Blake Bortles will be a Ram

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The man who Chris Simms says wasn’t on earth to throw a football will be not throwing a football, ideally, in L.A.

Blake Bortles is finalizing a deal to become the backup quarterback of the Rams, according to Jeff Darlington of

Bortles, the third overall pick in the 2014 draft, was cut last week by the Jaguars, a year after the team gave him a three-year contract. In L.A., he’ll replace Sean Mannion as the No. 2 quarterback behind Jared Goff, the first overall pick in 2016.

Bortles had 4,428 passing yards in 2015, but many of those numbers came after the Jaguars had fallen far behind in games and defenses had softened. In 2017, he took the Jaguars to the AFC Championship, where the Jags blew a 10-point fourth-quarter lead against the Patriots.

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  1. Yeah like Chris Simms was on earth to throw a football and provide insightful football commentary. Blake Bortles was on average the between the 20th and 32nd best starting QB in the NFL, which automatically makes him the NFL’s best backup. Good pickup, Bortles wasn’t the main thing wrong there in Jacksonville, they’re just in denial that they drafted a bust in Leonard Fournette who has no vision, is overweight, slow and a total liability in the passing game.

  2. This is awesome. Bortles has so much raw talent, and he even started putting it together a couple years ago. Sean McVay is as good as it gets when it comes to coaching QB’s. This is a great pickup for the Rams.

  3. Good for Blake. He didn’t ask to be the 3rd overall pick. Hes a hard worker and a tough guy. Maybe someone in the Rams organization can coach him up the right way

  4. I’ve spent a lot of time here blasting both Bortles and the Jags for even thinking about extending him a year or so back. I thought they were crazy for wasting their window which was open due to a great defense. Turns out they finally agree with people like me.

    That being said I think Bortles would make a fine back up QB. People mock some of the backup QB’s around the league but they look at it the wrong way. You’re rarely going to find backups who are good enough to be a decent starter and we shouldn’t hold them to that standard.

    A good backup can come in in a pinch and maybe get you through a couple games tops at a high enough level to maybe eek out a win or two. If that backup ends up playing extended time they will usually be exposed as to what makes them a backup to begin with.

    I think Bortles has shown that he can play well here and there and could win you a game or two over a short stint against mediocre opponents. Again, I think that’s all we can expect from a decent backup. Guys like Bortles or Mark Sanchez, etc are perfect in that role. Play them any longer than a game or two and you end up with butt fumbles and things of that nature.

    I think he’s a good signing to be 2nd string. I’d vomit if he was named my starter.

  5. I like this.

    The next time Goff’s hand is shaking against his jersey before a Super Bowl, Blake will be put in to score some points.

    He is a great rushing QB as well.

  6. Not because they are worried who would come in if Goff was injured, but actually because they are worried Goff might not have what it takes to lead them to the promised land again. The window may already have shut on this team and if so Goff might be part of the reason.

  7. The Sean McVay offense: 15 seconds of cramming as much info humanly possible into his utterly confused QB’s headset, soon followed by a blank stare, an incomplete pass and said head coach trampling over toddlers on his way to once again heap bouquets and praise onto his idol, the Jedi master.

  8. weird how he wouldn’t go somewhere that he can compete as a starter. he had a 60% completion percentage this year. brady has had a 60% completion percentage 3 times so that’s not that bad.

  9. Murf in Southie says:
    March 18, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    weird how he wouldn’t go somewhere that he can compete as a starter …
    Maybe you missed the Super Bowl this year — He WILL be competing for the starter position.

  10. Good guy, average to below average depending on the season QB. My guess is he figured he’d get better coaching with McVay than going to a team where he had a better chance at being a starter. Most people where calling Goff a bust and saying he’d be out of the league after his rookie deal ended and look at what McVay has been able to do with him thus far.

  11. The best jobs for the incompetent:

    1. Backup Quarterback
    2. Congress
    3. Podcast host

  12. It’s a good pickup for the Rams….that is, until he actually has to play. Then they’ll figure out why the Jags got rid of him. Yes, the Jags had many problems but Bortles was certainly one of the bigger ones. The Rams will find that out.

  13. exinsidetrader i did not miss the superbowl but i think you missed the entire 2018 season

    Goff took another big step forward in 2018, finishing fourth in yards (4,688) and sixth in passing touchdowns (32)” -rotoworld

  14. What about Kaepermick? This is an outrage. I’m sure he would be interested in playing for the Rams.

  15. Good move for the Rams, but if I were Bortles, I might have stayed patient and waited for to see if a more competitive spot developed. Somebody inevitably gets injured during training camp/preseason.

  16. This guy engineered 4 straight 3-and-outs vs Pitt when the Jags were afraid to let him throw on 3rd and 8. Worst qb bust since Ryan Leaf.

  17. Ron Geremy says:
    March 18, 2019 at 8:00 pm
    Yeah like Chris Simms was on earth to throw a football and provide insightful football commentary.

    Well experience is the best teacher you know…

    But he also isn’t wrong. Bortles was never going to be a star (but of course he had the height, the weight and the proverbial length). The Jags realized that. And the Rams picked him up. I think it was a bad move until….I consider who else is there? The earlier post listed people that I wouldn’t pick up to hold my luggage.

  18. Kaepernick : ” You said I’d be signed within two weeks ” !

    Geragos : ” I lied . Sue me ” !!

  19. Very difficult for free agents to visit So Cal, especially Ventura County, in the dead of winter, and get back on a plane to just about any place else.

  20. exinsidetrader says:
    Maybe you missed the Super Bowl this year —


    Maybe you missed all the games Bortles “competed” in last season. Goff got his team to the Super Bowl. Bortles got his team an early draft pick.

  21. As A 50 yo jags fan I’ve seen almost eery NFL game Blake played in and here’s the truth.
    Some games he did a better Ben roethlisberger impersonation then Ben roethlisberger could do.
    And then for no apparent reason he would have an entire game where he looked like he forgot what color jersey his receivers were wearing.
    I mean there was no explanation as to why he flip flopped back and forth from being an amazing qb to being a horrible qb.
    I actually personally feel that he is a man of momentum and if he starts off the game and gets lucky where he makes a few good throws guys actually catch the ball and that happens a few times he might just will stay on fire the rest of the game however I feel it at the start of the game and got sacked fumbled the ball or threw a couple of interceptions in the first quarter that the rest of the game would be just more of that.
    There was no other factor that anyone can point to that candy label that’s the reason why he was so inconsistent.
    The fact is is that the potential is there for him to be a top 10 quarterback you just don’t know if he’s going to be that every week or not so he’s an amazing backup. he is one solid dude aside from his play

  22. Wow, can see that mostly Rams fans are commenting on here with all the “I like this pick up” talk. Do you really? Would you be saying this if another team picked him up? Stop the nonsense. If Goff goes down, you guys will be pushing out some bricks.

  23. Sean McVay likes to run a quick tempo offense. Under George O’Lear at UCF. Blake Bortles ran a quick tempo offense. This is a good match. The Jags had many problems last year. You can start with that terrible O/L. It always seems any QB can get too much praise when things are going great, and too much criticism when things go wrong.

  24. bortles and brady’s completion percentage isn’t a measuring stick IMHO. Brady purposefully throws incompletions in virtually every game vs. taking a sack of throwing a pick or potential pick. Understanding you live for the next play is one of the key attributes that makes a great QB.

  25. “If that backup ends up playing extended time they will usually be exposed as to what makes them a backup to begin with”

    Let’s see if Bortles’ replacement in Jacksonville, Nick Foles, can debunk that theory.

  26. somebody needs to explain to me how slappy quarterbacks like this keep getting jobs;

    they throw away Super Bowls, step out the back of end zones, have the range and accuracy of a dog fart and yet they continue to get jobs that literally keep benches warm and suck down cap dollars;

    one knows every company has bootlicking yes-men, but must we watch them on Sundays, too?

  27. Last starting QB to wear #5 for the Rams…..former CFL legend….DIETER BROCK. Bortles will have to do a a LOT to live up to glory of that former #5!!

  28. Murf in Southie says:
    March 18, 2019 at 9:25 pm
    exinsidetrader i did not miss the superbowl but i think you missed the entire 2018 season

    Goff took another big step forward in 2018, finishing fourth in yards (4,688) and sixth in passing touchdowns (32)” -rotoworld
    He still fell apart when it mattered most.

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