Nick Easton: It’s pretty obvious why I chose Saints

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Offensive lineman Nick Easton had a chance to return to the Vikings. He chose to join the Saints.

Easton, who agreed to a four-year, $24 million deal with New Orleans on Sunday, will replace Max Unger as the starting center. Unger retired last week.

“Obviously, you have a well established offense and an unreal quarterback room that they have down there,” Easton said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “Not to mention one of the most well respected offensive lines in football. It’s pretty obvious why I chose to go down there. And I’m fired up to be part of it.”

Easton, 26, missed all of last season with a neck injury that required surgery. He started 12 games in 2017 before a fractured ankle ended his season in December.

Easton appeared in 23 career games for Minnesota with 17 starts. He played 665 snaps at left guard and 463 at center for the Vikings.

“If you look at a breakdown of my snaps with the Vikings, I was just about 50-50 between guard and center because if there was ever an injury at the center position, I would slide over in my time there,” Easton said. “I actually made my first start as a Viking as a center, so I’ve got pretty good experience at center.”

39 responses to “Nick Easton: It’s pretty obvious why I chose Saints

  1. The Vikings were willing to pay him what he was worth as an average to just below average O-Lineman. The Saints were desperate because their center just retired and threw a bunch of money at him. The Saints gave 6 million a year to a guy who last played in 2017. Thats the same amount of money that the Ravens pay Marshal Yanda and he is a pro bowler. Yep Nick it is obvious why you signed with the Saints $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  2. I think the vikings moved on from this guy the second they heard ‘neck injury’ last year that was season ending before camp started. I never expected him back. He wasn’t exactly steve hutchinson, either. i’m tired of these headlines that say ‘vikings lose another key player!’ a draft pick will replace him easily. guard is the easiest position to fill on a football team.

  3. Big deal, what’s next that is gonna happen to the saints? They sign a lineman who isn’t worth $6 million and coming from neck surgery. Hope this blows up in both of each other’s faces. They make a perfect fit! WHO DAT! NOT!

  4. I’m glad he’s excited to join his new team, but it’s a bit disingenuous to say it’s obvious why he chose the Saints and then never mention the money. I’m guessing the Saints offered at least twice what the Vikings offered. If the Vikings were offering twice as much as the Saints, do you think he would turn it down because of the Saints’ unreal quarterback room?

  5. It’s somewhat amusing that Viking fans are fond of reminding people when their team signs a player it’s because they love Minnesota and want to be there, but when someone chooses another team, it’s clearly about the money and the money only.
    I’ve heard of other fans calling you all delusional, and now I understand why.

  6. He was so impressed with Brees being awful in their playoff match up in 2017 before a bad Keenum pick and a blocked punt let the Saints back in the game?

    He was excited by Brees’ 1 excellent playoff game in the last 7 years?

    He really, really, likes whistles?

    … No?

    How about he took the money?

  7. Interesting. I thought he would never play again with the neck injury, so take shots at your former team for no reason. Good luck with that. Prick.

  8. It wasn’t necessary to compare Cousins and Brees, even if it’s indirectly. There is no comparison when talking about a first-ballot HOF QB. Easton is best off just keeping his mouth shut and hope no one notices him getting paid more for having literally proved NOTHING in the NFL. He’s been injured and performs at a barely-average level, at best. His “versatility” he’s trying to sell people on is nothing more than the desperate needs of the wet-tissue OL the Vikings have, trying to mix and match since they have a bag of stale leftovers that they have to work with. Like that side pile of candy at Halloween that never gets eaten. Sure, it’s candy, but it’s not anything good.

  9. Give it a break, Easton. You went to the Saints because they were the only team crazy enough to give you such a big contract. They did it out of pure desperation.

  10. The Vikings are looking for big, fat guys to play O-line.

    So, they’re looking in Wisconsin.

  11. He gets to go to work in a building with a Lombardi. Good chance to add another.

    Money might be the easy answer but he mentioned QB play as well.

    Dude wants to win and knew he couldn’t at any price in MN.

  12. yet my Texans…who have a desperate need at guard, and would also be wise to have some backup at center as we have to sign Nick Martin (and Jadaveon Clowney and DJ Reader) next offseason….do nothing….no wonder Houston, along with Detroit, and Cleveland (at least to this point) are the most pathetic franchises in the 53 years of the Super Bowl era.

  13. The Saints were not desperate to sign Easton to start at center when they have Cameron Tom around. But they knew Unger’s salary was going to be off the books so they took the chance to get an experienced interior OL with the money they saved. And Easton’s deal is no doubt backloaded so the first couple of years won’t cost them hardly anything.

    Face it Vikings fans, he left because the Saints are just a better organization to play for and everybody in the league understands this.

  14. It was an easy choice. He’s a Harvard Grad, knows which way the money rolls, loves Cajun Cook’n and is going to a team that has been world champion one time versus the Vikes 4 appearances in the big show ……..and 4 very pathetic losses. You Vike That?

  15. cheeseisfattening says:
    March 19, 2019 at 3:23 pm
    Bejamins. Not every player will take less to be in Minnesota.

    Call me shocked.

  16. Hey, the Saints have a great offense and are paying him a boatload of money — I don’t blame him one bit. Sure he’s overpaid, but he will be a serviceable center if his body holds up. Wish him all the best until his team plays the Vikes.

  17. I know it’s a business, but don’t diss the Vikings. Their training staff worked with after his injury to get him back so he can play. Thank you, your welcome.

  18. Uh, I followed up on his live-take interviews. Money wasn’t mentioned. He was overtly thankful of the Saints and I felt like he was being as polite as possible.

  19. Vikings go from 13-3 to 8-7-1 While the Saints go from 11-5 to 13-3. One team on the rise and one team going downhill.

  20. If any team thinks taking offensive lineman from the Vikings is a good idea, more power to them. We aren’t exactly a wealth of riches along the OL.

  21. I think the Saints offered more money than the Vikings could have. The Vikes did offer him something, though I have not seen what it was.

    I think he will be OK with the Saints. The Vikings tend not to worry about OL too much (one of my problems with GM Rick Spielman). So, maybe with decent talent around him, Easton can elevate his play.

    I wish him well, and I think he is showing more class than my fellow Vikings fans are showing. I don’t take his comments as a swing against the Vikes, but rather as a positive answer to the question that was asked.

  22. He did OK as an OL. Not great a little slow. Seems like a good guy. Hope his neck holds out and he has a good career. Hope he plays well except when he plays the Vikings. I am sure the Vikings could not match the Saints $$$ due to their cap limits. That is the way it goes.

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