John Dorsey: Freddie Kitchens will hold players accountable


The Browns made a big move for wide receiver Odell Beckham last week and the reasons why they wanted him on the field are clear to anyone who has watched Beckham play football over the last five seasons.

The reasons why some teams would be skeptical about acquiring Beckham have also been easy to see. Whether it is sideline explosions, interviews critical of teammates or something else, Beckham’s done plenty to give people pause about having him on hand despite his on-field production.

One might expect teams with a first-time head coach to wonder if Beckham would prove to be overly disruptive, but the Browns were not put off their pursuit of the wideout. In Football Morning in America, Browns General Manager John Dorsey told Peter King that he does not have those concerns when it comes to how Freddie Kitchens will deal with Beckham.

“From a planning standpoint, you want to surround a first-year head coach with quality coaches at all levels,” Dorsey said. “I think we’ve done that. Surround him with a strong coaching staff. And remember: This head coach is very direct, very honest. He’s going to tell it like it is, and he’ll tell Odell like it is. He will hold players accountable. He’ll let players express themselves, as he should do. We really like Odell. He’s passionate. He’s competitive. He wants to be great. You can’t have enough of those guys. He’s on time. Everything you hear is he’s a great teammate. We’re thrilled to have him.”

Kitchens made a big splash as the interim offensive coordinator during the Browns’ 5-3 finish to last season and there’s plenty of optimism about how he’ll do in the big chair. He’s never done the job, however, and his first outing will come with higher expectations than the Browns have had in a very long time.

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  1. Kitchens has been a Running Back coach & QB coach his entire career. He was never a Coordinator until Hue Jackson was fired and Gregg Williams took over as Head Coach. Gregg Williams commanded that locker room and held players accountable. I don’t see Kitchens being able to do that.

  2. So Dorsey is already making Freddie Kitchens the fall guy. Dorsey signs a bunch of guys with questionable character, then is already blaming the coach if something goes wrong. The only coach that can hold players accountable is a coach who has all the power, and Kitchens does not.

  3. Should have kept Gregg Williams. Don’t get your hopes up too high, nobody has one clue if this guy will get it done like Williams would have.

  4. Accountability is what got Dorsey fired in KC. He drafted Hill and Hunt. And they fired Dorsey after Hunt’s incidents but before Dorsey’s 3rd draft.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  5. Would someone have Dorsey call jerry Jones and define the phrase, the coach will hold his players accountable, please

  6. The idea that Kitchens is going to successfully wrangle Beckham is wish-fulfillment. That said, I understand that many teams would want a chance to get Beckham on their team. He will be great for the Browns because his persona has been tarnished. This year, that is.

  7. Players are supposedly grown men and therefore should hold themselves accountable for their own actions. But in this day and age of the “get away with it” mentality, evidently they need a babysitter or two…or three.

  8. Meanwhile in Pittsburgh, Mike Tomlin holds nobody accountable for anything.

  9. Gregg Williams would have been able to handle Odell Beckham. But Odell is going to run roughshod over Kitchens! Kitchens cannot command a locker room the way that Gregg Williams did last year! Odell will walk all over Kitchens!

  10. I don’t really understand the premature anointing of the Browns as AFC north champs. The Steelers now with the drama behind them will still be formidable as will the Ravens so expectations should be tempered. All star teams don’t always pan out and I’m not sure Kitchens is up to the task. They should of just kept everything in place with Gregg Williams as it clearly was working. I get the feeling that Baker is calling the shots too.

  11. This team had NO discipline under Hue Jackson. Jackson provided Very Weak leadership. Gregg Williams Took over mid season and turned this team around for the first time in 10 years, by instilling discipline on the field and in the locker room. Williams ran the team with an iron fist. The players responded to him by practicing hard and playing hard on Sunday! Dorsey decided to give the job to Kitchens, because Freddy is buddy-buddy with Baker Mayfield. That “buddy” BS is not going to cut it in an NFL locker room! These guys are going to walk all over Freddy and they are going to wish that they had Gregg Williams’s tough discipline and accountability back in Cleveland!

  12. So much emptiness on one team.
    I can’t wait to see what kind of leadership Hunt brings..LOL.

  13. Everyone is saying Williams commanded that locker room and that Kitchens won’t be able to. Were any of you in that locker room?! No one has any clue who was holding that locker room together after the firings. It very well could have been Kitchens. Yes, Kitchens is a question mark but the relationship with Baker is a good sign. Time will tell and yes, I agree we need to pump the brakes a bit until they show it on the field. On paper it looks amazing. As a Browns fan, I’m just happy that for the first time in about 20 years I’ll just check on the draft after it’s over.

  14. Dorsey’s fatal flaw is that he doesn’t care about character. He drafted both Hunt and Hill in KC and neither will be available for that team in 2019. He doubled down on Hunt, bringing him to Cleveland. Beckham isn’t a bad guy, but also not a team player. Someone should hold Dorsey accountable.

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