Mayock: Steelers reached out about Antonio Brown after Bills trade collapsed


The Raiders were believed to be a contender for receiver Antonio Brown from the moment the Steelers made it clear they were moving on from him. But the Raiders wisely were coy, resisting making the first move — and as a result pilfering him from Pittsburgh.

G.M. Mike Mayock explained how things went down during a Friday visit to The Dan Patrick Show.

“I kept saying, ‘We’re not interested,'” Mayock said. “Then the Buffalo thing fell through. One of their guys reached out to Jon [Gruden].  . . . [Steelers GM] Kevin [Colbert] said to me, ‘Would you trade your two? I said, ‘No, but we might trade our three.'”

Last year, the Raiders traded their three from the trade down from No. 10 to No. 15 to the Steelers for receiver Martavis Bryant, so it was definitely going to take more than that to get Brown. Ultimately, the Raiders got Brown for a three and a five, a deal that looks even better after the Browns gave up a one, a three, and a player taken with a first-round pick in 2017 to get Odell Beckham.

The outcome reconfirms the value of a poker face when negotiating trades. The Steelers failed to create the impression that they’d keep Brown, although they tried (too late) to change the perception/reality that they would take whatever they can get. The Raiders opted to say “not interested,” “not interested,” “not interested,” “not interested,” and “did I stutter?” until the price dropped to a point where the Raiders got interested.

29 responses to “Mayock: Steelers reached out about Antonio Brown after Bills trade collapsed

  1. No surprise. They had to trade him somewhere:
    a) dumb enough to take him on and give in to his requests
    b) that wouldn’t be contenders for the next couple years

    Raiders written all over it. Thanks, Oakland!

  2. If being GM doesn’t work out for Mayock, maybe he will become a poker player, since he’ll be in Vegas anyway. He certainly fleeced the Steelers.

  3. This is why you should never believe a GM or coach when they publicly talk about status of players. Looking at you, Cardinals fans and Kyler Murray fanboys.

  4. Antonio Brown already gave the Raiders a preview of his conduct by actually showing up 25 minutes late for his INTRODUCTORY news conference.
    The notion that the Raiders ‘pilfered’ Brown from the Steelers is largely inaccurate. Divesting themselves of Brown will prove to be addition by subtraction for Pittsburgh.

  5. It’s hard to really compare Brown vs OBJ trades. Brown is older and was a far more squeaky wheel.

    Brown will be 31 in July, and may play 4-5 more years. OBJ is 26 and may play 8-9 more years.

  6. LOL. It’s not a fleecing when the other party basically makes it known that they will dump a player, almost, at any cost. The Steelers’ position should have been an unwavering, if we don’t get what we think is appropriate, he will remain a Steeler. They also should have told AB that if he didn’t stop all the BS, they would not even attempt a trade. But, instead AR2 meets with AB, and once again, gave the Diva what he wanted, and from that moment on, the Steelers were negotiating form a position of weakness. In other words, the Steelers themselves threw the door wide open for lowball offers, and fleeced themselves.

  7. yes the Steelers got fleeced. Brown’s conduct was totally normal through this whole process. he never quite on his team, he never said crazy nonsensical things or acted bizarre in any way. he never let it be known that he expected to have his contract reworked so that he had even more guaranteed money. he doesn’t have any potential NFL conduct issues that he may be facing, you know, like throwing furniture out of a window and knocking one of the mothers of his many children to the ground. Every team in the league clearly wanted a shot to add Mr. Big Chest to their roster. Can’t believe the genius of the Raiders in just fleecing the Steelers. No wonder they win so much in Oakland…or LA…or Vegas…where are they from?

  8. mclennon99 says:
    March 15, 2019 at 11:16 am
    Trust me…nobody made out better in this trade than Buffalo

    Right they end up with Cole Beasley instead of the one of the best receivers in the league.

  9. chickensalad43 says:
    March 15, 2019 at 11:05 am
    I’m not sure other GMs around the league will appreciate Mayock making negotiation details public like this.

    Negotiation tactics are no secret. Haggling and bargaining is a centuries-old art form.

    In this case, Mayock wasn’t a genius. He is just a very smart guy regarding player worth. If Pittsburgh had never called back, you wouldn’t ever hear about it. We only hear about the few successes. We never get told about the larger number of failures.

  10. And Mayock makes himself look like a genius while offending a former trading partner and making future trading partner wary about what he might shoot his mouth off about them.

    I don’t know how smart Mayock is but I am pretty sure the raiders organization is pretty dumb.

  11. Bad business by Colbert. It’s basically, just take what you can get so you can get rid of the headache instead of sticking by your guns and not accepting lower then a 1 like you said you would.

  12. Mayock is already paying off bigtime.

    Buffalo is a joke, no wonder Brown wouldn’t go there.

    Steeler fans keep crying, the Browns are the new standard and you’re the old Browns.

  13. It’s hard to really compare Brown vs OBJ trades. Brown is older and was a far more squeaky wheel.

    Brown will be 31 in July, and may play 4-5 more years. OBJ is 26 and may play 8-9 more years.


    IMO they both are complete headaches capable of destroying a team, so that balances out.
    AGE = OBJ
    1st TO MELTDOWN = PROB BROWN Carr has never shown consistent chemistry with any WR ( best being Crabtree ) worked every off season with A.Cooper but never consistently produced ( granted Coops drops ) And Coop then immediately contributes with average at best Dak?? Should be interesting

  14. This makes me feel much better about only getting a third and fifth. Obviously the Steelers were desperate to dump Brown and willing to take less compensation than a player of that caliber might otherwise command. Doubt the Steelers will regret the decision. We’ll see whether Oakland does.

  15. Right they end up with Cole Beasley instead of the one of the best receivers in the league.


    Yes they do…and they end up with a guy who is all about the team instead of me me me me me me me!

    Raiders honeymoon with Brown will be short lived. Carr ain’t Big Ben.

  16. Steelers bungled this one from the get go. Tomlin and Colbert have no business in the NFL. They can’t keep this team from imploding. Every day they stay on, the Steelers continue to fall apart.

  17. when the Raiders are 2-14, and the Browns are far from that, and Beckham’s in the Pro Bowl,we will see who got the better deal. I feel like we gave so much cause there were probly other interested parties. OBJ has minor sideline outbursts because he badly wants to stop losing. He’s not near as bad of a distraction as Brown, and every receiver Big Ben gets looks like a super stud, so I woulda cast my vote for OBJ any day of the week if I had to pick one. Dudes a beast

  18. How do you trade a guy who is all about me, never sniffed a SB, throws furniture off balconies,will report if he wants to, and whines about his HOf qb? He’s a crybaby too. Can’t wait to see the Oakland train wreck this season.

  19. Terrible character throwing his QB under the bus, and thinks the league revolves around him. C’mon. The Raiders will stink for even more years to come. Can’t wait for this Oakland train wreck.

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