David Irving: Jason Garrett told me to quit football and “smoke all the weed I want”

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When former Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving decided to quit football, he apparently was acting on the advice of his former coach, Jason Garrett.

“He told me I should just quit, smoke all the weed I want, the team didn’t need me,” Irving recently told Jori Epstein of USA Today. “I’m a distraction to the team. . . . He views marijuana as a drug, whereas I view it as a medicine. It’s not a good situation.”

The Cowboys were given an opportunity to respond to Irving’s claim by USA Today, but the team opted not to comment.

Irving said the owner Jerry Jones understands Irving’s predicament.

“Basically, Jerry, he is supportive of me,” Irving said. “He understands my situation and what I was dealing with. Our hands were pretty much tied. His hands were tied.”

Jones has long been a proponent of the league ending its ban on marijuana use, something that could be coming in the next labor deal.

Irving emphasized that he’s not smoking marijuana because he wants to, but because he believes he needs to, for health reasons.

“I didn’t quit football to smoke weed,” Irving said. “That would be idiotic. I understand that. . . . It’s about wellness, about rights. People need to understand that.”

Many people do. Jason Garrett apparently doesn’t. Unfortunately, the NFL’s official position currently falls much more in line with Garrett’s way of thinking.

68 responses to “David Irving: Jason Garrett told me to quit football and “smoke all the weed I want”

  1. Good for Garrett. It needed to be said. Irving doesn’t even like football. He quit on his team and left at the end for his herbal delight.

  2. Not sure this reflects on Jason’s opinion about the wisdom of smoking dope. Fact is that when he told Irving that – if he did – smoking dope was an NFL prohibition and as such, any player insisting on doing it was a distraction to the team. Hard to disagree with him.

  3. This man is a complete moron.

    That said, his beef should be with his union for negotiating the deal they are operating under.

    Fade away in a haze of “medicine” smoke, please.

  4. Ah, Mr. Irving, you are dumber than a door knob. That was sarcasm, you tool. Stay home, it is obvious you are a blubbering idiot and Garrett was right – one less headache for the Pokes to deal with

  5. I hate garret as a coach but I agree with his beliefs on this… I will not or would not pay hundreds of dollars for a ticket that has a bunch of stoned players on the field…

  6. They tell you when you will be tested the first time if You pass they don’t test again , if you fail they will randomly retest and you are an idiot

  7. Well the league says the right to smoke weed under their payroll isn’t a right, much like other companies and in the state of Texas it is also illegal. I’m with the team on this. If the laws change to support this then I am game but many corporations require drug testing and if they fail they are no longer part of the company. It’s a reality he need some to deal with.

  8. Bet Garrett is OK with hastily shooting players up with all sorts of narcotic painkillers before and during games.

    But drugs? Too much man.

  9. A few years back, a employee of DirecTV in Colorado was fired for using “medical” marijuana. He took it to court and lost in the Colorado Supreme Court. The ruling said despite the State making it legal, it was a businesses right to set employment standards.

  10. Garret likely told him that as part of a much more comprehensive conversation. IE…..You’re not in our plans moving forward and repeatedly being caught smoking weed is a big part of the reasoning. Retire and you can smoke all you want. If you want to continue in the NFL with another team, you’ll need to quit.

    I support Garret’s.

  11. “fmlizard” let me explain it you using small words so you can understand. Smoking weed is illegal in the NFL and the state of Texas. If the doctors of NFL teams give players narcotic painkillers that the NFL recognizes as legal then yes Garrett is probably okay with it. If the players want it legal they need to negotiate it into the next players union contract. Irving is so high he doesn’t realize that Garrett was being sarcastic and should have said “If you continue to break NFL rules you will lose millions”.

  12. exinsidetrader says:
    March 16, 2019 at 8:48 pm
    He’s an addict. Addicts will rationalize everything.
    Wow, how about that??? Trump supporters do the same thing…what a small world!!!

  13. Two more things: 1) Jerry Jones isn’t concerned about players health. He only wants more excuses to get his suspended players un-suspended. 2) I understand the horrors of opiates, but there are myriads of options that blow marijuana out of the water. Most of weed’s popularity is simply because people want to tell themselves it’s okay to get high, plain and simple.

  14. Irving emphasized that he’s not smoking marijuana because he wants to, but because he believes he needs to, for health reasons.

    “I didn’t quit football to smoke weed,” Irving said. “That would be idiotic. I understand that. . . . It’s about wellness, about rights. People need to understand that.”

    He believes he needs to for health reasons? He doesn’t sound very convincing. He may not like it but Garrett is right. If Irving is concerned for his wellness he should quit football and smoke weed all he wants. I can’t wait until he’s broke next year.

    I would be surprised if during the bargaining process the league and the NFLPA can come to a consensus about weed. As in all bargaining sessions, the NFL will want something from the NFLPA. Why should all the rest of the players make some concession for the few guys who can’t seem to control themselves. If I were one of the guys who followed the rules and wasn’t getting suspended every other month, I wouldn’t want to give up anything I worked to get just so the guys who can’t seem to follow the rules get what they forfeited. It’s like “everyone gets a trophy” all over again.

  15. smoke all the pot you want, AFTER your career is over.
    never understood, especially when they KNOW the times they’re being tested, why these guys cant wait a few years. pot is great, but you’re leaving millions on the table over a plant. pretty stupid.

  16. 99% of people in the working world would love to make a cool few millions, retire around 30 and light up every day. This guy is my hero.

  17. Timeline prediction:
    Irving loves retiring….smokes weed everyday….rinse repeat for about 8 months then wakes up one day and looks at his bank account then begs his way back in the league….bet on it!

  18. Did Garrett also recommend you smoke the ganghi while you shot that video recently explaining your plight

  19. A lot of interesting opinions in this thread. Some think legalization of marijuana would have the field filled with stoned players. Some think you can actually get addicted to marijuana. Some think guys should be locked up and ruined for weed (a plant) while the league pumps them full of painkillers, cortisone, opioids, things the cause debilitating harm. These guys endure immense pain to entertain you every Sunday. Sure they make a lot of money, but some a lot less and for shorter duration of paycheck sacrifice their bodies for your entertainment. Not worth the trade for all of them. Yeah, their choice. But at least allow them the right to get some relief from a natural plant. Don’t force them to otherwise suffer or choose relief by risking addiction to something that could truly ruin their lives or even kill them. Get a clue.

  20. Potheads always condemn people who are against smoking weed for recreational use.
    Potheads believe that weed is a harmless drug, which is absolutely not true.
    Potheads will not ever concede that smoking weed can lead to using stronger drugs, even though that has been proven absolutely true. I know people who used marijuana but went on to harder drugs because marijuana didn’t get them high enough. Try to tell them it’s not true.
    Most potheads I know think they should be allowed to do any drug they want on “their time”. They think no one should be able to tell them they can’t use drugs.
    Potheads will not admit that the same guys who are pushing marijuana are pushing harder drugs, often to teenagers.
    Potheads do not think its the right of Americans like me to be against the legalization of it.
    Here’s a fact that I am 100% sure of. I grew up in the 60’s and knew plenty of dopers who regularly used marijuana. The percentage of the potheads I knew then who had troubles later on in life verses those who didn’t is much greater.
    I am 100% against legalizing marijuana for recreational use. I am 100% for legalizing it for medical use.
    I have never used marijuana or even smoked a cigarette in my life and I am glad I never did. I do not drink, either. I used to like a beer now and then, but now when I go to a wedding or some other place where people are drinking, it’s more fun for me watching all of them acting like idiots and knowing I’m not going to be one of those waking up feeling like crap the next day.
    I’m sure I will be crucified for my views. My suggestion for you if I angered you is go get high and forget about it.

  21. Good to know Garrett actually does something other than clap. He’s right though. Stop wasting his and others time and do something you’re actually passionate about

  22. Maybe Garrett should blaze a bit, might come up with an offence that consists of more than hand offs and 5 yard check downs.

    Bzzzzzzzzzz, lol.

  23. Jason Garret is a football coach, not a baby sitter. I’m sure he’s well aware that a lot of his players smoke weed, and he’s ok with that. I’m sure he realizes the medical benefits of pot too. He doesn’t run the NFL, or set their drug policies. He’s also trying to win a super bowl. He needs mature players. He doesn’t have much time to waste. David Irving sounds like he’s a big distraction. He’s the kind of guy that gets coaches fired. Garrett probably figured it’s better for the other 52 men on the team if Irving took his problems somewhere else. It’s not doing the kid or the team any good having him around.

  24. For clarity:
    Irving emphasized that he’s not smoking marijuana because he wants to, but because he believes he needs to, for health reasons.

    So he ‘believes he needs to’. Sounds like a medical decision to me. Certainly not the aforementioned Quitting football to smoke weed. Because that’s stupid.

  25. I’ve got no problem with Irving. I’ve got no problem with Garrett. Shockingly, I’ve got no problem with Jerry. IMO everyone has a valid point on this.

  26. You can take a non-intoxicating extract for your ailments. You just want to get high. Just admit it.

  27. Love these people in America that feel that if they don’t like a law, they are just not going to obey it and that it is stupid and any consequences they face because of it is stupid. This the same people that try to embarrass and humiliate others online or on the news for the ones that are following the law. Let’s listen to the drunk drivers who think it’s stupid that they can’t drive drunk. Let’s listen to people that shoplift to think it’s stupid they have to pay for it. Let’s listen to people who illegally enter the country to live here instead of doing it legally because it’s stupid.

    If I don’t like a law and I think it’s stupid I just don’t have to follow it and how dare someone give me consequences. I’ll just do all I can to humiliate that person and tell him how stupid it is. Then I will make kids think the same way I do. Because I’m an American and I’m free. I can do whatever I want. Money grows on trees did the government has and doesn’t come from good working people who pay taxes. Heck, maybe the shooters that go shoot up a bunch of innocent people should be just left alone because they think it’s stupid that they can’t do that. Laws are here for a reason people because they protect the greater good. Soon the cashier at the grocery store will be able to do heroin in front of the customer while he is checking them out because, you know, people that like heroin fought for it and got it approved. Then some guy will get approval to marry his billy goat because he should be able to marry anything he wants. But you better not say anything against it or you’re a disgusting hater and he’ll make sure that you lose your job and never be able to work again and that your family won’t be able to work because you making fum of him.

    Be a man, follow the laws, and set a good example for you own children and the children of the world.

  28. I think most of the fans get it but one fan said he wouldn’t pay money to watch a bunch of stoned players?

    You don’t mind them getting shots for pain or stoned off opioids to play on Sundays?

    This old view on “the devil’s lettuce” really did a number on some of you.

  29. It’s medicine? So that means Irving will quit smoking weed within a month or so after his body is completely healed from the wear and tear of football, right.

    I hate NFL players talking about weed like it’s a civil rights issue. There are millions of people who are forbidden from smoking weed for their jobs and they aren’t being paid millions.

  30. I dont know what his problem is medically but there are alternatives to weed at least while you are playing.

  31. Your trying to be that break through player that changes Marijuana use rules l in sports, but it’s gonna take a bigger name that “David Irving” to change those laws/rules buddy. The NFL doesn’t budge for no player but an owner of hats a whole different story.

  32. Pot or alcohol. Which has caused more harm to more people? Yeah, now you can resume your Temperance Marching Band. Sad little people. You didn’t learn anything from prohibition, did you.

  33. If true, then you did retire to go smoke all the weed you wanted. That’s your choice don’t try to put it on Garrett or it’s about people’s rights.

  34. I’m with JG on this one. For most of these entitled clowns its a bad habit as they’ve been blazing trees since they were kids. Let’s be honest it’s by and large their go-to coping mechanism it’s not “medicinal”. Can you imagine if half these players didn’t spend their summers in a pot induced haze? The product would be even better which is saying something. This reprobate will wake up one day and realize the opportunity he lost all because he couldn’t exercise any self control. It’s pathetic

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