Cowboys to meet with former Seahawks second-round pick Malik McDowell

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Two years after the Seahawks chose him with the 35th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft, Malik McDowell has still not played a down in the NFL. But that doesn’t mean his career is over.

McDowell is scheduled to meet with the Cowboys on Tuesday, Todd Archer of ESPN reports.

Just weeks before he was slated to start his rookie training camp in Seattle, McDowell was seriously injured in an ATV accident. He has still not played football since suffering those injuries, and the Seahawks released him this month.

A 6-foot-6, 300-pound defensive tackle, McDowell was twice named second-team All-Big Ten at Michigan State and was widely regarded as one of the top interior defensive linemen heading into the 2017 draft. It’s unclear what his current health status is and whether he will be able to play this year.

20 responses to “Cowboys to meet with former Seahawks second-round pick Malik McDowell

  1. Why bother with this guy? They better not give him any guaranteed money and make nearly everything in his contract incentives. He doesn’t seem very interested in playing. However, he’s probably broke now so maybe the money will motivate him. Still, I’m not a big fan of signing guys who are only motivated by money. All too often they put forth very little effort until it’s a contract year.

  2. McDowell may or may not even be able to pass a physical.

    If he passes the physical, he is likely not in football shape (or he would not have been cut).

    But it doesn’t cost a thing to have the conversation. Take a flier on a player everyone has written off. There are risky moves, and low-risk moves. This is a pretty-close-to-zero risk move for Dallas.

    If McDowell can’t come back, they lose nothing. If he does, they might have a good player.

  3. If you had a concussion so bad, that’s it been two years, and you can’t get cleared…

    I’m afraid your career is over my friend.

  4. I’m curious what his mental state is. He was a risk due to his work ethic and attitude but after spending two years recovering from a life altering accident changes a man. He could have given up but he fought his way back. He is worth an interview and medical exam.

  5. Not a bust when the fellow never made it on the team due to an non football injury. However, it did turn out to be the worst waste of a drat pick. I am hoping he can pass an NFL physical, but suspect he won’t. The Cowboys are “meeting “ with him and my bet is they will have him tested both physically and mentally to ensure he can play. If he does, expect him to get an offer immediately. Best wishes.

  6. The fact that he was drafted and never even showed up to training camp let alone a down makes him a bust… that being said I hope he gets to play someday

  7. There has never been much medical information leaked but they the initial reports were the head trauma was so bad it was thought to be career ending. Seattle carried the contract a year and half and I believe they did another medical before releasing.

  8. Cowboys took such a chance with Jaylon Smith, who most talking heads said would never play a down in the NFL following his injury in the Fiesta Bowl. Two years later he was named PFF’s Breakout Player of the Year (2018). This is a much, much lower risk – just a look-see where no draft pick is involved.

  9. BelgiumHawk says:
    March 19, 2019 at 9:24 am

    The fact that he was drafted and never even showed up to training camp …… makes him a bust
    Quite a twist of words. “Never even showed up” implies a poor attitude or a person with character issues. He actually did report to camp in early August and was placed on the reserve/did not report list. For the team, that meant McDowell did not have to be put on the 90-man training camp roster, which opened up a spot for another player. Following his ATV injury two weeks before camp, Pete Carroll acknowledge that there was a concussion and other head injuries involved.

  10. I’d say any guy drafted that collects money from a team while never playing in a game because of a personal injury should have to reimburse that team of all money before signing with another.

  11. Wow jackedupboonie. Being an advocate for zero guaranteed injury money and that it should all be reimbursed to the billionaire owners is quite a stretch. I can’t agree that the man should be penniless. Whether he finally passes an upcoming physical or not. Not often I read of a fan being pro owners and anti-players guarantee minimum rights.

  12. I guess i’m happy for the guy if it works out – but as a hawks fan, i’ll feel a little ripped off for the complete zero return on a 2nd round pick. This pick set us back more than people think – he was to be a key guy at D-Tackle, and when we didn’t get him – we signed Sheldon Richardson, for whom we gave up a 2nd round pick (and who ended up being a 1-yr rental).

    So this kind of cost us two 2nd round picks – which is a ton of currency in this league. So it goes, can’t plan for an ATV accident . . .

  13. Talk about rewriting history. Jaylon Smith was drafted early in the 2nd round. The thinking was he would sit out his rookie year and a team would have potential to have a steal of a player.

    This was not a Marcus Lattimore situation.

  14. @ thebirdofprey says:

    “Talk about rewriting history. Jaylon Smith was drafted early in the 2nd round. The thinking was he would sit out his rookie year and a team would have potential to have a steal of a player. This was not a Marcus Lattimore situation.”

    Haters said drafting smith was a reach where they drafted him, including many Eagle fans. Smith’s injury wasn’t as gruesome as Lattimore (and nobody said it was a Lattimore situation), yet Smith had a torn ACL, MCL, and developed foot drop from the nerve damage. This required him to wear a brace to keep his foot from dropping during his recovery, which took well over a year. He was fortunate to come back from this to play at a high level, and drafting him has ultimately paid off for Dallas in a big way thus far.

    Smith is a great kid who loves the game and is an excellent young player. Any team would be fortunate to have him. Luckily for Dallas they took a chance on him, yet they get no credit for doing so – it is either a negative comment for Dallas, or all you hear is crickets when credit is due.

    I wish McDowell luck. Tough luck for him, and he could use some positive news.

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