Thomas Davis feels he offers Chargers “veteran wisdom”

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Linebacker Thomas Davis is going to be wearing a new uniform for the first time since the Panthers drafted him in the first round of the 2005 draft.

Davis signed with the Chargers last week and said on NFL Network that the end of his long run in Carolina was emotional. Davis said he’ll miss playing with Luke Kuechly more than anything else and that the two linebackers were almost in tears when Davis got the news that the Panthers would not pursue a new deal.

The eyes are dry again and Davis is now thinking about what he can bring to the table in Los Angeles. Experience is at the top of the list and the soon-to-be 36-year-old said he welcomes the chance to play a mentor role.

“When you look at this roster and the guys they have on this team and how well they play together, I just feel like I can come in and be an added piece, offer some veteran wisdom, veteran leadership and just really try to get these guys over the hump so I’m looking forward to being a part of this locker room,” Davis said.

Among the nuggets of wisdom Davis hopes to pass out are ones about fighting through injury after three torn ACLs. He pointed to Denzel Perryman, who has missed 16 games over the last two years, as someone who might be able to benefit from that experience and the Chargers would certainly be happy if Davis can help keep Perryman on the field in the future.

5 responses to “Thomas Davis feels he offers Chargers “veteran wisdom”

  1. He’s a 14 year veteran. Telesco made another mistake. He won’t last the season with no fans in the stands.

  2. As a Panthers fan, I love TD. However, I think he has definitely slipped a bit. I hope for his sake and that of the Chargers that he produces for them!

  3. Telesco messed up again by not signing Mathews. This is the second time they blew it. First when they passed him up in the draft and now letting him sign with the Rams. Mathews would be not only a good line backer which the LA Chargers need, but would draw fans to their depleted/non-existent fan base in LA.

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