Could Vontaze Burfict visit Raiders after Manti Te’o, Aaron Lynch?

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The Raiders are looking at linebackers and could have an eye on Vontaze Burfict, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

The team is hosting free agents Manti Te'o and Aaron Lynch, according to Rapoport.

Te’o, 28, spent the past two seasons in New Orleans after four with the Chargers. The Chargers made him a second-round pick in 2013.

He appeared in only five games with two starts last season for the Saints.

Lynch, 26, was with the Bears last season after four seasons in San Francisco. He appeared in 13 games with three starts last season.

Burfict is a more accomplished player but comes with more risk. Burfict, 28, made the Pro Bowl in 2013 and has 73 career starts, but he hasn’t played more than 11 games in any season since then because of suspensions and injury.

10 responses to “Could Vontaze Burfict visit Raiders after Manti Te’o, Aaron Lynch?

  1. Lynch would be an interesting signing. I think he would be a great addition at DE if he added a bit more weight to his 3-4 LB frame. I think he would come at a reasonably cheap rate, too. Burfict on the other hand would be significantly more and you’re constantly worrying about when/if he’ll commit a huge penalty or suspended. Go with Lynch.

  2. All of these guys have potential, but come with their own individual concerns. Te’o cannot cover, but he can play the run and tackle. Lynch, like Burfict, has had personality issues in the past and probably needs to add a bit of strength to be a full time starter, but flashes excellent athleticism at times as well. Burfict…well, his concerns are well documented, but he definitely looked lost at times last year.

    Any of the three would be good backups, but it remains to be seen whether they would accept that (Te’o likely would, given his role in NO last year) or whether the Raiders are looking for a starter or for depth.

  3. Holy crap! I forgot all about Manti Te’o. He was supposed to be the next big thing, going from team to team like that must make it hard to find someone to date. Of course in this day and age I’m sure he can find someone online.

  4. We may recall that a large part of the reason Burfict went undrafted was because a certain draft analyst cited multiple instances where Burfict went for the big showy hit, rather than playing consistently or laying like a team player. In short this analyst had a very low opinion of Burfict as a football player. Given that this former analyst now has a new gig, as GM of the Raiders, its pretty unlikely that the Raiders would bring Burfict in to kick his tires.

  5. Paul G is Burficts ex coach and he lobbied a trade for him last year if we believe reports. I would say there’s a chance for sure. What about the AB angle though? Could they play together? Strange either aren’t mentioned in article. My vote? Let’s bring him in if AB is down! Comeback player of the year potential if he puts in the work. Beast MLB.

  6. @ luke8512

    With that many thumbs down surely those people did not get your joke. I thought it was well played!

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