Trent Richardson keeps scoring touchdowns in the AAF

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Trent Richardson was a bust in the NFL, but he sure has a nose for the end zone in the AAF.

Richardson scored two more touchdowns for his Birmingham Iron in Sunday night’s win over the San Diego Fleet, with one touchdown coming on the ground and one through the air. Richardson now has nine rushing touchdowns through six games, easily the most in the AAF, and 10 touchdowns in all.

However, Richardson has also struggled to find holes, as he did in the NFL. Although he’s been impressive near the goal line, he is averaging just 2.5 yards per carry on the season.

The third overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft, Richardson hasn’t played in an NFL regular-season game since 2014, when he managed just 519 yards on 159 carries. He may have done enough in the AAF this season to get an invitation to an NFL training camp, but he’s still probably a long shot to ever get back on the field in an NFL game.

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  1. Avg is only 2.5? Looks like T-Rich still hasn’t learned the game, but he can score against 4th, 5th & 6th stringers.

  2. Hard to run behind guys that aren’t good enough to play o-line in a time where bums like Foster and Pouncey are getting paid like pro bowlers.

  3. 2.5 ypc in the AAF? That’s not likely to interest any team other than Pop Warner.

  4. anyone can be a goal line back. i feel like thats the most overvalued (specialty) position.

  5. The high level summary of this is not too hard to figure out:
    1) Talented enough to succeed against sub-par College Talent
    2) Talented enough to succeed against players not good enough for the NFL.
    3) NOT talented enough to compete against NFL caliber defenders.

    Jim Brown was criticized for calling it a LONG time ago – He just didn’t see anything special about the guy. He thought he was “ordinary.” Which in retrospect may having been too kind. “Ordinary” in the NFL is around 3 yards a carry. This guy averages 2.5 in the AAF!

    The original quote which turned out to be very accurate:

    “”I’m not overwhelmed with it,” Brown said of the prospect that his former team, the Cleveland Browns, could select Richardson. “The problem is that he’s ordinary. I think he’s ordinary.”

  6. That was why the Browns traded him, he would run right into his O-Line and never cut back or find a hole. If it is not wide open trent won’t run through it.

  7. I hope the AAF succeeds. It’s fun to watch. The players are mostly hungry and hard working (although now that Johnny Highball is in the league, that may change). I’m looking forward to a time where one can succeed in the AAF, make a nice living playing pro football, and not need to move up to the NFL to be considered a success. Trent Richardson has found his niche; I hope he stays in the Alliance because it seems to suit him.

  8. Let’s not act like T-Rich didn’t score 11 TDs for Cleveland in his rookie year. He’s made some nice plays in the open field for Birmingham, but obviously his vision is what hurts him.

  9. Maybe he’s a great pickup for your AAF fantasy football team, but I think NFL teams look at a lot more than how many short-yardage touchdowns you scored. You could average two yards a carry just by falling forward so 2.5 isn’t very impressive.

  10. It is not because the line he is running behind is that bad. I have watched every AFF game and the play is pretty good with some guys doing quite well. Trent just is not that good. He is a bull rushing back that can score but he is not fast or shifty. He can not cut and runs directly into the line. If the line is not moving he is not going anywhere. I am amazed at how much press he is getting when you have guys like Zac Stacy who is doing really well. (He played well for the Rams until a bad injury). I mean there is a story every week about Trent. Must be the agent.

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