Is Russell Wilson sending the Seahawks a message?

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson created some news on Friday when asked by Jimmy Fallon whether Wilson anticipates getting the “biggest contract ever.” Here’s the far bigger question: Did that topic come up coincidentally, or deliberately?

With Seahawks coach Pete Carroll telling PFT Live two weeks earlier that talks between the team and Wilson, whose contract expires after 2019, on a long-term deal are “ongoing,” Wilson quite possibly was making it known that the time is now to get it done, and that the goal is a dollar more than the $33.5 million per year paid to quarterback Aaron Rodgers by the Packers.

Last May, PFT reported that Wilson intended at the time to resist signing a long-term deal and playing on a year-to-year basis under the franchise tag. While he’d be carrying the risk of injury, the rules make playing quarterback safer than ever (subject to the ever-present possibility of a fluke injury like the badly broken leg suffered by Alex Smith last season), which makes it far easier to refuse the security of a long-term deal and to activate a process that would result in $30.34 million in 2020 for Wilson, $36.41 million for 2021, and (if the Seahawks tag him a third time) $52.43 million for 2022.

Including the $17 million Russell is due to earn this year, that’s $136.41 million over four years, which equates to $34 million per year over the next four. So why not just offer him $34 million per year over the next four or five years right now?

Whatever it would take to sign Wilson now, it’s only going to get more expensive as he more time goes by. And Fallon’s question, coupled with Wilson’s answer, could be a clear and unmistakable sign to the team that the time has come to make him the highest-paid player in football history.

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  1. Because if you offer him $34 mil per year now, you won’t have a decent team to field? Again (and again and again and again), no team has won with a huge QB contract (although I believe Brady did carry a $28 mil charge this year due to previous bonuses, etc.). And no one is going to pay the QB $52 mil 3 years from now. They’d let him walk first. More teams kicking themselves for $25+ mil contracts than patting themselves on the backs. Didn’t you give up the guaranteed money based off the theoretical tag thing after the Me’Veon Bell deal? (which missed all targets)

  2. Wilson is good, really good.. but its not worth giving him the largest contract ever. That will just destroy the Seahawks.

  3. At some point this has to stop. Not everyone can be the best QB in the league, and not everyone can demand to be paid the highest of any position ever, especially Russell Wilson.

    If Russell is worth more than Rodgers, what is Mahomes and Goff worth? Brees? And on and on.

    Russell had his success and made his name in his rookie deal when salary cap funds could be allocated elsewhere on the team. As much as it hurts me to say, if these guys truly want to continue having success, it might be wise to mimic Brady’s contract decisions. Just saying.

  4. Why does each new QB contract need to break the previous record? The QBs are not signing them in reverse order of greatness like some countdown. The idea that Wilson should be the highest paid is ludicrous. Good QB, sure. $35 million? Pass.

  5. Yea.. and he banks all that coin and the team around him sucks because they can’t afford free agents. Look what Tom Brady does in New England. Takes less money and collects rings. How big does the pile have to be? I know his wife makes more then he does… so be it. He’s going for a big money deal because his wife wants to walk off to New York. This is just a money grab.

  6. Records are meant to be broken. Does he make players around him better? That’s the question.

  7. Can’t wait! The Seahawks will seal their fate of becoming bottom dwellers and will have to cut most of the players who have helped them stay relevant… The 12’s will suddenly stand for 4-12!

  8. The league needs to implement positional salaries with the total not crippling the team salary cap, when one player makes 25% of the team payroll it makes it difficult to properly build and keep teams intact to go on any type prolonged success
    Patriots not included

  9. This has to end. Quickly teams are becoming 3-5 superstars but no supporting cast. How much is enough to be rich? Fan base is truly becoming resentful. We talk to each other. Disgust is creeping into conversation. And horror upon horror, 3-5 year deal guaranteed for 50,000,000 and first play of first game, a career ending injury destroys the ability of that team to be competitive. It is ridiculous to even think of 20,000,000 dollar contracts much less 30,”000,000 then 40,000,000
    These guys play football for goodness sakes.

  10. That sneaky Russ !
    Who would’ve thought Mr squeaky clean was capable of such behavior.

  11. Who is he going to throw to? Who’s going to block? They have a bad offensive line, a mediocre receiver corp,and they didn’t make the playoffs. Dude is a baller, but at 25 million a year, not 33.5. Sorry. Mahomes will get it, after they repeat deep playoff runs more than 2 years.

  12. The Seahawks better draft a QB. This guy is not worth $35M no matter what Seabag fans might think. Paying that sort of money to anyone is not wise because it severely limits what you can do with the rest of the team. They have plenty of needs and they could use that money to re-sign other players and to make some key free agent acquisitions. Paying any QB $50M (~25% of the salary cap) is not very smart. That money will have to be accounted for and it will hurt the rest of the team.

  13. Russell Wilson actually was a choir boy, but then he met singer Ciara and he has been graudually losing himself ever since.

  14. QB’s are getting so much money now it cripples the team’s they are playing for. Unless you’re Brady and you get your money off the books.

  15. Wilson is already in his 7th year in top 50 all time in TD passes. He basically avg 29TDs 9 Int per year. If he continues on his pace, he will actually have the same numbers of TDs that Brees has after 18years and 60pct less INTs. So I think he has earned it.

  16. Pete Carroll is nearing retirement age. He is not going to coach another 20-30 years It is basically now or never for him to win another lombardi Trophy. Russell Wilson knows that, and he also knows that it would be tough for Petey to find a replacement for him. Drafting for a quarterback is a crap shoot, and they just missed a chance signing Nick Foles, who did something Wilson has never done, and that is winning the SB MVP. Therefore Wilson is going to get paid.

  17. (Bronco Fan Here) Reading the above comments… I believe the Seahawk Fans have forgotten what it is like to not have a TOP 10 QB. Like it or not, they require top dollar to keep’um!

  18. Thank you yet again Tom Brady. The greatest QB of all time takes Filene basement deals yet were still ballin at every party. It’s good to be a Pats fan.

  19. good to see, the douchy sea hags get rid of class acts like Sherman and now they have this midget who thinks he is all that. PAY HIM HUGE, he is a legend, he is FIGJAM

  20. Love all the clowns on here trashing him. If you had the chance to make that kind of money you’d take it. Why are so many of you working stiffs so pro management? Boot lickers.

  21. Russel Wilson chokes and loses the Superbowl for his team when he threw the ball to Malcom Butler, now he thinks he deserves to be the highest paid in the NFL? Laughable. Let him walk.

  22. Tagging Cousins the second year was a mistake, and I don’t think other teams will repeat what the Redskins did.

    Hopefully the kind of selfishness that Bell, Cousins and what this article thinks Wilson will do, will be addressed in the next CBA. Teams should be able to offer a four year fully guaranteed for injury at 90 or 95% of the one year tag amount, and each years salary is guaranteed at the beginning of each league year, that will toll if a player cannot play due to injury for more than 4 games, and will significantly decline if they intentionally sit out.

    Wilson is not worth $30mm over multiple years, and arguably isn’t worth $25mm. 8 of the top 10 highest paid QBs (by average cash) don’t have any meaningful playoff wins throughout their careers.

  23. I don’t understand why just because you sign last you should get most. I’d much rather have rodgers than wilson. Rodgers is magic, wilson is pretty good.

  24. Those who are more savvy than me, correct me if I’m wrong…but won’t ALL “elite” players at all positions sign record breaking contracts on a year-by-year basis due to the cap being raised each year? If so, then these kinds of contracts aren’t actually news. WHO signs them (like ol’ Rusty here) is the news. There’s obviously a case for him claiming elite money. As a 9er fan, it’s a constant frustration to watch him evade tackles and extend plays! And as has been pointed out already, a QB who seeks his payday makes his team worse off for it

  25. The message that he’s sending is that he’s not interested in winning any more Super Bowls. I don’t know how good a QB has to be for him to be worth $30 million +, in terms of production generated per cap dollar spent. Wilson isn’t close. Rodgers isn’t close. In his prime, probably. A Manning, a Montana, a Marino in their primes… that’s the kind of talent you have to have to tie up one sixth of your cap on one guy.

  26. If only the Giants could figure out how to set their organization back another 5 years…..

  27. I like the Seahawks. My son is a fan (I am a Browns fan, lifelong). I have to admit I am not a fan of RW. I am not going to get into who is selfish or not, because teams make dumb decisions about these kinds of things daily. Every year someone under contract gets a bigger contract because someone else got a bigger contract. Or someone who has mediocre skills gets a huge contract that is both undeserved AND reset how everyone else goes for contracts (SKOL!).

    Wilson is a good QB. A very good QB. But until teams stop the madness, all that is going to keep on happening are stories like this. Is the problem Wilson or is it that someone is going to make it happen? I don’t fault anyone for trying to maximize their income. I do fault teams for overpaying.

  28. The Seahawks have reached the point at which they have to decide whether or not this guy is the franchise. Much luck with that.

  29. Franchise him for 2 years and wait for the new cba to dictate what a long term contract will look like…

  30. Sure, give him the money. And then Seattle can say goodbye to any chance at another Super Bowl until he retires.

  31. All of the late night talk shows are rehearsed Q&A, he knew exactly what he was going to be asked. Cant hate on him for trying to get paid as much as possible. It’s easy for us to say we would take less money so the team can sign better players but would you REALLY? My guess is 95% of us would not.

  32. Its called negotiating, Hes gonna start high, Seahawks are gonna start low, he knows he can get Kirk Cousins money any time, and a quality starting QB costs around 30 Million now, he DOES need to make the players around him better and he has in the past, he needs to do it more and more consistently to demand that big contract. I mean Jermaine Kearse, Prosise, Lockett Richardson, Luke Wilson aren’t the greatest, but Wilson helped make them good. He needs to help elevate them to that next level, like QBs such as Brees, Rodgers, and Brady do.

  33. The Seahawks are my team and I loathe Pete Carroll. Why would the Seahawks make Wilson the highest paid anything when for starting QB’s, Wilson threw the LEAST # of passes in the NFL. The LEAST per game than Darnold, Rosen, EVERYONE.

    So if you’re going to be a 58% running team, why do you need a $35mm QB? How about spending some $$ on an OL that dominates Defenses instead of just signing bandaids? Yes, signing an aging and poor Iupati for 1 yr to start at LG and an oft injured FLuker at RG for 2 yrs, how does that substantiate your Offensive focus?

    It doesn’t and why the Seahawks only went to 2 SB’s. That #1 pts D 4 years in a row, yes 4 in a row = no other team has ever done that, with Wilson & Lynch should’ve won 3 SB’s. They were that good.

    His schemes are lousy. So why would Wilson want to sign? He should go to a team that will make him the Focus of the O. Why would Seattle want to spend $$ on a QB that they don’t utilize effectively.

    Oh, and in the Playoff loss to Dallas, Wilson was on FIRE with his throws & threw the FEWEST passes in the playoffs of any QB.

    Carroll sucks! Might as well move on from Wilson. He’s not going to take Seattle back to a SB. Not with their philosophy.

  34. Wilson is perhaps a top 10 QB, but he’ll never carry a team to a super bowl. He is unlikely to play on a team with that good of a defense again.

  35. The NFL has to do something about these QB contracts taking up too much of the cap for teams to operate. With the rules the NFL created a mess and designated that one position is so far greater than the others that they get too much of the cap. Fix it NFL it is ruining good teams.

  36. Stop it with the Tom Brady does it nonsense. Tom’s wife is also worth hundreds of millions of dollars. That is just a poor example.

  37. Trade him now and get another QB and some draft picks. The Giants might do it. Two #1’s and a 3rd might do it unless the Giants tried to throw Eli into the deal, in which case I think Seattle balks.

  38. The NFL is broken in many areas and the out-of-control contracts is a huge problem for the league in terms of the fan base and public perception.

    Which straw will be the one that breaks this camel’s back? Probably contracts but maybe a players strike

  39. If Seattle doesn’t pay, someone will. And he will get it. At least he is better than Cousins. Don’t want to hear about hurting the team. He does have a SB, so it’s time to get paid, plain and simple. The NFL starting paying QBs these high salaries, are they supposed to say no?

  40. I think if they offer a 4 year extension and pay him $15 signing bonus @ $33.6M per year, he would jump at it. Highest contract and the signing bonus helps encourage him this season/now. The cap hit would be okay at that level.

  41. The Brady comment is joke! One guy does this and that should be the “model”? EVERYBODY on New England takes a pay cut. And when some of these NE players retire and realize these rings don’t pay the bills, they might look at their career differently. NE model works for the fans, but NE does not give a crap about their players. They treat them like an assembly line. Would you take a pay cut so your company could be more successful? I didn’t think so!

  42. This crap is getting out of control. I honestly do not believe there are many guys left in the NFL that care about winning championships. They’d much rather “brand” themselves and be me first guys to promote said brands. Its been written and said alot lately that its an entertainment business. And sure it is. But as a fan..atleast from where i stand nothing is more entertaining than competetive football week in and week out. And between more than the same 3-4 (i think im being gracious more like 2 maybe 3) teams every year.Seems like most of these guys (skill guys esp) treat this game as a 1 man show. Much like WWE STARS. RUSSELL WILSON is very good. Not top 5. So why he feels he deserves to be highest paid QB is beyond me. These owners and GMs got to stop this madness. Do not pay these guys that type of money and use that money to build a solid team. Its been proven it doesnt lead to on the field success paying QBs all that money. Look at GB and RODGERS. This league is said to be the Ultimate copy cat league…well tell me why hasnt any one tried copying NE AND Brady and the way they do it? This game is being ruined quickly. Between Godell and Greedy players..

  43. It won’t be long before fans start sending the message. I have to cut my 10 tix to six this year. I just can’t afford them anymore. Next year I’m thinking I’ll go back to the original two, take the difference, buy a boat and go fishing.

    I realize that I am small potatoes, but a potato nonetheless.

  44. If he becomes the highest paid it only lasts for what, a year at most? Don’t understand the fixation with that. If that’s really what he wants, trade him while there’s value and draft a young guy.

  45. Contrary to what people always assume having a highly paid QB doesn’t keep teams from having salary cap room to build a team . The Colts have the most salary cap room coming off a playoff season even though they have Andrew Luck as the 3rd highest cap hit for a QB at $27,525,000 . The Lions even after going on a spending spree in FA still are in the top ten of available cap space with Stafford having the highest QB cap hit at $29,500,000 .Having a highly paid QB isn’t a guarantee of Super Bowl success but it’s not the roadblock so many believe it to be either .

  46. $35.5 million will seem cheap four years from now. A franchise QB is the key to any successful team and the top dollar will continue to climb. Someone is going to break the $100 mil mark in the next decade.
    However, top paid QB’s don’t throw interceptions with 20 seconds left in a Super Bowl.

  47. He’s good, but not the best. There is a point where the return is less than the investment. If a QB wants to be paid 35% of the teams cap he needs to guarantee 2 Super Bowls in those 4 years. If no title then he needs to pay back 15% of his annual pay.

  48. Most over rated QB to play in last 20 years or more. Put a once in a generation type defense around any QB and watch them win a SB. Cough cough Dilfer. Put an amazing RB like Lynch that the D has to key on and yes, you can run around without passing. Play in a historic weark ass division and yes, you can win with Russ Wilson. The ONLY reason they got to a 2nd superbowl was because of a 1 in a million fluke come back with hail mary 2 point play and an on side kick. Dont forget he threw 4 ints in that game. Thanks Seattle D for keeping Seattle in the game.

  49. jhoneyabhomesorg says:
    March 19, 2019 at 9:52 am
    Most over rated QB to play in last 20 years or more. Put a once in a generation type defense around any QB and watch them win a SB. Cough cough Dilfer. Put an amazing RB like Lynch that the D has to key on and yes, you can run around without passing. Play in a historic weark ass division and yes, you can win with Russ Wilson. The ONLY reason they got to a 2nd superbowl was because of a 1 in a million fluke come back with hail mary 2 point play and an on side kick. Dont forget he threw 4 ints in that game. Thanks Seattle D for keeping Seattle in the game.

    Painnnnfully ignant.

    Dilfer’s best season never came close to matching the outputs Russ has had and never had the impact he’s had. And the vaunted Seattle D hasn’t been what it was the super bowl years for a couple seasons now so its time to go ahead and put that excuse to hate to bed. Russ has continued to get better despite Lynch being gone and despite no longer having the LOB and co.

    And given the top of the conference dominance the NFC West has had the last decade {Ya know…how ALL FOUR teams have made at least one super bowl, etc.}, may wanna forget that angle as well.

    All that being said, I’m a huge Russ fan but the bigger issue here is QB contracts/cap hits are out of control. Nature of the biz these days. NO QB (Not One)is worth 35-40 mil per year and the % of the teams’ cap that takes up, but teams are going to continue to pay it because you simply must have above average QB play to contend.

  50. You can thank the perennial losers the Vikings with their year in year out desperation for giving a bottom half QB who has never won anything around $27 million a year that is fully guaranteed for resetting the market for QB’s. Add a couple million and that is the starting point for QB’s that have one at least a playoff game (Hello Dak). Then add $10 million for a 3rd year QB that won a playoff game and was the league MVP, if Hunt doesn’t pay him some one will (Miami, Jets, even the Pats as Brady’s replacement). The CBA and the players have nothing to do with the value of any player, the owners completely control that by giving players over priced contracts (I think Snyder is the leader in the clubhouse for this) hopping they will be that magical piece to win them a Superbowl, besides Davis and Brown, these teams are just play toys for billionaires who want to be on top no matter what.

  51. savethebs says:
    March 18, 2019 at 9:44 pm
    Love all the clowns on here trashing him. If you had the chance to make that kind of money you’d take it. Why are so many of you working stiffs so pro management? Boot lickers.


    Boot lickers? I don’t know how old you are, but I’m heading toward 70. Here’s what I know. In this country, we used to have industries which employed large numbers of “working stiffs”. It afforded people the opportunity to have homes and put food on the table for their families. That has changed drastically and now many industries have disappeared and many people have lost their jobs. In place of those places, people are having trouble finding jobs which pay enough to even have a home and when they find a job, they’re making minimum wage.
    I was one of those “working stiffs” for 40 years, and was glad I was. I am grateful to my employers for giving me a place where I could work to make a good home for my family.
    I am in favor of the owners because without them, there would be no place for these players to make the millions they make.
    This country was built by ambitious people who had the drive and knowledge to make millions through their ideas. The result was everyone benefitted from their efforts. I do not begrudge them one bit.
    The players make more than enough money to play football. If they feel they are underpaid, they should find something else to do. The truth is though, without football many of them would be out there competing for minimum wage jobs like so many other people.

  52. jhoneyabhomesorg says:
    March 19, 2019 at 9:52 am
    Most over rated QB to play in last 20 years or more. Put a once in a generation type defense around any QB and watch them win a SB. Cough cough Dilfer. Put an amazing RB like Lynch that the D has to key on and yes, you can run around without passing. Play in a historic weark ass division and yes, you can win with Russ Wilson. The ONLY reason they got to a 2nd superbowl was because of a 1 in a million fluke come back with hail mary 2 point play and an on side kick. Dont forget he threw 4 ints in that game. Thanks Seattle D for keeping Seattle in the game.

    That’s one of the stupidest comment I’ve heard in 20 years

  53. It’s supply & demand and player (employee) evaluation. Same as for any business.

    Employee X is worth Y to a company. If you let X leave who can you get to replace them – what are they worth to you, and how much do you pay them.

    Would you rather have Russel Wilson at 40MM/year


    Ryan Tannehill at 5MM/year and 35MM to spend on the rest of the team?

    Russel Wilson is a good QB and can make top dollar. Its up to him if he wants that (with a team like teh Giants) or if he wants to have a chance of another super bowl. The Seahawks aren’t that good now, so he has no incentive to take a pay cut and stay there.

    I’m sitting back and opening a bag of popcorn. It’s going to be interesting to see this play out.

  54. It amazes me how riled up fans get when discussing someone else’s money and if they’re worth it or not.

    To me, the single worst day in NFL history (as well as any other professional sport) was the day that they started to publicly announce how much money the players were signing for. There’s not a single positive benefit that’s resulted from that decision – it’s all just jealousy, envy, and scorn.

  55. Edward Halverson says:
    March 18, 2019 at 8:25 pm
    He is a good QB.

    But richest contract ever?

    No way!
    He’s an instant 1st ballot Hall of Famer

  56. “If Russell is worth more than Rodgers, what is Mahomes and Goff worth? Brees? And on and on.”

    “The idea that Wilson should be the highest paid is ludicrous. Good QB, sure. $35 million? Pass.”

    “What makes Wilson think he’s even in the same stratosphere with Rogers?”

    “Most over rated QB to play in last 20 years or more.”
    Russell Wilson’s resume’:

    Only QB in NFL HISTORY to have a winning record in his first 4, 5, 6th and 7th seasons.
    217 career TD passes (31 per year)
    Led NFL in passer rating in 2015
    Led NFL in TD passes in 2017
    Number 2 all-time in TD/INT ratio
    Number 12 all-time in completion percentage (ahead of Brady, among others)
    Only player in NFL HISTORY to run for 100 yards and pass for 300 yards in the same game.
    1 of only 9 QBs in NFL HISTORY to have 3 or more 100+ Passer Rating seasons. The other 8 are Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, And Ben Roethlisberger.
    QBs with multiple seasons of 100+ passer rating & 400+ rushing yards:
    Steve Young, 4x
    Russell Wilson, 3x
    Players with 4,000 yards passing and 500 yards rushing:
    Steve Young
    Russell Wilson
    Wilson was 80 passing yards short of becoming the only player in NFL HISTORY to do it twice. (2017)
    8-5 in playoff games/Super Bowls, 3,651 career rushing yards, 16 rushing TDs.
    Super Bowl Champion
    If he never played another down, he’d be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

    I guess that’s what makes Wilson think he’s in the “same stratosphere” a the fading Rodgers.

  57. Time to trade him.
    It will only get worse the longer they wait.
    Paying him $34M / year makes it almost impossible to build a championship team.

    But they won’t trade him.
    They will pay him or tag him.

    Whatever, best start planning to get a rookie QB very soon.

  58. Wilson needs weapons around him to produce. He’s not like Brady where he makes average players great. If they pay Wilson that much money…and can’t put any talent around’s going to be a long 3-4 years. As a Seahawk fan…I’d rather see him traded for a boatload of draft picks and set the stage for the future. Plus…I’d love to see Wilson play on an offensive minded team instead of being hamstrung with Bevell and Schottenheimer.

  59. Isn’t Russell Wilson the same guy who’s trying to sell miracle water that cures concussions?

    The next endorsement deal you turn down would be your first.

  60. Most over rated QB to play in last 20 years or more. Put a once in a generation type defense around any QB and watch them win a SB.

    All-time QB rating;

    1. Aaron Rodgers – 103.1
    2. Russell Wilson – 100.3
    3. Drew Brees – 97.7
    4. Tom Brady – 97.6

  61. How about this… player base salaries are set, with minimal escalators for years in the league and years with their current team. Further compensation is based on performance, with additional bonuses for being amongst the best at their position in a given year and for positional group/team play. Salary cap figures are based on previous three years average compensation (with collegiate figures at 40%) and teams may exceed cap to retain current players but not to sign outside players.

    This is very simple….. the NFLPA put forth free agency as a tool for players to be free to choose their venue of employment and maximize their opportunity to play. Now it is just a ridiculous money grab. Place a value on each position and let the players earn their money, year by year. Not just with individual statistics, but by contribution to the team game. Of a player changed teams, it should either be for personal reasons or a chance at a larger role, because that would be the only way to make more money. And emphasize the team aspect. Let a WR realize he makes more money if he takes a 20% hit to personal stats but the team passing totals increase and see how many divas there are left. For that matter, give receivers a bonus based on team rushing and see how many of them are willing to throw a block now. Give RBs a bonus based on QB protection and watch how many suddenly work real hard on their pass pro. Make it a team game again

  62. Based on his ability to stay healthy every season so far, his terrific stats, and his ability to put the game squarely on his shoulders, Russell Wilson will be worth every penny of his likely record-braking contract extension. There is no reasonable alternative available via trade, free agency or thru the draft. His contract will also provide stability on which to build the team around for years to come. Without a franchise QB locked in, a team really has no chanc for ultimate success.

  63. Who was the last SB winner to have a QB with a salary in the Top 3 (at the time they won the SB). I haven’t looked…but I’m guessing maybe Steve Young. It just doesn’t happen.

  64. Signing Wilson to a Top 5 QB contract is like going to a Porsche dealership, buying a brand new Carrera 4s and governing it to only 100 horsepower.

  65. Seattle should trade him And let the next team make him the higest paid don’t pay players for past performance.

  66. Who was the last SB winner to have a QB with a salary in the Top 3 (at the time they won the SB). I haven’t looked…but I’m guessing maybe Steve Young. It just doesn’t happen.

    Brady had the 4th highest cap hit in football last year….

  67. This is worthy of a second comment: pay the man and keep the team competitive.

  68. How much money do these players want ! Its like some sick ego trip. Wilson will never be poor for the rest of his life, specially with his wifes income as well. But as usual its an ego thing.

    The salaries are just getting ridiculous. Give Wilson his crazy deal but the second he moans when the team cant sign anyone else decent due to his cap crazy deal dont moan !

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