Vikings trying to bring back Trevor Siemian

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The Vikings are attempting to keep backup quarterback Trevor Siemian in Minnesota.

According to Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Vikings are trying to re-sign Siemian to continue to serve as a backup to starter Kirk Cousins.

The Vikings dealt a fifth-round pick to the Denver Broncos last March to add Siemian to their roster. The Broncos had signed former Vikings starter Case Keenum as their replacement for Siemian as a starter. The Vikings wanted a veteran backup behind Cousins as they attempted to turn an NFC Championship appearance into another deep playoff run.

Siemian ultimately didn’t have to play a single down for the Vikings in 2018.

Siemian started 24 of 25 games players over a two-year stretch as a starter for Denver. He completed 59.3 percent of his passes for 5,686 yards with 30 touchdowns and 24 interceptions.

28 responses to “Vikings trying to bring back Trevor Siemian

  1. With completion percentage at 59.3 and 30 TD’s and 24 INT’s you wouldn’t think he could demand a high salary.

  2. They are doing everything possible to remain mediocre. Hes terrible and with the line getting even worse, if thats possible, he will be playing at some point. Good news is Speilman will be gone soon.

  3. Solid QB depth. But if re-signed he’ll need to fend off Kyle Sloter for #2 Job.

  4. This has got to be coming from Kubiak. Sloter completely outplayed him in preseason last year. Siemian looked lost and ineffective. He is the Christian Ponder of back up quarterbacks. I know Kubiak liked him in Denver. Personally I would like him in Denver too, or in Cleveland, or in Miami, or anywhere else. It’s impossible to describe how bad he looked last year in preseason. I don’t get this one at all. Money is tight, and this is not the way to way to spend it. If Cousins gets hurt, and it could happen with his lack of pocket presence, I am afraid Siemian will do his best Brett Hundley imitation. It’s official now, time to worry.

  5. I think it’s time for the Vikings to either promote Sloter from third string to second string, or cut him loose. He’s spent two years on the roster; either he’s ready to be #2, or he’s not worth keeping around. I know he outplayed Siemian last pre-season, and I know Kubiak is familiar with Siemian, but that’s not a good enough reason to keep Siemian around.

  6. Please go another route. A 2020 2nd round with a 2019 6th round pick to Arizona for Josh Rosen would be fantastic, and cover the position for 10 to 15 years. Think about it. COusins is only here for 2 more years unless he pulls off a Super Bowl win.

  7. Minnesota needs to sling a 4th rounder or so at a QB to develop, Cousins looked scared and lost last year but We are Married to him for 2 more years. I can’t believe Spielman and Zimmer chose to keep spending money on the Defense when the bad line is getting worse. Looks like another 8-8 season (IF we are lucky)! Now watch Minnesota spend the 1st – 3rd picks on Linebackers & DB’s again. and use 4th and 6th on crappy Rookie OL’s.. It is getting harder every year to support how Spielman believes, “We can turn ANY big man into a starting Lineman.

  8. Trevor Siemian’s career stats are nearly identical to what Case Keenum’s were before joining the Vikings, except he has a better career record. He’s fine as a backup quarterback. Kyle Sloter may turn out to be better but I’m not going to say he is now based on how they looked in the preseason last year. Siemian played against second-stringers and Sloter played against third-stringers. The coaches know which guy is better. If Cousins goes down, I want a guy who has started 24 games over a guy who hasn’t taken a snap in a regular season game.

  9. The Vikings are QB stupid! Kirk Cousins will turn out to be a huge waste of money and the worst free agent signing in the history of the NFL. And if for some reason Siemian has to play he will be even worst. The Vikings would have been better off signing Ryan
    Fitzpatrick he could have gotten then at least 9 wins… $84M for backup QB at best! WOW!!!

  10. we don’t have money. i’d be shocked if he comes back for less. he was actually pretty promising his first year in denver. the second year in denver he was on a team that quit, so i’ll cut him some slack.

  11. sgrvn329 says:
    March 19, 2019 at 1:55 pm
    The Vikings are QB stupid! Kirk Cousins will turn out to be a huge waste of money and the worst free agent signing in the history of the NFL. And if for some reason Siemian has to play he will be even worst. The Vikings would have been better off signing Ryan
    Fitzpatrick he could have gotten then at least 9 wins… $84M for backup QB at best! WOW!!!


    Are you skip bayless?

  12. Kinda funny seeing Vikings fans reliving the Sloter/Siemian debate we had in Denver for several seasons. Sloter outplayed him there too…not sure why he never gets his shot.

  13. Don’t know why so many always make so many excuses for Kirk Cousins bad play, it’s the bad offensive line, it’s the offensive coordinator or something else but it’s never Kirk Cousins fault for his poor play. Case Keenum played behind that stay offensive line the season before an took the Viking one step from the Super Bowl. The Vikings overpaid Cousins because they thought that he was the piece that would make the difference but Kirk Cousins has never made a difference in any meaningful game ever. Kirk Cousins is a garbage QB and a QB that will kill your team’s defense because of all the three and outs and poor red zone play. This stats look good but never tell the whole story because most are in garbage time when the only hope of coming back is throwing the football. The Vikings should have tried to package Cousins to some stupid GM that would have traded for him because they will never win with Kirk as their QB I don’t care how good the defense plays or who is calling the plays. The Bears. Lions and Packers have all improved their defenses and included better pass rushers and that doesn’t bode well for Cousins and the Vikings offense. They well be lucky f they are a .500 team next season…

  14. Vikings are known for Stupid moves, Hershel Walker? They have a dream of re-creating the Purple People Eaters, (That D lost 4 Super Bowls) Defense doesn’t win games if the offense cannot move the ball, Which is exactly what happened in those 4 SB losses. Do we really want more of the same from the team? Zimmer still wants to be a Defensive coordinator more than Head Coach. He knows nothing about a championship Offence..
    On another post it is worse (not worst)… AHHH there is ALWAYS something stupid happening with this team. It is like as long as they win more than lose, put butts in the seats the team is a success!

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