$2.5 million of Trent Murphy’s 2019 salary now guaranteed

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The Bills were thought to be interested in Trey Flowers before he signed with the Lions and they hosted Ziggy Ansah on a visit, which may have had some people wondering if last year’s big signing at defensive end would be sticking around for another year.

Trent Murphy signed a three-year, $22.5 million contract as a free agent last year and he produced 24 tackles, four sacks and two forced fumbles while appearing in 13 games. Murphy was coming off a 2017 torn ACL and dealt with some nagging injuries during the season, but it doesn’t appear durability issues will keep the Bills from having Murphy back again this year.

As Mike Rodak of ESPN.com points out, Murphy had $2.5 million of his $5.8 million 2019 salary guaranteed on the fifth day of the new league year. He also received a $500,000 roster bonus and the dual outlays of cash make moving on from Murphy prohibitive for a team that still has money to spend on further additions to the defensive line.

The Bills will have another decision to make at defensive end in regard to their option for a fifth year on Shaq Lawson‘s contract. That decision is not due until May, however, so the team has time to figure out what other options they will have on hand.

8 responses to “$2.5 million of Trent Murphy’s 2019 salary now guaranteed

  1. Love the model they are using. NE really. Clearly they have a long way to go but but signing good free agents and not over spending. They signed 10
    Guys and still have 40$ m to play with

  2. Murphy did ok when he could get on the field. Players can now come back from an ACL in 6 months. However, I still think it’s 18 months or so until a player is 100% again, if at all. That being said, expectations should be higher for Murphy this year. If he does not elevate this year I wouldn’t expect him back in 2020 as only $1.75 million of his $9 million is guaranteed.

  3. If Murphy can stay healthy he will be an important piece of the defense moving forward… A defense that was ranked #2 last season and besides Kyle Williams is fully intact. If Beane can get a 3rd-4th round pick for Lawson he will, Otherwise he’ll continue rotating with Murphy for 2019.

  4. Shaq Lawson decision will come down simply to money. In my opinion you can’t overpay for players that are able to be replaced. He certainly isn’t anything special. Would love to see him be a Bill for a long time, but I highly doubt that happens.

  5. Trent Murphy was decent last year, when healthy of course, but I would like a bit more explosiveness from the end position. Shaq Lawson was very good at times last year, I would hope that they take up his option, and allow him to play his best in a contract year. I would also hope they add an edge rusher through the draft or even a late free agency pickup. This is a passing league and you can never have enough talent there

  6. Trent was indeed above average, noone can take that away from him. However, I value continuity. With his past medical records, he’s a liability to our roster. Think of it like this, what happens when you miss work once a week? Chances (not guaranteed) you’ll get canned. I’d Trade both Shaq and Trent for whatever we can get, maybe package both for a 3rd, IDK. However, i do want them to remain Bills, especially Shaq, given he’s a 1st round pick. However, put empathy and emotions aside, we need a reliable DE that can stay upright, and be a substantial pass rusher, for ALL 16 games.

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