Terrell Suggs “excited to find out” how much he has left


There was a different bird on the hat that Terrell Suggs was wearing during Thursday’s press conference introducing him as a member of the Cardinals.

There’s going to be a different number than the No. 55 he wore for 16 seasons with the Ravens. Chandler Jones has been wearing that number in Arizona and Suggs said on Thursday he’ll “have to find something else” because he’s joining Jones’ team.

As to whether there will be a difference in his game as well, Suggs said that he’s looking forward to finding out exactly what’s still in his tank at this point.

“I guess we’re going to find out,” Suggs said, via AZCentral.com. “I’m excited to find out, so let’s see. Let’s see how much we got left. We ain’t gonna cap it.”

As long as his engine’s still revving, playing across from Jones should provide plenty of opportunities for Suggs to build on his 132.5 career sacks.

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  1. Why didn’t the Cardinals make these kinds of aggressive & noteworthy free agent moves last year? Why did they set up the qb position so poorly last year? Why did they only give Wilkes ONE year with that scenario?

  2. qckappa says:
    March 15, 2019 at 6:58 am
    Why didn’t the Cardinals make these kinds of aggressive & noteworthy free agent moves last year? Why did they set up the qb position so poorly last year? Why did they only give Wilkes ONE year with that scenario?


    Steve Wilks was fired because #1 he lied to the owner and told him he would keep the hybrid 3-4 defense the team had so successfully for years, Wilks took over a top 5 defense/DVOA that had ranked in the top 5 for 3-4 straight seasons and ruined it because he went out and brought in Al Holcomb and despite what he promised the owner tried to install Carolina’s 4-3 defense without having the personnel at MLB to run Wilks 4-2-5 scheme he insisted on running. Wilks insisted on a run first offense & using the best inside/outside RB in the NFL who’s truly an elite pass catching RB split out wide or in the slot & insisted on using him as a I formation power RB which is not David’s game, and Wilks told McCoy not to use him split out wide but as a receiver out of the backfield when David Johnson is a polished route runner and opens up so much for Larry Fitzgerald underneath when used properly. Wilks was terrible and incompetent, despite his defense obviously not working he never adjusted over the entire season. People who ask this question make me laugh because they obviously didnt want any Cardinals games if they’re asking that question, Wilks was in over his head & not ready to be a head coach. Maybe he’ll be a good DC just running a defense and worrying about defensive game plans but he was a horrific head coach.

  3. Bringing in T-Suggz was a great move. Suggz still has a lot left and used in a rotation paired up w/ Chandler Jones he can still get 7-10 sacks and get after the QB w/ consistency rather easily. Suggs allows AZ to draft a young pass rusher like Nick Bosa and not have to depend on him right away allowing them to bring him along slowly. And with Brooks Reed on the roster who excels versus the run they can keep Suggs fresh by using Reed on run downs in there base defense. With Arizona drafting another pass rusher high in the draft Suggs allows them to bring fresh pass rushers in waves w/ Chandler Jones, Suggs, Reed, Hasson Reddick excels off the edge and they’re very likely to take Bosa on draft day. Along w/ the addition of ILB Jordan Hicks who is one of the best athletic ILB’s in the league paired w/ a secondary loaded w/ Pro Bowl caliber talent that will benefit from a loaded pass rush w/ Patrick Peterson, Robert Alford, Budda Baker (who’s going back to Safety) & DJ Swearinger that defense should get back to being very, very good again in 2019 w/ Arizona going back to running a hybrid 3-4.

  4. 1 year for 7mil wow hes just gonna show up and get his last retirement paycheck hes not a fool .

  5. Wilks was fired because the Cardinals wanted Pat Shumer who went to New York. See, no one wants to coach that dumpsterfire. That’s why they had to sign Kingsbury who couldn’t even win in the sorry Big12 to take his place. It’s actually a beautiful thing imo. The cycle of losing has taken hold and Arizona is spiraling back down to their traditional level of ineptitude. Botched draft after botched draft…horrific free agent signings overpaying second tier players…back to being the same old Cardinals.

  6. Lol at this guy above. Arizona’s defense got worse because they had the worst offense in the NFL. Not just the worst last season, but I read Arizona had the worst offense in like the last 20 years. I guess all those 3 and outs are good for a defense, right? Arizona’s defense was GASSED by halftime every game they played.

  7. T-sizzle will be missed in Baltimore. Was one of my favorite players just by watching him have fun. It looked like he was always having a blast. However, when he ran 45 yards for the score after a fumble and later talked about how tiring that was for him at this age I realized he was done.

  8. I like Suggs, but frankly, he’s running out of gas. He had 7 sacks last season, but only 1.5 sacks in the last 8 games. It looked like he visibly slowed down and didn’t/couldn’t play as much down the stretch.

  9. He could have stayed in Baltimore and retired a hero. At least to me, it adds a little tarnish to his legacy. I guess the lure of playing for his hometown team was too much. It looks like Emmitt Smith all over again.

  10. Lol at this guy above. Arizona was the worst ever, but Seattle needed everything to go their way to sneak by the Cardinals by three points. Do they give out participation trophies for those games? No, but Seattle will probably hang a banner.

    Seattle sure is in denial about the impending rebuild, which is currently being cemented by their horrible playcalling.

  11. I guess like real in life, Arizona is a place people go to retire. His name will fade away first before we remember him when he announces his retirement.

  12. Suggs will be forever loved in Baltimore. But there were several moments, over the last couple years, where he was standing on the sidelines when the game was on the line.

  13. Suggs is excited to still being able to collect a NFL paycheck . He has been bad for 3 years or more.

  14. Poor Fraudinals fans. Their only measure of a good season isn’t a playoff run…it’s if they’re lucky enough to beat the Seahawks. Spoiler alert: Arizona will be bad for a very, very long time again. Bye Felicias.

  15. Yes…”poor Fraudinals”… from a certain Seahawks fan.

    Who posts on EVERY Cardinals post…

    Every day…

    All day…

    Oh… but it’s apparently the Cardinals fans who deserve pity.

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