Falcons have had “really good conversations” about Julio Jones contract

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The question of when Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones will get a new contract has been bandied about for the last year or so and the issue came back onto the radar when Antonio Brown got a new contract after his trade to the Raiders.

Brown is now the highest-paid receiver in the league, but General Manager Thomas Dimitroff acknowledged last week that could change when Jones and the team come to an agreement about Jones’ next deal. On Wednesday, Dimitroff said that there’s no time frame in place to get that deal done while adding that conversations have been positive on that front.

“We’ll continue to talk with both Julio and his representation,” Dimitroff said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We have had really good conversations with them. There is no particular time on that. I’m not concerned about it, nor is he. We’ll get that figured out. … I know there is interest because of everything that’s going on with all of the receivers in the league. There are big numbers [being] talked about and a big situation there. Look, we feel good with our communications there.”

Jones missed offseason work last year and was reportedly set to skip training camp before the Falcons revised his contract last July to give him $2.9 million more money than he was set to make. Jones has two years left on his current deal and is set to make a base salary of $9.6 million this season.

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  1. Well, he actually did get a couple TD’s last season, so there is that….so I guess he deserves to now be the highest payed receiver in the league!! LOL

  2. OBJ wants new deal, Julio who is prone to breaking down now wants to be highest paid receiver……..these guys get their signing bonus, and then depending how things go want a redone deal with another signing bonus. Guys on rookie deals massively out performing their small contracts should start refusing to play now as well.

  3. And as soon as Julio signs his sure to be record breaking deal, AB, OBJ and all the others will be whining and crying for more….

  4. Don’t care for AB, but he has 67 receiving td’s in the last six years…Julio has 33. Last year it was AB 15 receiving td’s…Julio had 8.
    No need to give Julio a raise.

  5. When will these GM’s learn that these high priced WR’s won’t help you win a Super Bowl.
    Giants made a wise move trading OBJ.

  6. Not a Falcons fan but Julio deserves to get paid. He’s no OBJ or AB.. when things are going bad he puts his head down and produces without a complaint. Also, Julio drawing coverage in the red zone led to Calvin Ridley’s TD #’s.

  7. I was thinking Atlanta would possibly move on from Julio Jones with all of this WR1 shakeup, but unlike most WR’s in this league Jones is showing no signs of slowing down.
    -2nd highest career reception total
    -2nd highest career yardage total
    -2nd highest career TD total
    -3rd highest career catch %

    Jones is staying in Atlanta.

  8. They caved last year and reworked his deal to give him more money right then and there. WHY in the world would you even consider doing it again?

    Granted he isn’t as much of a clown show as AB and OBJ but sooner or later one of these teams need to put the hammer down on these cry babies and let them know there is no such thing as a free lunch.

  9. spitsportstalk says:
    March 20, 2019 at 7:21 pm

    Pay the man! He is classy and he is good. Cant say that for any other receiver right off hand.

    May I introduce Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

  10. Guy made $14 mil per year on his current deal (5-$70). They bumped him up $2.9 mil last year (not sure if accelerated money or new money). If new, that’s now about $14.6 mil per year over the five years. News flash, don’t want to worry about having guys pass you, don’t sign five year deals.

  11. Brown outpaced Jones on TDs last season, but Jones had significantly more receiving yards. Buddy Ryan’s been ridiculed for famously complaining that all Cris Carter did was catch touchdowns, but if you don’t get the yards, you won’t be in a position to get the scores. Jones quietly does his job, and does it beautifully. I’d take him any day of the week over the drama my team endured with Brown.

  12. Falcons have just under 7 million in cap space according to over the cap. They tagged Grady Jarrett (15 mil) and it’s seemed he has been the priority as far as a long term deal before Julio. Matt Ryan’s cap hit is 15 mil as well which is obviously going to ballon with the massive deal he signed. I know these cap guys are wizards but where’s the money for a market resetting deal for Julio? Especially since a normal draft class is like 5 million or so.

  13. I like Julio, but he’s clearly on the back nine of his career. I don’t think it’s fiscally responsible to overpay a fading star.

  14. Crazy that people say he is clearly over the hill or fading. His numbers for last season are above.
    When they sign a new deal, it actually will create more cap space for this season. Possibly next season if they want to set it up that way.
    He got the bump last year as part of an agreement to rework the deal this year. Its not like he just renegotiated then a year later wants to do it again. The talks no are a continuation of last year’s talks.
    The Falcons will have a big dead money year down the road. Just like most teams that manage to have multiple studs on their roster.
    I expect Julio to get a top WR deal that will be a five year deal with an expectation he plays 3 more years….less if they win the SB.
    That’s why he wants to b paid now. In two years he’s an over 30 WR and he may only want to play 3 more.

  15. He locked himself in for six years in 2015 when he was 25 years old, coming off a 100+ catch, 1590 yard season.

    What did he think was going to happen? That salaries for receivers were going to stay exactly the same over the next half decade?

    I’m really glad that the Falcons did the right thing last year, and appear to be doing so again, but his agent should be fired. That contract (like so many others) was all about the agent’s 3%, not the player’s 97%.

  16. jackedupboonie says:
    March 20, 2019 at 6:26 pm
    (snip) Guys on rookie deals massively out performing their small contracts should start refusing to play now as well.
    The NFLPA should insist on shorter rookie deals at next contract. As it is, guys expect to get paid in their next contract for what they have done under the current one and teams understandably don’t want to do that now that the player is aging and dinged up.

  17. teams need to learn that high-priced WR Divas do not win championships.
    14 mill for 1 receiver?? Long-term contracts? CRAZY!
    Spend that money for some serious beef for both lines.
    Spread that cap around. Raise all boats, not just a few whiny ones.
    It will make for a better TEAM.

  18. As a lifelong Falcons fan and someone who owns only 1 NFL Jersey – Julio’s – I say they should have done all they could to trade him. The guy signed a new 5 year contract that made him the highest paid WR in the league. Then after 2 years he holds out for more money and now with 2 years left on his existing contract he demands a new contract to again make him the highest paid player. What is the point of a contract with someone with this attitude? He may not posture like an OBJ diva (which is great) but the end result is the same: the team cannot trust that he will honor ANY deal they give him. So whats the point? If they are going to give him a new contract, make it for 8 years and $200 Million with a $20 million first year guarantee and no other guaranteed money. Why guarantee long term money to a player who will not honor a long term contract?

  19. tspringer1……..AMEN! Trade this guy now for draft picks! Wait a minute…..Dan Quinn will just force mgmt to draft more “fast”, undersized defensive players who lack technique (can you say, “Vic Beasley”) who wear down at the most crucial time of a game (can you say 28-3)? The offensive line is awful but Dan can’t help himself and will always use 90% of their picks on defensive players that match his system condemning the Falcons to another 8-8 or 9-7 season.

  20. Crazy that people say Jones is too over the hill to get a new contract when he’s younger than Brown, but we can’t say that. Guess it’s dirty.

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