Raiders lease approved by Coliseum Authority

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After much hemming and hawing, the Raiders are set to play their 2019 home games at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.

That outcome was in doubt when the city of Oakland sued the Raiders over their decision to move to Las Vegas late last year and the Raiders pulled their offer to rent the facility in response. A lot of alternative locations were bandied about, but none materialized as a realistic option and the Raiders struck a lease agreement for the same $7.5 million from their original offer.

That agreement was approved by the Coliseum Authority by a unanimous vote on Friday morning. The Oakland City Council and Alameda County Board of Supervisors also need to vote on the deal, but, per Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, those votes are considered a formality since both the city and county are represented on the Coliseum Authority.

The agreement also includes a $10.5 million Raiders option for 2020 in the event the team’s move to Vegas needs to be postponed.

31 responses to “Raiders lease approved by Coliseum Authority

  1. In all honesty I think that Oakland deserves to send them off. Wouldnt it be ironic if they played lights out before they literally do.

  2. The Coliseum Authority had Mark Davis over the barrel as the Raiders really overplayed their hand. The Authority had a pair of kings and Mark Davis had a two nine off suit, but Davis was trying to bluff while twitching and looking really nervous. Oakland knew that the Raiders had nowhere else to play and would come crawling back.

  3. Poor Raiders still playing in that half filled baseball stadium they’ve been playing in for nearly 60 years…

  4. Can’t wait to see the tarp covering the upper deck and the infield dirt for half the season. Maybe AB will incorporate stealing a base into his TD routines.

  5. Anyone with half a brain cell knows the Raiders tried to work a deal for 20 years but the mayor Libby wouldn’t give up one red cent ..they will always be the Oakland Raiders to me o-well brand new shiny stadium in a brand new city and pay no taxes sounds good to me especially if I was making 5 million a year.


  6. Were they able to find appropriate off-site housing for Mr. Big Chest, so he doesn’t have to spend too much time with the mere mortals?

  7. All that to-do about a $7.5M contract to lease the stadium for a year. That’s the equivalent of what, a good tackle’s salary?

  8. Bring your own NFL approved plungers for the inevitable annual sewage backup at the stadium….

  9. With all the first round picks and other draft picks in the recent free agent additions, there’s a good possibility the Raiders could get back to the playoffs this year and even the Super Bowl in the following year. I think the city of Oakland, no correct that, the people of Oakland and the Raiders fans deserve that kind of a send-off!

  10. So the Raiders could just rent the coliseum for 7-10M per year…. instead of spending 1.8B on a new stadium(1.1B from the raiders)? Thats 100 years of rent before they get to that 1B mark.

  11. Wow! Amazing job, Oakland. Is the coliseum authority a public entity? If so: great job getting the club to “pay to play” it’s a lot better than what most cities have: “public trust” hold/maintain the asset at the exclusive benefit of the privately owned team.

  12. For my own selfish reason, I hope they vote against the lease, so the Raiders will move this season and I get more free broadcast games off the air. As long as they are in the Bay Area, I am stuck with Raider games when they are on the road, whether I like it or not. When they play at home, there is no doubleheader so I only get one game in the the 10 am slot and 1 game at 1 pm.

  13. Congratulations to the Raiders for getting a temporary (same) home, with one more year for the send-off. congratulations to the Oakland die hard fan base for opportunity to see the team locally for one more year. Good luck, hope you get to host a playoff, and hopefully win it for the final home game. As we say in Philly, 10 million, 10 Schmillion

  14. joetoronto says:
    March 15, 2019 at 1:42 pm
    The new stadium is on time and on budget.
    – – – — – – – – –
    on budget…….like that matters

  15. Hmm.
    Mark doesn’t have the same grit his Dad did.
    Al would have told the Coliseum Authority to stick it, and he wouldn’t have backed down.
    Raiders just aren’t really the Raiders since Al passed.

  16. The Oakland Coliseum is the worst stadium in all of professional sports. The fans in Oakland are tremendous. They have supported the Raiders through thick and thin. Politicians in Oakland and California are the absolute worst. California has the highest state taxes in the country, Yet they can’t afford to pay their teachers, police men and firemen a living wage, so that they can afford housing in the city. The mayor of Oakland and the California state politicians blew this deal. The Raiders gave them 20 years to work this situation out and they never did. Now the Raiders have a brand new stadium waiting for them in Las Vegas. I hope they send off the fans of Oakland, with a winning season. By the way. Nevada has no state taxes! California has the highest state taxes in the country. This is a big recruiting tool for the Raiders going forward, when trying to sign free agents.

  17. Hopefully Raiders leave the Oakland fans on a good note with a winning season. Raiders Players will Love Nevada, NO Nevada State Incone Tax. California State Income Tax is 13.3%! Highest in the nation. On a $5 million contract, “State Income Tax” in California is more than $650,000! Nevada is Zero $!

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