Ereck Flowers sees “great opportunity” to work with Bill Callahan

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Ereck Flowers signed a one-year contract with Washington on Monday and early word is that they will give the 2015 Giants first-round pick a look at guard heading into next season.

Flowers’ forays at left and right tackle for the Giants were dismal enough that a position change may represent his best opportunity to continue as a starting player in the NFL. He’ll have the help of a seasoned offensive line coach in Bill Callahan as he tries to make that happen and Flowers says he’s looking forward to the chance to work together over the coming months.

“When you talk to him he’s just so knowledgeable,” Flowers said, via the team’s website. “Certain stuff you watch on film, or when he talks about certain things. I was just talking to him now, and there are things that I’ve never really heard, and its like ‘wow.’ You know he’s a great coach, you look at his body of work and I think it’s a great opportunity.”

Should the results in Washington mimic those of his first four seasons, future opportunities may be harder to come by for Flowers.

11 responses to “Ereck Flowers sees “great opportunity” to work with Bill Callahan

  1. In the picture above, Ereck Flowers looks like he’s committing at least two penalties on Chandler Jones. The first was for holding Jones and the other was for hands-to-his-face. Coach Bill has a lot on his hands with Flowers, though he’ll need less seasoning as a guard. Thank God for that. I guess.

  2. Ahh, that great pick of the Giants, otherwise known as “The Turnstile.” I love what the Giants and Skins are doing in the NFC East!

  3. I am not shocked that Callahan, the son of a Chicago Cop is willing to take this on. The patron saint of the Chicago PD is St. Jude. Jude is also the patron Saint of lost causes.

  4. Gee, going into year 5 of his career somebody finally figured out that Flowers might not be an NFL tackle. What a revelation (smh).

  5. I’m greatly releivede.
    I was worried that the almost 16MM Ereck made wasn’t enough. I’m glad to see he’ll get another 4MM AND now be eligible for an NFL pension.
    Making almost 20MM and not being any good is an amazing accomplishment.

    Well done.

  6. He’s probably only excited to have another paycheck. If he plays the same way this year as his previous years, it’ll be his last contract.

  7. it may be relevant to mention that Dallas Pro Bowl guard Nate Newton was fantastic as a blocker for that Cowboy run game yet Nate started with the Redskins,amd was let go. He was later picked up by Dallas and forced to play tackle but failed…then Jimmy Johnson moved him inside to GUARD….and Big Nate made 6 Pro Bowls.

    Maybe this will be the same type of story so don’t PREJUDGE.

  8. Great pick-up by washington. Ny and jax had this kid playing out of position, he’s a true guard, he doesn’t have the arm lenghth or footwork to be a tackle in the nfl. But moving him inside to guard will turn his career around mark my words. He was dominant coming out of the U similar to Brandon Scherf who was also a tackle in college biy switched his position to guard once he got to the nfl and he’s been dominant and a pro bowl player for washington. Mark my words he will dominate at guard.

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