Patriots will sign Maurice Harris

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The Patriots had a couple of wide receivers in for visits on Thursday and both of them wound up landing deals with the team.

Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that Maurice Harris has agreed to a deal with the team. Earlier reports indicated that Bruce Ellington will also be joining the reigning Super Bowl champs.

In addition to those signings, the Patriots also re-signed Phillip Dorsett this week. Chris Hogan remains a free agent.

Harris was not tendered as a restricted free agent by Washington after catching 28 passes for 304 yards in 12 games last season. He had 12 catches for 128 yards in a touchdown in 16 games over the previous two seasons.

12 responses to “Patriots will sign Maurice Harris

  1. As a UDFA I had hoped that he might develop into something. He’s got good size, good hands appeared to have the athleticism to make it. He’s always looked good in preseason.

    However, his performance in the regular season over the last couple of years has left me feeling a little disappointed. Brady will take him to another level but I feel he should have done better last year given the opportunities he had to earn more time and targets. He just doesn’t get separation often enough.

    I hope he’s getting some money because he’s already got concussion issues.

  2. Productive slot receiver. Wasnt very good outside, dont mind the signing for depth but probably will play more of an Amendola role for the offense. Ellington should be more of a ST 5th WR if he makes it

  3. It’s amusing that other teams are stockpiling super weapons and BB are signing these players. Here we go again questioning BB’s decisions. There’s no panic in that man. It’s the Patriots, a dynasty. You’d think they’ll be flashy, and flashing. Nope. Here they go again rummaging the bargain bins. I look at the weapons of other teams. I am panicking!

  4. Made a sick catch against the Vikings last year.

    Sounds like ANOTHER TREMENDOUS move for the World Champions to me!


  5. What BB does in FA doesn’t even phase me any more.I just look up the players he has signed and wait for said players to run through the confetti and watch them look up at the trophy they just won… Life is good.

  6. Pats got a nice player in Harris. Dude has great hands but doesn’t get much separation, like the rest of the skins receivers. I think that’s more of a.coaching issue than an ability issue . Best of luck to Harris.

  7. this guy comes back to the ball. runs good routes and seems like he knows how to find soft spots in the defense.

    i think this could be a steal for the pats if he can learn their offense.

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