Browns will be watching most of the draft for a change

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It’s possible that the Browns might have never gotten themselves into position for the playoffs — and it’s important to remember they’re not there yet — without the pick-hoarding of the previous administration.

But after swinging a deal for wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., the Browns will find themselves in an unusual role on draft weekend — as spectators for much longer than they’re used to.

When you stink the way they have in recent years, not only do you have high first-rounders, your seconds are premium picks too. But as noted by Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America, the Browns have no picks in the top 40 of this year’s draft, after having 14 such picks in the previous five drafts.

In the last five drafts, the Browns have had 11 first-rounders, along with the 33rd overall pick and the 35th twice.

This year, they lack a first-rounder for the first time since 2008, and won’t pick until the 49th overall spot and 80th on the second day. They still have three fifths, a sixth, and a seventh, but they no longer have such draft capital as they’ve enjoyed in the past.

They have players this time.

18 responses to “Browns will be watching most of the draft for a change

  1. let’s see what happens in a few years when it comes time to pay for all of high picks. enjoy it while it lasts.

  2. If I was a browns fan I would take that. It’s time to turn the page and start winning and clearly the previous administration’s approach wasn’t working. At least Dorsey is going for it.

  3. What would it take for Dorsey to move back into the bottom 5-6 spots of the 1st round if a CB they really like is there ?? Next years 1 and this years 3 ????

  4. bartpkelly says:
    March 18, 2019 at 7:16 am
    The old regime was gunnning for this scenario…but when you do that …you get fired and someone else gets the credit.


    I don’t disagree in principle (and I am a lifelong Browns fan), but we give Sashi the credit. Trust me, Browns Nation knows that we wouldn’t be here without him. He got fired because he had no balance between football and analytics. We got picks, but the picks made during his term were pretty atrocious. There needed to be a balance.

    The only person we WANTED to get fired was Hue.

  5. geobh says:
    March 18, 2019 at 8:07 am
    let’s see what happens in a few years when it comes time to pay for all of high picks. enjoy it while it lasts.


    Let me see…they go from #6 highest salary can ($12M over league average) to somewhere under the league average? Like a whole bunch of teams who have been playoff caliber last couple of years?

    Patriots are #29 and $17M below the average cap and they seem to have done just fine.

  6. Just because the Browns made the headlines this spring does not automatically translate into wins in the NFL. Ask the Dolphins what happened after they signed Suh? Or the Vikings after they signed Cousins? Or the Redskins after they signed Albert Haynesworth? You get the point.

    Now comes the real challenge, harness the talent and get them moving together in unison. Under a first-year head coach, that is hardly guaranteed no matter what Vegas thinks.

  7. I’m perfectly happy not praying to “win” the draft. I’m psyched that our season now coincides with the actual nfl season. Sure, you have to manage the draft and FA smartly and not over play your hand but I much rather having the assets on the field rather than in draft picks and cap ceiling. Important to remember that Dosey have given nothing away next year and beyond. It’s a one-year hit to step up. (If we indeed step up) and none of the players signed this off season are bank breakers with $20+M of Odell’s contract sitting on NY’s books.

  8. Trader John has a scenario up his sleeve. He’s made it known that Duke Johnson and Emmanuel Ogbah are available. Could either and a 5th get them a high second? Could both of them and a 5th get them into the bottom of the 1st? I think so.

  9. Just a horrible job so far by Dorsey. He drafted Mayfield, got fleeced by BB in the Jason McCourty deal, NE won another SB, and now he’s thinking the John Elway School of Economics and Teambuilding is going to work.


  10. I’m not seeing nearly enough concern and criticism over the OBJ trade. I don’t think it helps as much as the hype machine wants people to think.

  11. Find a way to trade back into the first round draft CB Greedy Willams , and with the other picks draft best LB , OT , Kicker , and OL available .

  12. Wow, we are till trying to spin the credit towards Sashi The Clown? Really? He was the worst GM in Browns history and drafted 1 good player out of 30+ picks, Garrett. The credit rightfully goes to John Dorsey for the Browns current situation.

  13. Beau Bell anyone? Romeo told Savage he wanted an OLB. Savage told him they are looking at Bell. Romeo responded with “I have a family member on the coaching staff, and Bell is not what I’m looking for.” The draft comes and the first pick for the Browns, Beau Bell. Needless to say the beginning of the end!

    Now, let us see what a new staff does with a late pick that has a lot of pressure on a single position of need, or pressure by the coaching staff to get.

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