Patriots continue busy day by signing Mike Pennel, Matt LaCosse

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The Patriots have been busy in the free agent market on Thursday by making a handful of moves to fill out their offseason roster.

Field Yates of ESPN reports that the team has signed defensive lineman Mike Pennel and tight end Matt LaCosse. LaCosse visited the team on Thursday along with wide receivers Bruce Ellington and Maurice Harris. Ellington and Harris also signed with the team and safety Terrance Brooks is headed to New England as well.

Pennel spent the last two seasons with the Jets and made 62 tackles while appearing all 32 games the team played over that span. He largely played a run-stopping role, which may leave him in position to step into a role left vacant by Malcom Brown‘s departure for the Saints as a free agent.

LaCosse caught 24 passes for 250 yards and a touchdown in 15 games for the Broncos last season. The Patriots released Dwayne Allen before the start of free agency.

19 responses to “Patriots continue busy day by signing Mike Pennel, Matt LaCosse

  1. I like pennel alot hes a big man good motor plays his gap well with leverage the way belichick likes.

  2. terripet says:
    March 14, 2019 at 5:54 pm
    Wow bad ones keep coming
    Are you sure you are not a die hard Pats fan? You seem to be the first one to post on multiple articles. Must suck focusing on the Pats all the time instead of the team you root for. Enjoy all the bad signings when the Pats are making a run for 7.

  3. Mike Pennel is the new Vince Wilfork. He’s 6’4” at 333 lbs. He’ll play along nicely next to Michael Bennett. They needed a nose tackle, who was actually going to plug up the middle to help stop the run; not just stand there and look mean. If they can get a pass rush going this season, they’ll definitely win another super bowl.

  4. Does this impact the 3rd round compensatory picks they could get for Flowers and Brown? Seems like a lot of guys to sign and don’t think most were cut by prior team.

  5. Lol at pennel the new wilfork you got to be kidding me the guy took terrible penalties at the wrong times and also is nowhere near the talent of a wilfork

  6. He took penalties on terrible teams. Players have a little bit more discipline on the Patriots. Use your brain.

  7. Pats fan living in Denver here.

    Matt LaCosse stepped in and played well last year when he got his opportunity. Denver’s win against the Steelers comes to mind. I like this signing.

  8. Per Mike Reiss: “It’s a 2-year deal for Matt LaCosse worth up to $4.8 million, per a source.”

    I believe Allen was due $7.4MM this year after making $3.9MM last year. He was a great blocker, solid teammate, but not a contributor that Bill could justify paying even the $3.25MM this year the Dolphins are paying him with Gronk at risk of not returning. They need cap space and dollars.

    By my count, the Pats may have five compensatory picks in 2020 if nothing changes. Two 3rds for Flowers and Trent Brown, a couple of 6ths for Malcolm Brown and Coradelle Patterson, and maybe a 7th for Dwayne Allen. I am probably missing an offset of one of their signings but most of those are at short dollars and many are for guys that don’t require compensatory offset.

    Bill also will make offers to some strong players that fall through the FA cracks and willing to end their careers with NE or try to earn a big contract after a fine season with the Patriots.

  9. What about this is how BBs been doing it for the last 20 years and now going for his 7th superbowl do you not understand? Meanwhile in your world you are hoping to make the playoffs.Yeah your way works.

  10. Excited to see Pennel joining the Pats! Now if we get a double team with the Bennett brothers, by wish list is almost complete.

  11. Typical Patriots: busy *not* signing high profile, high cost free agents and instead signing undervalued guys most of us never heard of on their way to another championship run.

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