49ers think they’ve added guys who make QBs do “stupid things”


The 49ers had a clear priority in free agency, which is why they had to hurry.

That’s exactly what they hope to make opposing quarterbacks do as well.

After trading for and extending pass-rusher Dee Ford and linebacker Kwon Alexander, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said he hopes it makes the clock tick a bit faster.

“Speed and violence affect the quarterback,” Shanahan said, via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area. “And make people do stupid things before they want to. Both of these guys have a lot of speed and they both play violently.”

The 49ers struggled making people hurry last year. They only had two interceptions and recovered five fumbles, and their 37 sacks were in the bottom third of the league. That gave them a clear focus as they entered the offseason.

“That wasn’t fun to watch,” General Manager John Lynch said. “It is something we have to live with and it’s a reality and we needed to change that and you’re exactly right. These are the type of players that we believe can reverse that trend.”

Ford had 13 sacks and seven forced fumbles himself last year, and Alexander is the kind of fast-flowing linebacker who should help them create more pressure. And if it works, Lynch and Shanahan will look smart, indeed.

14 responses to “49ers think they’ve added guys who make QBs do “stupid things”

  1. Since one of the guys they are talking about is Dee Ford, that is kind or ironic. I’m not sure the 49rs have come all that far from the Tomsula days…..

  2. “Speed and violence affect the quarterback,” Shanahan said

    This is the new NFL. Violence on a quarterback will get you penalized and fined.

  3. I think the Dee Ford acquisition is legit. I’m not sold on Verrett or Alexander. With free agency you always have to ask yourself why their former team didn’t try harder to keep them. Maybe they’ll all work out, but I think Ford will get you guys double digit sacks the next few years barring injury.

  4. I can see Dee Ford making qb’s do stupid things, he has 30 sacks in 5 seasons.
    But Kwon only has 7 sacks in 4 years, kind of high praise for mediocre results.

  5. 49ers just MAKE SURE he lines up on the right side of the neutral zone. Could cost your team a trip to the Super Bowl eeer I mean playoff spot uuuum no I meant a winning record oops I meant a .500 record

  6. I can see Dee Ford offsides in the most critical point of the game and costing them a victory and a trip to the Super Bowl. Not that the 49ers are going to sniff a chance at playing for the game

  7. Wait let me get this straight- a team is overpaying for a free agent in a position of major weakness???? THAT IS WHAT FREE AGENCY IS!!!
    I actually like what the niners did this year bc in years past they ignored getting a speedy pass rusher when they desperately needed it. They should also get Allen or Bosa with the 2nd pick. Ford is a great player, but he also had more opportunity to pass rush because PH put the Chiefs up so much the opposing team was forced to throw.

  8. Does it matter?

    The 49ers set the NFL record for fewest interceptions (2) and fewest forced turnovers (7) in a season last year.

    Adding a couple players may move the defense from “worst in the entire history of the NFL” to “worst in the last 20 years”.


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