Harris and Eric Kush to their offense this offseason.

Add in tight end David Njoku and the offensive line, and the Browns look like they’ll have one of the best young offenses in the NFL in 2019 and into the future.

“With Baker, he showed last year that he can step up to certain challenges,” General Manager John Dorsey said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “The object of this thing is to surround him with as many good football players as you possibly can. It seems like Odell and Baker have a relationship formed. I am not sure where it formed, but they tell me that they have a relationship, and that it is a good relationship. I am excited to see what the whole bunch can do.”

The trade for Beckham obviously adds another talented playmaker to the team’s offense. He has averaged almost seven catches, 93 yards and a touchdown per game in the 59 games he has played his five seasons. He made the Pro Bowl each of his first three seasons.

“You can’t have enough competitive football players,” Dorsey said. “We all understand the magnitude of his ability to play the game of football. He is a good football player, and you can’t have enough weapons around you. He is a really good asset to have on our football team.”

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  1. I enjoyed them on Hard Knocks. I watched Browns games because of the show and they were a fun team even in the game they lost it was close.

    Making the move for Odell puts them right into a real playoff contender rather than hopeful that a first round pick turns out or not. Him and Landry will be a handful for any secondary.

  2. Not sure you can spend 80% of the cap on offense and still win, and keeping this offense together will cost that much in a couple of years.

  3. If the new coach can get anything close to what Gregg Williams got out of his players, I believe this is a legitimate playoff team. It definitely has playoff-team talent.

  4. Things look good for the browns, but pump the brakes. Your new running back is one casino kick away from suspension, Baker is do for another attempt at fleeing arrest, and obj is one model and platter full of snow from disaster.


    Real Talk

  5. As an ex redskins fan, OBJ was a punk and a cancer to his team. As a new Browns fan, the dude is a baller, can score any time he touches the ball. Glad he is on my team now.

  6. As a Browns fan I say we all need to pump the brakes a little. We’ve seen paper tigers before and let’s have an actually winning season before we start claiming we’re the class of the division and vying for the conference. Please people, sure we act some times like we never been there before when it comes to winning but we sure don’t have to “act” like we’ve been there when it comes to whiffing. We should know better. Cautious optimism. Emphasis on cautious.

  7. I’m happy for the Browns fans who have suffered through a lot but I’m not convinced OBJ helps them any more than Peppers and the traded draft picks would have. Diva WRs don’t win Super Bowls. There might be a first time for it but I’d be cautious with my optimism if I were a Browns fan.

  8. Does this start a new trend? Start with a young affordable QB, bring in expensive (big contracts) and pricey (draft capital) FAs, and now you’ve got a four year window (5th year option on QB, assuming 1st round pick) to win. Assuming you’ve got pieces in place on O-line and D-dense. Couple times come to mind if they have a (or another) bad year.
    Works for everyone I think. QB if they win a SB or two are now young and on the open market. Veteran FAs get their SB and money. And you just keep reloading. It’s like Madden but in Cleveland.

  9. Some people in Cleveland are so used to the Browns being the Browns that they don’t understand the generational team that they currently have. This isn’t the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles who picked up a couple players then called themselves a dream team (that team mirrored the 2018 Browns but Tyrod Taylor didn’t say dumb things like Vince Young).

    This team mirrors the 80’s/90’s 49ers which along with the mid 90’s Cowboys were the last two real NFL Super Teams and last I checked they didn’t lose very often and those teams had plenty of divas.

    That Browns vs Patriots game in 2019 might be the most watched game of the year if it does become the season opener.

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