John Harbaugh surprised Terrell Suggs left

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The Ravens decided to cut Eric Weddle, and they knew C.J. Mosley and Za'Darius Smith were going to command healthy markets.

But one of their losses on defense was something they weren’t prepared for.

Via Jamison Hensley of, Ravens coach John Harbaugh admitted he wasn’t expecting veteran outside linebacker Terrell Suggs to leave.

I definitely didn’t see that one coming,” Harbaugh said. “It wasn’t about money for Sizz. When you talk to him about that, you understand. He had his personal reasons for it, and they’re very good reasons. They’re family-oriented.”

The 36-year-old Suggs caught a lot of people off guard by joining his hometown Cardinals on a one-year deal.

He has 132.5 sacks in 16 seasons, which is tied for 13th all-time and most among active players. He’s five away from moving into the top 10 all-time, and since he has 26 the last three seasons, there’s no indication that he can’t do that.

10 responses to “John Harbaugh surprised Terrell Suggs left

  1. Don’t REALLY know players then John. Never would have happened with OZ in charge. MAYBE Suggs see’s the shipwreck thats about to happen in Baltimore.

    Yeah and going to Arizona he sees a Championship? Get real man. This has nothing to do with John not knowing Suggs. Everyone was a little surprised by this. Suggs just wanted to go home. Oz wouldn’t have been able to keep him and Oz is still with the Ravens so technically Oz could have talked him into staying if that’s really all it would have taken. They aren’t going to pay a guy just for sentimental reasons.

  2. Ozzie is still in the building. Still involved. Still at the complex daily. He had taken over the office that was Art Modell’s & has been vacant since Art’s death. If all it took was a chat w/Oz, he’d still be in Bmore.
    Bottom line: Suggs was gonna get a 1 yr deal in Bmore at a very low dollar amount. He can be closer to L.A. where his movie career will be when football is over. He grew up in AZ. Can re-establish old connections & get closer to retirement. His gas tank is empty. He was invisible on game tape last season.
    Father Time is undefeated.

  3. tsuscrumhalf: his movie career?! No. He sees that the Cards and Ravens are both going to be crummy this season and figures he will finish his career at home the next couple of years, while trying to climb the All Time Sack Leader list before joining other greats in the Hall of Fame. Family and friends will get to see him play. A side note: his leadership will improve the Cards D this season. Signed, A Ravens PSL owner….

  4. The Ravens were willing to bring Suggs back out of respect for a great career, but his days as a dominant player are over. Arizona will have to use him sparingly to get the most out of him, but when he is on the field he will be the smartest player out there. Good Luck T Sizzle you were one of the all time great Ravens and a HOF lock!

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