Vikings interested in re-signing Brett Jones

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The Vikings have “ramped up” their interest in bringing back interior offensive lineman Brett Jones after losing Nick Easton to the Saints, Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press reports.

But Minnesota isn’t the only suitor for Jones.

Jones, 27, also has drawn interest from the Seahawks, Jets, Eagles and Chiefs, per Tomasson.

Jones made $2.914 million in 2018, playing 14 games with three starts at center.

Jones spent his first three seasons with the Giants after signing as an undrafted free agent. He played 30 games, with 14 starts, for the Giants after spending his rookie season on injured reserve.

13 responses to “Vikings interested in re-signing Brett Jones

  1. He spent the first 2 seasons with the Giants. Lol, otherwise how would he have been on the Vikings roster?

  2. The way teams are over paying for below average OL I have a feeling that more OL will go in the first round than currently being predicted by most. Teams who are set at OL are going to get some very good players at other positions into the second round as it seems so may teams are starved for even adequate line play.

  3. Jones started the first three games at center for the injured Pat Elflein. After that, he played three snaps the rest of the season on offense.

    Three. Snaps.

    That means they didn’t think he was good enough to replace Tom Compton at guard.

    Tom. Compton.

    And now we’re trying to bring a guy back that wasn’t good enough to play for them last year? And four other teams are interested in him too?

    Ordinarily I would say sign the guy you know rather than the guy you don’t know, but I think they know enough about this guy to know that they shouldn’t want to know him anymore. Let’s find some money in the couch cushions and sign Josh Kline and then draft three offensive linemen in the first three rounds. At this point, there isn’t really another option.

  4. I can’t believe that they didn’t sign him on the cheap when they had a chance.

  5. The run on offensive linemen in the draft will be swift and thorough. Guys like Easton and Jones are getting big money??

    Wow. They are backup and spot starter material. I think the Vikings should consider trading up from 18 if they want a 1st round lineman.

  6. Well hopefully they get something done with Jones ~ Good backup at both OG and Center ~ But if not their are better players than he still out there ~ If they bring him back it will be as a backup with a chance to win a job ~

  7. I wouldn’t panic Viking fans.

    Zimmer says that QB’s get a lot better at avoiding the torrential onslaught of completely unmolested pass rushers in their second year in the program.

  8. They’ll probably get outbid. The guy is a back-up center, that’s it. For all the panicking (and cheeser glee despite their team kicking out $67.5M in first year guaranteed money to FAs cause the team has drafted like crud for 4 straight years), there was never any realistic expectation of signing a great starting O-lineman this off-season. There weren’t any really available, the Vikes lacked cap room, and teams way overpaid for those that were available. The O-line FA signings are not unlike blowing all of a team’s cap space on a couple average edge rushers. This was always an area to be addressed via draft or trade.

  9. Guess this will test the theory that all Viking players will stay for less money.

  10. It was pointed out earlier that because there are so many teams in need of “quality “ o lineman that there will be some real deals out there in the draft account players sliding. Need over best player available. Well, u can thank Rick and the draff board braintrust for setting themselves up to pick need (o-line) wifh there first 4 picks. Seriously, you hope that 2 of 4 picks would earn starting gigs and the other 2 would become quality backups. We have nothing at backup ….just look. Tell me I’m wrong. Vikes have dissed this position ever since Ricks been in charge of draft day. One concession is our 2nd round pick last yr is looking good at right tackle. Pat Elflien was drafted in the 4th and is playing like a late 3rd round pick. Oh boy, for those who say we only need one starting o lineman in the draft are dilusional and will go down with admiral Spielman and skipper Zimmer on the proverbial ship.

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