Nick Easton plans to make a decision by Monday

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Vikings (for now) offensive lineman Nick Easton has three teams from which to choose, and he intends to make his choice soon.

Via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Easton intends to make a decision by Monday as to his next destination.

The finalists are the Vikings, the Saints, and a supposed mystery team. As Tomasson notes, the Saints have a heightened urgency to lure Easton, given that he can play center and that their starting center, Max Unger, recently retired.

With Mike Remmers cut after he refused to re-do his deal and Tom Compton a free agent, the Vikings need interior offensive linemen. But they also need to be careful with cap dollars.

“We’re going to make sure we’re prudent with our decisions,” G.M. Rick Spielman told reporters on Thursday regarding the team’s offensive line. “I have a pretty good sense of the strengths and weaknesses of what in free agency, and I have a pretty good sense of the strengths and weaknesses of what’s in the draft.”

The cap-strapped Vikings surprisingly found a way to re-sign linebacker Anthony Barr without having to cut defensive end Everson Griffen. So far, only Remmers and safety Andrew Sendejo have been let go as the Vikings try to fit plenty of big contracts under the annual cap limit.

16 responses to “Nick Easton plans to make a decision by Monday

  1. It’s not any good to fill a need if said player is always hurt. I wouldn’t outbid any teams to keep Easton. I think Barr’s contract was a bit too much, but it wasn’t market rate either. The Vikings will almost need to draft O-line not only in first round, but 3 out of 4.

  2. The consequences of way over paying the franchise QB, compromises the team’s ability to sign any other position group adequately. The irony is that Cousins is only as good as his OL ‘s. Protection! Something wrong when one player ‘ s salary eats up 20% of the cap.

  3. That neck injury scares me to his longevity. He is a damn good player when healthy, but that’s a big if at this point. If he comes cheap I’d like to see him back, but even if that happens, the Vikes need to go OL with at least 3-4 of their draft picks.

  4. If healthy he may be our best lineman, although O’Neill had a surprisingly strong rookie year. If we can retain him, I believe the Vikes can draft best player available rather than be forced to go OL in the first round. Either way, Vikes need to shore up the weakest unit on the team with multiple picks in the early rounds.

  5. When you’re 8-7-1……you’re much better than the Packers. Had to fix that for those Packer fans that forget their HOF QB hasn’t gotten them to .500 in a while.

  6. Speaking of salary cap….I know some of you still think $18-20 mil for Case was the answer. Well, 4 teams in 4 years is not the answer QB. Cousins did not destroy the cap. There have been many contract upgrades on the team. Cousins is here for two more years. Talk to me
    in 2021.

  7. Seems like some people are jealous that a lot of vikes players have taken below market value to stay with the team where players on your teams want top dollar or they will leave.

  8. Trade Waynes for a respectable draft pick to get more cap space and get the best O lineman as possible the draft – even if you have to trade up.

  9. New OL coach, a strong OL draft. I have no worries the Vikings will be fine. They’ve got a good plan in place I’m sure of. Chicago and Vikings will battle it out for the North title. Green Bay will struggle to stay ahead of Detroit for 3rd. But they’ll keep spout off on social media and I will just smile at the absurdity of it….When you haven’t beaten the Vikings in almost two years, panic sets in I guess…

  10. ^^^^ Alan, I too think the new coaching staff will improve the running game for the Vikings this year. I also believe the defensive line is stronger than the offensive line in this draft. So if a stud defensive lineman drops to 18 I don’t mind the Vikings drafting him. Then go offensive line in the 2,3,4 rounds.

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