Ryan Tannehill will “help . . . push . . . compete with” Marcus Mariota

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With quarterback Marcus Mariota in the final year of his rookie contract and given that the Titans have yet to decide to make a long-term commitment to the second overall pick in the 2015 overall draft, the Titans need to be thinking about the future of the position.

Maybe the future is closer to now than believed.

Ryan Tannehill has arrived, and the Titans have embraced him as No. 2 on the depth chart.

“He understands that he’s coming in as the backup quarterback,” G.M. Jon Robinson told reporters on Friday regarding Tannehill. “I’ve talked to Marcus and told Marcus he is our starting quarterback. Ryan is here to help Marcus, to push Marcus, to compete with Marcus. One thing after talking with Marcus, he said, ‘You know, one thing Jon that I believe with all my heart is that you to do what’s best for our team and try to put us in position to win football games.’ That made me feel pretty good.”

Having Tannehill around also makes Robinson feel good, in the event that Mariota gets injured or otherwise struggles. Tannehill hasn’t been horrible, he just hasn’t been healthy. And if Mariota isn’t healthy for a game or two this year, Tannehill will have a better chance to push the team to a win than Blaine Gabbert.

11 responses to “Ryan Tannehill will “help . . . push . . . compete with” Marcus Mariota

  1. It’s actually great motivation. He wouldn’t want the shame and stigma of losing his job to Ryan Tannehill

  2. Its Smart at this point for the Titans to have a contingency plan in place not certain of Mariota…
    The Bucs would be smart to do the same but that’s not their style and it’s likely they’re qb has hit his ceiling

  3. I think both Mariota and Winston are serviceable QBs – and that’s it. I’d push them both. If you take a guy #2 and can’t commit to a 5th year option….odds are you don’t have the right guy.

    That is my problem with draft coverage. “OMG IT’S 1983 ALL OVER AGAIN!” because 5 QBs got picked in the first 10 spots. Doesn’t mean more than 1 or 2 are going to be any good, and in these cases, I don’t personally think either one is a franchise QB, unless it is for a middle tier team.

  4. Spin. That’s all that was. Tannyhill was brought in to compete for the starting job. If Marcus is still tingling when the season starts, or isn’t playing worth a damn, Ryan will be under Center. Everybody loves Marcus… the team, coaches, ownership, the fanbase (myself included), but it’s all about winning. If Marcus Mariota doesn’t take a BIG stap forward this season, or has trouble staying on the field again, the Titans will be going in another direction. If you don’t believe that you’re fooling yourself.

  5. Gabbert only lost once in three decisions for the Titans. In a game where the defense allowed the Colts to march the length of the field twice in the first quarter eating up the clock and leaving Tennessee in a 14-0 hole. The odds of coming back from that are around 10%. The team averaged 24 points per 60 minutes with Gabbert at the helm vs. 18 per 60 with Mariota. For Tannehill, who is a couple years older than Gabbert and worn out physically, to do better he has to be perfect, basically.

  6. How many more years do you give Mariota to EMERGE as a true franchise QB. Miami waited 7 years with Tannehill. I think Tannehill can compete for starting role in Tennessee. Don’t think the Titans want to extend Mariota for the going franchiseQB rate( 18 million/ yr), should think about the 2020 QB draft situation.

  7. Titans didn’t give up much. Right now only the Saints and Titans have back up QBs who could win a game if need be. Titans were smart on this. Tannehill will get time to heal and get back to 100% by sitting on the sideline and be ready if called upon meanwhile the team won’t have to fret if Mariota gets hurt. The drop off between Mariota and Tannehill isn’t much.

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