Earl Thomas thought he was headed to Chiefs

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The market didn’t develop as Earl Thomas expected. He began free agency wanting to become the highest-paid safety in the game.

Landon Collins now is that, but Thomas did OK for himself with a four-year, $55 million deal that includes $32 million fully guaranteed.

Thomas, though, revealed Friday that he was close to taking a short-term deal with the Chiefs before the Ravens made their offer.

“I thought I was going to go Kansas City on like a two-year deal, one-year deal, and I was just going to bet on myself and hit the market again [next year or in 2021], and then my agents called me,” Thomas said, via the team website. “. . .They said that Baltimore has made a deal for you. I said, ‘Hell, yeah. That’s where I’m going.'”

Thomas, who joins a team that has had its share of Pro Bowl safeties, said he is going to pay back the Ravens for their faith in him.

“It checks off everything on the list that I need to know, and I’m going to give that commitment right back,” Thomas said of his long-term deal.

18 responses to “Earl Thomas thought he was headed to Chiefs

  1. Texans should have signed him or resigned Mathieu, but their still acting like an Expansion Team, their Chickenbleep to take chances, that’s why they’ll NEVER EVER WIN!! Go Saints!!!

  2. ET flipping off the Seahawks as he left with broken leg on the cart last season actually is the not thing he has done that isn’t or wasn’t classy. He was understandably frustrated thinking he may have lost his ability to get an elite contract. Most of us have moved passed that and I’m really excited for him to have gotten a good contract on a good defensive team. If he had had to bet on himself in KC with a one year deal, his frustration with the Seahawks would continue. Now that he hasn’t lost a season and gotten long term security, I hope he is able to move on, as well.

    Remember; Raven come to Seahawks this coming season. He will be asked about his departing waive the last time He was carted off the field.

  3. Earl was definitely pissed last season about the contract situation but questioning his commitment on the field is unfair and wrong. The guy balled out of his mind (even though he was frustrated) and did in three games what most safeties do in a season. The guy broke his leg for the Hawks. I’m sad it ended the way it did but the guy gave his all for the Hawks and suffered some brutal injuries as a result. Earl was an amazing player for us and I wish him the best.

  4. He is going to look GREAT in that Ravens’ secondary….for the 6 games he plays prio to his season ending injury… again…

  5. It’s funny how many Hawks fans were screaming that ET was the best safety in the league and that he deserved to get paid what he was worth last year. Fast forward to this year and now he’s a bum that has nothing to contribute to one of last years (statistically) best defenses. <——Raiders fan.

  6. I still say he is the best safety in football by far. People are just upset he told the Cowboys to come get him and the middle finger for the organization when the leg broke after the hold out.

    Earl will get a standing ovation on his return in a Ravens uniform. The man was key in bringing a championship to Seattle.

  7. Time will tell. He could continue to be all pro or he could be washed up. One thing is certain, Earl Thomas will give great effort. Has he lost a step or two? Injuries and age can hasten retirement.

  8. claymus1 says:
    March 16, 2019 at 10:16 am
    Shoulda paid Earl and moved # 3 to a team that would foolishly overpay for him…
    This is funny. They are already paying one guy not to play…..no need to have a full sideline band.

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