Report: Browns “more than willing” to trade Duke Johnson

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The Browns may have another trade up their sleeve.

They kicked off the new league year by trading for wide receiver Odell Beckham and defensive end Olivier Vernon and thier next move may involve running back Duke Johnson. Mary Kay Cabot of reports that teams have learned that the Browns are “more than willing” to deal Johnson if they receive a desirable offer.

An open mind about trading Johnson is a shift from earlier in the offseason when General Manager John Dorsey said the back was not “expendable yet.” The deal for Beckham may have something to do with that change of heart.

Cabot believes Beckham’s arrival will lead to more time in the slot for Jarvis Landry and that would eliminate one of the areas that Johnson has called home since arriving in Cleveland. Cabot also notes that trading Johnson before June 1 leaves the team with $2.25 million in dead money, so they probably aren’t feeling much pressure to take any offer that comes down the pike at this point in the calendar.

21 responses to “Report: Browns “more than willing” to trade Duke Johnson

  1. I’d love to see him in Philly. Reminds me of Keith Byars, a good strong back who could run and catch.

  2. He deserves a shot somewhere where he’ll be utilized. Hunt and Chubb won’t leave many snaps for Johnson, who was productive before they arrived. If not for the signing of Andre Ellington, a similar player, I would have pegged Tampa for a great spot considering his skill set and Arians’ affinity for runner/receivers.

    Of course, teams like NO, NE, PHI, and PIT have used guys like him in the past to various degrees as well recently. Hopefully he’ll get a good chance to get a lot of snaps somewhere.

  3. Pats already making space for his locker right next to Gordon, Shelton, Hoyer, McCourty et al.

  4. Gotta recoup a pick or two if we can. I wouldn’t let him go for less than a 4th. Hey Gettleman…. where you at. He’d look good playing behind Saquon.

  5. Every since he’s been in the league, I haven’t heard anybody say a bad thing about Duke. It seems that he just was stuck on a bad team.

  6. Trade Jordan Howard for Johnson straight up. Howard is cheap and is a power back needed for short downs.

  7. if healthy he’s a great 3rd down back. Needs to be with a team that will utilize him correctly and allow him to do what he does well. Kid has a lot of heart. he’ll be missed but i’ll take Chubb and Hunt(after suspension).

  8. This is a bit crazy. Hunt will be suspended, but the Browns don’t now how long yet. Duke will be the #2 back until Hunt gets back – and even then Hunt is on a 1 year deal, while Duke is there longer, and at a reasonable price. Why trade talent when they’re not expensive?

  9. Another Browns fan here in favor of keeping Duke and getting him touches. He has been the epitome of hard work, nose to the grindstone, makes positive yards on every play, has the speed to break one off, and doesn’t fumble. Crazy to let him go before we know the length of Hunt’s suspension.
    Plus, the Browns need backup QBs with Tyrod gone! No way we can go to camp with just Baker and Drew Stanton. If Duke is traded, I hope it’s for a quality dependable backup.

  10. Keyword is “A desirable offer”. That translates to “if a team is willing to overcompensate for him”.

    Otherwise until Kareem Hunt is eligible to play he’s not going anywhere.

  11. This bums me out. He’s been underutilized his whole career in Cleveland and has always been the consummate pro, always productive when called on, good runner, good pass catcher, decent blocker, swiss army dude. I understand there’s not enough touches to go around but can they at least wait until they know Hunt’s fate before they cut loose such a versatile player? Seriously, he’s not a number 1 back but he’s a high quality 2.

  12. Browns need to keep the guy. If they’re serious about making a push for the playoffs, they’ll definitely need him. Look what Anderson did for LA with his fresh legs deep in the year. IF they make the playoff and can go deep in the playoff, they’ll wish they had him.

  13. This guy kept his mouth shut while Sashi Brown surrounded him with Arena league talent.
    Still made big plays on very crappy teams.
    Hunt is on a one-year deal and will sit for a good portion of that one year.
    ARE YOU NUTS … Keep him!

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