Earl Thomas thinks the Ravens have a championship defense

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Ravens safety Earl Thomas has arrived in Baltimore, and he thinks he may have found himself another great defense to play on.

Thomas, who won a Super Bowl ring as part of the Legion of Boom in Seattle, now thinks he could win another one in Baltimore.

“I’m here to do what I always do, and that’s ball,” Thomas said today. “One thing I knew coming here, I knew I was going to be on a great defense. Defense, we’re gonna win you championships. That was all I needed to know.”

The Ravens had one of the top defenses in the NFL last year, and they’re trying to build a team that can continue to win with defense, and with one of the last remaining run-first offenses in the NFL. Thomas might just make a good defense better.

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  1. Someone did tell him about who they’ve lost, right?

    I think he’ll be wishing he was in Dallas instead pretty early this season.

  2. Apparently he hasn’t looked at their offense, the Lamar scramble hoping he can juke 11 defenders then score, and not much else. If the D can average scoring 12 points a game they might win, they did win one with Dilfer.

  3. Not only is the Raven defense worse than last year, the offence is highly questionable.

    With Cleveland getting OBJ, Hunt (starting game 9), Landry and Chubb, the Ravens will be lucky to finish 3rd in their division.

  4. You guys are acting like we don’t lose a Smith every year. Remember Kruger? McPhee? The list goes on and on. He replaced Weddle so I’m sure he isn’t worried about that. Suggs had one sack in his last 11 games. Mosley hurts but this teams has a habit of finding linebackers, lets be real.

  5. Good call by ET. It wouldn’t be good to come into the locker room and say the Defense looks pathetic.

  6. I love reading so many incorrect analytical thoughts from all these couch analysts. I can tell most don’t watch the Ravens on here. The strength of the Ravens’ D last season was Corner Depth, Interior Line, and Scheme. Last I checked, all are still in place. Weddle did nothing last year and got to the Pro Bowl strictly on resume. Look up 0 Interceptions and 3 Passes Defensed. ET surpassed that and only played 4 games so I’d say we upgraded. Suggs was a no show from Week 6 on. I mean, he’s only 37 years old. Athletically his replacement will be better. Losing Mosley hurts the Run D, but there’s a reason that the Ravens were blitzing him on the last play of the game in Week 17 with the season on the line, HE CAN’T COVER! The Jets overpaid. Although I would have liked to keep him just for his smarts, there is NO REASON the Ravens should have overpaid him when they have more pressing needs than Linebacker. The Ravens have plenty of depth at LB including Kenny Young who’s faster sideline to sideline than CJ, and can cover better. I think they can live with giving up a little more in the run game especially considering the fact that they see Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati twice a year. All heavy pass offenses. Losing Zadarius is the only one that I can say will hurt if they can’t find an OLB as versatile as he was. But again, you can’t overpay for a really good role player. And I’m not going to even address the Lamar hate. Let’s just see what happens when the season begins. If he has success, I’m sure all these couch analysts will have 101 excuses of why he’s successful.

  7. The Ravens best players on Defense last year were: Humphries, Judon, B.Williams, B.Carr. Onawausar, B.Carr, M. Pierce. They’re all still there. Mosley is great against the run, but was a liability covering most good TEs and backs. Smith played better last year, than any previous season, but had 5 1/2 sacks last year and he had 3 in one game against a porous Titans OLine. Suggs and Weddle moved from All-Pro performers to “guys who are good leaders.”

  8. You would think when you Defense has been ranked in top 10 18 out of the last 22 years and have lost so many players over that time you would think people would respect the Ravens more they turn 4 round 5round picks into 16million dollar guys can’t wait to the season starts.

  9. The people commenting in this thread are delusional. The defense lost an old Suggs and Weddle. z’darius smith has always been hit or miss, and a beneficiary of Brandon Williams and M Pierce clogging up line of scrimmage. I expect plug and play at those OLB/DE spots. thomas is an overpaid upgrade over Weddle. The key loss here is mosley but i feel peanut and kenny young should be just fine at those inside linebacker spots. The defense is deep in the secondary, probably the deepest in the league. Oh and one more thing

    Wink Martindale

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