Odell Beckham says he needs to “gather thoughts” in deleted social media post

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The statement issued after the trade that brought receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to Cleveland had Beckham saying all the right things. His own words were slightly less effusive, calling the trade “bittersweet.” A recent social media post sent a more complicated message.

“I love you all so much, for the ones that follow and support I thank u all for that,” Beckham wrote Tuesday in an Instagram post that he then deleted, via 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland. “I’m takin an emotional, mental, physical/blah blah blah vacation. I appreciate the love honestly but at this moment for the next couple of days I’m goin dark. I won’t be around, phone is gone, with all due respect, please don’t text/call/FaceTime unless it’s of the utmost importance. I really need some time to vibe and just get away, process, reevaluate some of the things in my life, as much has changed for me recently. I’m doin amazing thanks for askin!!! Im really just tryin to get everything together and gather all my thoughts so I can take the next steps in my life to be the very very very best me moving forward . God bless u all and again thanks for the love and support, I will see u soon. . . . Always LUVVVVV.”

After the trade went down, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported that Beckham (who has five years, $74 million left on his current contract) wants a new deal. Also, former teammate Saquon Barkley said Tuesday that he spoke to Beckham immediately after the trade and “I don’t think he was really happy about it.”

The deleted post could be interpreted as confirming that, or at least indicating that one week removed from the trade Beckham isn’t sure about his feelings on it. Or maybe he’s trying to figure out how to go about asking for a new deal without being perceived a distraction.

Regardless, the notion that Beckham unconditionally has embraced this dramatic change in his football life has eroded in the time since the trade happened, and it’s worth paying attention to everything he says and does as the offseason program approaches, including whether and to what extent he participates in the offseason program.

103 responses to “Odell Beckham says he needs to “gather thoughts” in deleted social media post

  1. Browns seem like they’re going in the right direction, so I’m guessing he’ll change his tune. If not, maybe he’ll try to pull an AB at some point. Makes it a little more interesting in terms of what they’re introducing into the locker room.

  2. Ah those Diva WR, do they really win SBs or just make healines for catching and blabbing!!!

  3. He should be thrilled and embrace the change. He’s got a shot to win now, and for awhile. He’s reunited with Landry and has a play making QB.

  4. He did not act like he wanted to be a NY Giant. His behavior indicated that he thought himself untouchable as far as being traded. Now the reality of playing and living in Cleveland has set in(NOT a shot at the city)and he realizes that curating his social profile is going to be more difficult because he is not in NYC anymore.

  5. Virtually every news and sports article today references some kind of social media post. Creepy times we live in.

  6. I wish players would help their team win something, anything, before asking them to break the bank on them. How is averaging 14.8 million dollars a year not enough? I think sometimes we lose perspective on just how much money pro athletes are being paid; we compare 14.8 to 17.3 or something and forget we’re talking about MILLIONS. Do you make $148,000 per year? Probably not, and your job is probably actually useful or productive in some way. Well this guy makes a *thousand times more* than that playing a game and he wants a raise.

  7. If all these so called All-Pro, Pro Bowl players want to be the highest paid player at their positions. Then they should all do one year deals. It’s ridiculous that any player would become a distraction because he isn’t the highest paid player anymore after another contract was giving out to another player.

  8. Beckham has to “gather his thoughts”. He could be gone for a while trying to do that.

  9. He needs to quit talking and just play ball. All this other nonsense he does is exhausting. I bet the Giants management is relieved he is gone so they don’t have to deal with all his drama. Learn from Larry Fitzgerald the king of class and humbleness. Just play and quit talking.

  10. He’s going from NYC which is a world class city to Cleveland which sums it up. I would never live in nyc cause of the absurd cost of living but if you’re young and rich like OBJ it’s the place to be.

  11. I don’t see anything wrong or controversial about what he wrote. He’s on vacation and wants to relax. I think people are just looking to make a story out of nothing.

  12. Media crowning the Browns just waiting for the Train wreck. Yea, we all know it’s coming. Poor Browns. Their GM loves bad character guys, and they’ll pay the price for it as KC is now.

    One step forward, 2 steps back. Brace yourself Cleveland. It’ll be for all to see on prime time throughout the season too.

  13. gimmickface says:
    March 20, 2019 at 8:28 am
    I don’t see anything wrong or controversial about what he wrote. He’s on vacation and wants to relax. I think people are just looking to make a story out of nothing.

    Why use social media to make an announcement that you just want to relax? Just do it and avoid social media altogether for the rest of your life.

  14. “Enough of my constantly speaking about me, me, me. Lets change the conversation. What do YOU think about me?” He over estimated his worth compared with all of the baggage. I don’t think banishing him to Cleveland of all places was by accident.

  15. ….such a prima’donna. The Giants are much better without him. ONE finger tip catch and he’s been living off that for years now. Geez….I saw at least 3 or 4 WR’s make fingertip catches just last year.

  16. AJ green, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald best non diva receivers in recent memory. Actually, just make that best receivers in recent memory.

  17. Beckham seems like a good guy, but he sure shows his mental instability a lot. He’s like a nicer version of AB, but they’re both the same when it comes to craziness.

  18. Dude did just have to uproot his life from NYC to go to Cleveland, that’s a bit overwhelming, regardless of who you are. Nothing wrong with collecting one’s thoughts.

  19. History suggests when Odell doesn’t get what he wants, he quietly accepts it and puts all his energy into putting the team first without creating any distractions.

  20. So really all this because of his words. He really has y’all wrapped up in his world. So what get off the grid for few and get ready to be the best you for yourself and the Browns. I can support you for that and not even a Browns or OBJ fan.Everyday person doesn’t have the means to do this.

  21. I’ll take a pass on reading too much into this, but anyone who thinks everything will be smooth sailing for him in Cleveland obviously hasn’t been paying attention. He’s a time bomb. It might be week 1 this year, it might be the playoffs next year, but we all know that at some point the situation’s going to explode. They just have to hope that by that time, the rest of the team is good enough to absorb whatever tantrum he’s going to throw their way.

  22. Or option three being that he’s literally done nothing this offseason yet every news outlet on the planet has been speaking for him on his behalf based on a perception of him they created. The guy just got traded and the New York media already has him as a locker room cancer who wants a new contract. The guy hasn’t put on a Browns uniform yet.

    Meanwhile two players who actually disrupted their locker rooms to get to their current teams (Antonio Brown, Le veon Bell) get 0 coverage, so yeah I’d go dark too.

  23. The amount of over-reaction by the commenters is staggering. None of us has ever been traded to another company. It should be shocking. Your employer just rejected you for ‘players to be named later.’ Not only do you not work for the same company you now have to: move, say good bye to your routine, find a new place to live, find new places to eat, shop, hang out, get your hair cut, find new doctors and dentists, etc. Your whole life is disrupted.

    Yes, many people experience those things when they change jobs. The vast majority of those people have time to plan and look forward to moving to a new place. He did not. Give him time to accept.

  24. OR.. He could just need to move, get into a whole new life. work for a new company, find a new house in a completely different city, different new coworkers, etc

    I know if I suddenly had to packup, change companies; go to a completely different city, different new coworkers, etc – GOOD OR BAD – there’s no doubt I’d need at least 1-2 weeks to MYSELF – and not socialize, especially w strangers on the internet!

    Honestly… who wouldnt?

  25. I have no dog in this fight (Vikings fan) but I haven’t understood why the Giants GM has been getting ripped so hard for trading OBJ for a 1st and a 3rd. This guy is ALWAYS causing drama and it was only a matter of time before he went full Antonio Brown on the deal.

  26. The biggest risk for the Browns right now is that they overreached. Second half of the season they had a solid roster, solid coaching staff that was very effective, and great chemistry developing.

    Now they have a first-time head coach who only has two months’ experience as a coordinator, a bevy of new assistant coaches who failed elsewhere, and a sudden influx of big-personality star players from outside.

    They sure look good on paper, but I’m wondering if they were so hasty to have it all that they dumped the good thing they already had too quickly.

  27. mrfrostyj says:
    March 20, 2019 at 9:21 am

    Meanwhile two players who actually disrupted their locker rooms to get to their current teams (Antonio Brown, Le veon Bell) get 0 coverage, so yeah I’d go dark too.


    OBJ’s a bigger name than either of those guys. They were getting plenty of coverage before this bombshell dropped, and no bombshell that big has dropped since.

    Notice those guys aren’t making cryptic statements on social media. This is a very attention-seeking way to “go dark”.

  28. wondering what the over under is going to be at the start of the season where he has his first big meltdown? You know its going to happen

  29. Kitchens had better have a “come to Jesus” meeting with Beckham and let him know his role on the team. If that doesn’t happen, Kitchens will lose control of the team before he even gets started as a head coach. The Browns cannot allow Beckham (or any other player) to run the show–but Beckham will probably try anyway, just like Bell and Brown did in Pittsburgh.

  30. How can you call him a diva while this man just experienced a dramatic life change and need time to reflect it.

  31. I think a quick review of this comment section will show why Odell might need a short break from social media.

    In the end, I think he shows up to Cleveland and plays (really well) under his current contract for this season. And starts talking about a new deal next year.

  32. The guy has Hall of Fame skills but is constantly held back by his fragile psyche. He just cannot get out of his own way.

  33. For all the Eli hate, there has only been one quarterback to throw Odell the ball and make him a star. I like Odell, but the Giants have won without a superstar receiver before. Enjoy Cleveland.

  34. “None of us has ever been traded to another company.”

    Plenty of people have had their companies sold which is essentially the same thing as being traded. And almost everybody these days has went through a layoff (or more than one) which is far more traumatic than a millionaire being traded to a different team who will continue paying him millions.

  35. This is classic drama llama queen syndrome with the constant need for attention. We all have that one “friend” on Facebook/ Instagram who posts obscure posts about how down they are and when people ask what’s wrong, he/she replies with “nothing, I don’t want to talk about it” or they announce to everyone that they’re taking a break. You know they’re still checking social media multiple times per day to see if anyone posts to their page.

  36. I hear the Giants were also looking at Buffalo as a trade partner, but The Browns offered more. If you really want to get back/hurt a diva like Odell, trade him to Buffalo or Cleveland.

  37. I thought he would at least have the decency to wait until the day before training camp to demand a new deal… After all, he only signed his current deal this year. Until this year, I had sympathy for the Browns and their fans. Then they fired the secret to their limited success, hired an inexperienced coordinator as head ball coach, then promptly broke the bank and leveraged their future for OBJ. I will be back to eat my words if I am wrong, but a winning season in Cleveland won’t happen until the next Rebuild (another 5-7 years).

  38. It must pretty depressing moving from the NYC to Cleveland. It will be up to Baker to manage all these personalities on the team now.

  39. I am just sooooo glad he is out of the Eagles division. He can say what he wanna say!! LoL

  40. I don’t see at all why this makes Beckham a ”diva,” as some are saying. Beckham is slowly processing a big change, with a new set of allegiances. He is taking it slow. Good for him.

    I can also see how both teams won in this trade. My guesstimate is the Browns will be the better team next year, but it also makes sense for the Giants to be in a rebuilding phase.

  41. Get him in a room with Baker Mayfield asap. Get him around the guy. Baker seems like one of those guys you can’t help but eventually liking. Once they start bonding, Beckham will relish the opportunity to truly become a legend if they can take Cleveland deep into the playoffs. I’m not a big Browns fan, but I’ve been rooting for them lately and the dawg pound is comprised of some of the most passionate and loyal fans I’ve ever seen. Beckham should relish building a legacy with them.

  42. I totally see Mayfield putting up with this nonsense for more than one season. *sarcasm*

  43. @mmmpierogi I agree. Despite outperforming after the (gracious) Hue firing, even most posters seem to forget that the Browns are (finally) no longer a laughingstock. Even the bettors think they will win the North. I am biased but I also think they make it past the first round.

    For OBJ to have a question mark, especially given his obvious emotional sensitivity, is NBD to me. He will learn, and either he will fit or he won’t. That’s the game. I was born in Cleveland but I love NYC. He is leaving

  44. I respect his honest and mature response. Collecting you thoughts was exactly what he should be doing. I’m sure he has a lot of ties to NYC. Also , most proathletes don’t like to be traded!! makes them feel they are powerless and did not get to control their own destiny. But since he’s had a chance to think it over, he seems very positive!!!

  45. The shock of being traded will pale compared to the reality of his new lifestyle and the amount of attention he’ll be getting.

  46. Landry has been a solid guy in the NFL, but being with OBJ i can see him start acting like OBJ soon enough. we started to see it with sheppard in NY.

  47. The guy is already a locker-room distraction when he hasn’t even been assigned a locker!

  48. dxm091n says:
    March 20, 2019 at 7:52 am
    He’d rather be a Giant.
    Nah. Browns are a better team with more potential as of now…but he most definitely would rather be in NYC vs Cleveland because with divas it is all about branding and endorsement deals. They are rarely punished for their abhorrent behavior. He was REWARDED for it with a huge deal that he supposedly wants to redo. AB was rewarded too. I suspect if AB is making more money then that is what is driving the OBJ rework rumors.

  49. “Wants a new deal”
    “$74M contract”
    “Hasn’t done anything in the NFL outside of some acrobatic catches”
    “Wants new contract”

    I’m looking forward to the lockout.

  50. Browns fans are so excited with the off-season moves. Reminds me of when the Redskins fans were so excited about the “Dream Team”.
    You gained talent but also gained some drama.

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