Jets release running back Isaiah Crowell

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Once the Jets signed Le'Veon Bell, the next move was very #asexpected.

The team announced this morning they had released running back Isaiah Crowell.

He was signed to a three-year deal last offseason, and $2 million of his salary would have been guaranteed if he was on the roster tomorrow.

Crowell was averaging 4.8 yards per carry before a foot injury sent him to injured reserve, but they found a new guy who has put up even bigger numbers so he became expendable.

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  1. That 4.8 YPC is very misleading, because it came off of two huge games. For the most part, he continuously ran into the backs of his blockers. It’s arguable that Bilal Powell was the better back last season, before he went down with a neck injury.

  2. The Eagles current backfield has several names listed at TBD, so I think this is a decent fit. I really thought Howie Roseman kept Nelson Agholor to trade him and one of the targets was Crowell or maybe Chicago’s Jordan Howard. Howard isn’t an ideal fit for the Eagles offense, or really any modern day offense as he isn’t particularly good at catching the ball, so when he is in defenses tee up the run stuffing. Although with the Eagles having three good to decent WRs, one of the best TE’s in the game and a young TE who is coming along well . . . they can now throw the ball out of just about any offensive set and don’t really need a pass catching RB.

  3. The other reason I think Philadelphia might sign Crowell is that they seem to be imploring the New England model for compensatory picks. Malik Jackson was cut by the Jags so he doesn’t figure into the Compensatory pick calculation, DeSean Jackson was acquired via a trade so he doesn’t figure into the compensatory pick calculation, they retained Brandon Graham rather than get a FA replacement, they traded Micheal Bennett rather than cutting him and getting nothing in return (including compensation pick benefit), the let Nick Foles walk (big comp pick calculation), the didn’t pick up Wisniewski’s option so when he signs it will benefit their comp pick calculation, Jordan Hicks was unreliable and signed a big money deal, Jay Ajayi is wearing down and he is going to sign a FA deal and Ron Darby is currently visiting other teams. It would seem that Roseman has determined which players leaving would not hurt the Eagles on field performance but would benefit their comp pick calculation and is making moves accordingly.

    Look at the DeSean Jackson trade, the Eagles gave up a 2019 6th round pick for a 2020 7th round pick, while lining this years comp pick calculation up to get several picks next year, most likely including a couple of 3rd round picks. Clearly the strategy is to max out next years draft picks in an attempt to restock the talent as players like Jason Peters age out of competitiveness.

  4. robkeezy says:
    March 14, 2019 at 10:12 am

    That 4.8 YPC is very misleading, because it came off of two huge games.


    You mean just like Ajayi in 2016 or Henry last season? Ajayi had 3 – >200yd games in 2016 and everyone went nuts, no one(but me it seemed) noticed for the other 12 games he average UNDER 50YPG. Then there’s Henry last season, he had two monster games but in the other 14 he had >80YPG and in 12 of those games he couldn’t top 60yds on the ground! But now quite a few people are calling him a stud or the next great RB, all because of 2 good games?

    People are blind, they only see what they want to see, observation is a lost art!

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