Chris Hogan talking to Giants

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Free agent wide receiver Chris Hogan may be heading home.

Hogan, a New Jersey native, has talked to the Giants, according to Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News.

The Giants are in need of a wide receiver, and while Hogan is certainly no Odell Beckham, he has been a solid contributor in New England for the last three years. Last season he had 35 catches for 532 yards and was also a special teams contributor.

The 30-year-old Hogan was born and raised in New Jersey and played his only season of college football at New Jersey’s Monmouth University after playing lacrosse at Penn State before that.

Hogan has actually been on the Giants before; he was briefly on the Giants’ practice squad in 2011.

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  1. Hogan has been a very solid contributor in NE with an elite QB and a solid OL. Not so sure he would be as effective with the Giants, but it would still be a good move for them.

  2. Good player. Clutch. Maybe be on the backside of his career, but a classic story and classic Patriot.

    That catch in the KC game may have been one play that made the difference in the end.

  3. arcross12042004scorp15 says:
    March 14, 2019 at 10:39 am
    Nicknamed 7/11 because the guy is always open.
    He is a duplicate of Edelman, so he was expendable for the Pats. Definitely a good pickup for a team with an accurate QB

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    Not really. He’s a bit longer and rangier than Edelman is and can get deep off of playaction pretty well.

    That’s not Edelman’s game.

  4. The Giants are just looking for live bodies to fill out probably the worst or 2nd worst (Arizona) roster. Most likely they are aiming for 1/15 record to get the number 1 draft pick in 2020 since Mara is sticking with Eli for 2019. They will use Barkley up since there is no much else offense. If they draft a QB this year that will again be an awkward situation to sit Eli when they can’t win games. Anyway behind that line a new QB will be finished in year 1. Better to draft all o-linemen and hope a few work out then draft QB in 2020,

  5. Many ex Patriots end up with the Giants. Solder, Vereen, Casillas, etc. Going there is like going into semi retirement. Hogan will fit in nicely now that Brady has no further use for him after last year.

  6. 2 TE sets with 2 WR is the way we will go.
    Build the OL and we will be fine.

    Having a high priced WR = no Super Bowl….look at the history of past winners, none have these “elite” highly paid WR’s.

  7. Hogan should try to stay with New England, but if they aren’t interest, I can’t blame him for playing for his hometown team.

  8. The first two years he was Great for the Patriots but the last year he was average at best.I think his wife and kids being so far away took a toll on him.Lucky for him the Giants are not to far from his family.It will be a good addition for the giants 2 years 10 million

  9. Hogan was part of 3 Super Bowl teams and has 2 rings. He was great for the Pats in 2016 and made some monster long receptions in the playoffs that season. 2017 not quite as good and last season seemed to have a lot of trouble getting separation.

    He’s still a solid player but I expect the Giants will offer him more than the Pats, and at this point in his career he needs to go for the money.

  10. After Shane Vareen and Nate Solder debacles, you would think the Giants have learned their lesson when it comes to Belichick’s castoffs. But I guess not.

  11. he has to do what he has to do if he can chump them for a lot more mney, but man that’s a long way down from the GOAT to the Duck.

  12. Much more of a deep threat than Edelman. Hogan’s lost a step or two in that regard, but the passing offense as a whole was not as high powered as it was two years ago either, so it’s hard to tell how much of Hogan’s capability is the same as it has been. I personally don’t think he’d be a bad addition to any team. He’s a smart player still, and adds value in both the locker room and on the field.

  13. superpatriotsfan says:
    March 14, 2019 at 12:24 pm
    Patriots sign Chris Hogan…GENIUS MOVE!!

    Patriots let Chris Hogan go….GENIUS MOVE!!

    Any other team signs Chris Hogan….STUPID MOVE!!!
    Poor you again

    Pats win… They cheated and the refs helped.

    Pats lose…. They choked and the refs called a fair game.

    Pats win another SB…. The refs won them the game, the other team choked and the Pats cheated.

    Poor baby. Welcome to another year of being embarrassed and disappointed.

  14. Nicknamed 7/11 because the guy is always open.

    Last year his nickname was changed to Chick Fil-a because he was never open on Sundays.

    Great player his first two years but definitely had a down year last year and he and Brady could not get on the same page. Appreciate the contributions but probably time for him and the Pats to part ways.

  15. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    March 14, 2019 at 12:56 pm

    After Shane Vareen and Nate Solder debacles, you would think the Giants have learned their lesson when it comes to Belichick’s castoffs. But I guess not.

    I get sick of these fake/alleged Pats fan posts.

    Vereen was a fantastic addition to the Giants- Vereen, along with Macadoo completely turned Eli and the offense around. Vereen getting injured is what scuttled his time there.

    Solder is playing exactly like he did with the Pats- using his hands and height to push people out and around in a wide arc behind the QB, where the QB is expected to throw the ball quickly, or step up in the pocket. Eli doesn’t really do either, it’s never been his style of play. The Giants failed to do their research before signing Solder, and expect him to straight on block by himself.

  16. C Hogan is a great story (lacrosse player making an NFL squad). He performed well for the PATRIOTS. 2018 saw a drop off of sort. I still don’t know if that was missing a step, not getting open, or falling out of favor with TB12. So it is no surprise that either he or the PATS may be thinking a different direction.

    If he does leave then THANKS to Chris for his contributions!

  17. George Paras says:
    March 14, 2019 at 11:14 am

    It will be a good addition for the giants 2 years 10 million
    Did you watch him play last year? Unless there was a complete busted coverage, Hogan could not get open, at all, vs anyone.

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