Tyler Eifert ready to come back from latest “freak thing”

Getty Images

Tyler Eifert admitted it was hard for him to watch the video of his latest freak injury — a broken ankle in Atlanta which ended yet another season for him.

But after some time, he actually came to find some sense of pride in it.

Via Katherine Terrell of ESPN, Eifert was able to talk about the grisly injury now that he’s re-signed for another year with the Bengals.

“They put my ankle back in on the field, which was not fun,” he said, which seems like an understatement.  Eifert said he eventually pushed through, and was able to eventually take pride in the comeback: “Hey, look how nasty this is!

Of course, missing time with injuries is nothing new for Eifert, who has played in just 43 of a possible 96 games because of many different things. But the 28-year-old remains hopeful.

“I’ve just had some freak things happen and some unfortunate injuries, but who knows, you never know what’s going to happen, but I intend to stay healthy and finish out a long career,” he said.

When well, he’s a productive pass-catcher, heading into a new offense which should help him. But staying well has always been a problem, one he hopes is behind him.